Why Your Next Group Outing Should Include Stunts
Created in partnership with our friends at Cirque du Soleil. The Friday night dilemma: you forgot to make dinner reservations, everything is booked up and you feel like you’ve experienced it all anyway. A group of friends...
by The Venue Report

Created in partnership with our friends at Cirque du Soleil.

The Friday night dilemma: you forgot to make dinner reservations, everything is booked up and you feel like you’ve experienced it all anyway. A group of friends call you up and say they have tickets to Cirque du Soleil and asks if you want to join. Easy!

When Cirque du Soleil announced they were traveling the country with their new show, Volta, the inevitable question of “what do you want to do this weekend?” was banished. Armed with access to the VIP Experience, complete with Premium seats and a pre-show cocktail reception, we headed to the show. Now, none of us had experienced a Cirque du Soleil show before and were expecting nothing short of miracles to occur. Spoiler: We weren’t disappointed.

Photography: Cirque du Soleil

A little background, Cirque du Soleil is a modern, traveling theatrical production based in Canada – the largest in the world to be exact. You probably know them as a Vegas mainstay that has served as many a inspiration for America’s Got Talent. Copycats aside, the storylines, stunts and costumes of each unique show are unparalleled: all are designed by creative masterminds that have perfected the entire experience. Transportive in nature and inspiring by design, these shows are a serious treat and fastrack solve to Friday night monotony.

The show, now running in Chicago, was Volta – a story of finding yourself. It’s a moving tale of a young man who sets out to discover who is meant to be, despite what society wants him to be. We caught up with our Senior Editor, Heather Ash, to give us her full review of her first ever Cirque du Soleil experience, including the inside scoop on their exclusive VIP Experience.

​Photography: Cirque du Soleil

What were your expectations going in?

Heather: Stunts, stunts, stunts. I was also expecting fire, people flying in the air, and flying fire. I knew each show was themed, but I didn’t know the intricacy of the storyline and how much it influenced the show! Every part of the show tied back to the story and it was so easy to follow without a verbal script – just with the movements and music. So cool. I wasn’t wrong about the fire, flying or stunts though! It was seriously impressive.

Photography: Cirque du Soleil

VIP… give us the inside scoop!

Heather: The VIP Experience definitely added so much to the night! When we entered the VIP Suite, we were greeted with a glass of champagne while small bites were passed around. Once we finished our bubbly, we headed to the open bar and ordered our drinks! We were able to relax indoors (after all, San Francisco evenings are chilly), have a couple drinks, and take some photos before heading into the show. It was the perfect prelude for what was to come. Oh, and during intermission we went back to the VIP Suite for… more drinks and desserts! No waiting in long lines. So worth it.

Learn more about booking your VIP Experience here

​Photography: Cirque du SoleilMichael Discenza

The show is strictly phone-free, can you give us a ‘snapshot’ into the production?

Heather: Please, no camera flashes while the show is going on! Where to begin: the lights, colors, music, stunts? The Volta show was all about finding yourself and staying true to you, despite the odds. It had some Hunger Games vibes to it with the costumes, music and storyline: the colors were bright, the music was dramatic (and so beautiful, how do I get the soundtrack?!), and the moves were intense yet effortless. From start to end, it was a wild ride of emotion, stunts and theatrics!

​Photography: Cirque du Soleil | The Venue Report

Why should we choose Cirque du Soleil for our next group outing?

Heather: I attended the San Francisco show with a group of friends and I’m so glad I did! From the pre-show VIP Experience to being stunned speechless once the show was over, it was such a fun bonding experience that we’ll be talking about for years to come. This would be the perfect birthday party, double (or triple) date night, corporate outing or even family bonding night.

​Photography: Cirque du Soleil

Absolute favorite part of the show. Ready. Set. Go.

Heather: Can I pick two? The first was the music. It was so pretty and really took the production to another time and place. Like I said, I’m still on the lookout for the soundtrack. The second was the woman who flew around the arena but just her hair. Seriously. I don’t know how she did it, but it was crazy cool. She soared across the show held up by just her hair and had the most beautiful moves to accompany the spectacle.

​Photography: Aboubacar Traore

Learn more about booking Cirque du Soleil for your next event →

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