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What Happens When a Swedish Couple Gets Married in a Train Station in Prague?
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

It's not every day we see a wedding with a train ride thrown into the timeline, but this Prague wedding grabbed our attention for more reasons than that. The Swedish couple brought their family and friends to a train station in Prague because they had a vision of exactly what they wanted their wedding day to be - minimalist, rustic, industrial, understated, and effortlessly cool.

Testament to going with what you love, this couple's wedding was not only gorgeous but an experience their traveling guests will remember for, like, ever. Here's the back story, straight from the talented duo behind the lens, Lukas & Eliska

Photography by Lukas Korynta & Eliska Kubikova


Give us a little background on the couple and this wedding! 

The beautiful bride and groom live in Sweden and flew down to Prague with their entire family and friends. We met them for a coffee way before their wedding and we clicked right away with their vision and ideas. They treated their wedding as a Eurotrip and scheduled a boat ride the day after the wedding so that everyone would remember the experience forever.

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Why did the couple choose their location?

They were scouting for industrial locations and fell in love with this old train station the moment they saw it. Apparently, it was not easy to get a permit but they didn't take no for an answer (yaay!).


What made each backdrop ideal for what the couple wanted to capture on such a special day?

They gave us creative freedom and we notified them about every detail (such as: having the sun behind them during the ceremony so that they don't have to face the harsh light). During portraits we were specifically inspired by the textures and colors. Everything was effortless because we seriously had the coolest backdrop!



Any fun stories or moments that stood out?

Fun fact: Swedish people love speeches! Parents, friends and the entire bridal party shared. It was very touching to hear everyone speak from their hearts even though we couldn't understand the language.



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Photographers: Lukas Korynta & Eliska Kubikova  | Ceremony Venue: Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov | Reception Venue: Radlickå



Lukas Korynta
Lukas Korynta
Lukas Korynta
Prague, Czech Republic

I like to think that I was given the ability to always be in the right place at the right time for some reason, which helped me to become a photographer I am today. I also love to travel to new places and my heart melts when I see two people's first dance. If shooting weddings is not my dream job, I don't know what else can be. - Website

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