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You've Never Seen a Cocktail Prepared Like This Before
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The Pearl Hotel

1410 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA, United States

Alas, the season of apple picking, leaves changing and the infamous pumpkin spice... well everything, is finally here! If you're already ready to binge watch all of the Harry Potter and Halloweentown movies, then we have something for you to sip on to keep you warm during your movie marathons.

The summer-to-fall inspiration continues with a very smoky cocktail created by the libation scientists at Barçon Cocktail Co. Celebrate the beginning of a new season with this autumn inspired adult beverage that’s sure to bring on all the seasonal feels sans the PSL.



The Harvest Wood Cocktail​

This cocktail is the true essence of fall, wonderfully smooth and warms the heart, and stomach.



How to Make The Harvest Wood

Here’s what you’ll need:
On The Rocks Whiskey Glasses
Oak log (or try these wood chips)
Cocktail Smoking Gun (we get it… not everyone has a blow torch lying around the house)
Walnut Wood Muddler​ (the flat side of a wooden spoon works as well)
Crushed ice

1.5oz Bourbon
1oz apple cider
1 cube Demerara sugar (available at specialty food stores or on Amazon here)
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 sliver thinly sliced apple


Step 1.
Using a muddler (or flat side of wooden spoon) and a sturdy mixing glass, pint glass, or shaker tin, mix 1 cube of Demerara sugar and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
Step 2. Stir in 1oz of apple cider and 1.5oz of Bourbon (we used Buffalo Trace but any Bourbon will work)
Step 3. Smoke the rocks glass by using a blow torch to light an oak log and placing the glass upside down on top of the smoke (or use a cocktail smoker gun)
Step 4. Fill smoked-filled rocks glass with crushed ice and pour mixture on top
Step 5. Thinly slice a crisp red apple and garnish on top of the crushed ice 


A Word from the Bartender 
Try using the Rye Whiskey for more of a bite, or add in chocolate bitters for flavor enhancement. 



Book your fall event at The Pearl here. Share your next gathering using #getoutandgather



Venue: The Pearl Hotel | Cocktails: Barçon Cocktail Co.  | Tabletop: Hostess Haven 


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