24 Breathtaking Spots to Take Engagement Photos
The best engagement photos are pictures that capture the energy of a couple when it’s just the two of them. Whether that means going on an epic adventure to a foreign country or simply hanging out at your local coffee shop, simply...
The best engagement photos are pictures that capture the energy of a couple when it’s just the two of them. Whether that means going on an epic adventure to a foreign country or simply hanging out at your local coffee shop, simply doing something you love to do together and bringing a photographer along for the ride is a recipe for success. In case you don’t believe us, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite engagement photoshoot sessions from around the world, all meant to get you inspired for your first pictures as soon-to-be-weds.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown
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Havasu Falls Hike

Photo by Anni Graham
A hike-in photo shoot is a fun way to shake off the camera nerves and get to know your photographer before the snaps begin. Havasu Falls in Grand Canyon takes a 10-mile trek to get to, but my-oh-my is it worth it for the stunning engagement photos you’ll get in the process.
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West Coast Beach Scene

Photo by Anni Graham
Secluded beaches are hard to come by and this Oregon Coast stunner takes the cake for engagement photo ops. Its rugged rocky terrain, sand dunes, overgrown grasses and stunning golden hour light make Canon Beach a dramatic backdrop.
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In a Greenhouse

Photo by That Feeling
You don’t have to be a plant nerd to appreciate the beauty of a high-ceilinged and light-filled greenhouse. Head to your local nursery and check out the space as a possible engagement shoot venue.
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Scenic Stroll in Iceland

Photo by Anni Graham
The gorgeous and varied terrain of Iceland offers photographers endless scenic backdrops for an engagement shoot that doesn’t feel overly staged. For the adventuring couple who love to explore mountains, canyons, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, and more, this destination shoot should absolutely be in the running.
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An Antique Boat in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Photo by Jose Villa
Hong Kong’s antique junk boats make quite a stunning photo op into a reality for the couple who think life looks glossy on the open waters. Charter one of these bad boys and head to sea with your boo, your photographer and a decent quantity of champagne.
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Streets of Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Seemingly locked in another era of time, Cuba is a culturally rich, vibrant place that has more vibe than any other tropical destination we know of. Head to the aged, grandiose streets of Cuba for an engagement shoot that captures everything you love about traveling and exploring the world together.
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Brooklyn Bridge
New York, New York

Photo by Sophie Epton
Okay, so we’re going to let you in on a little secret. New York really is the city that never sleeps, but if you wake up really early and get to your photo destination before dawn breaks, an engagement shoot with NYC as the background is epic.
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Coffee Shop

Keeping it local is easy when you pay attention to the beautiful places you visit daily. Head to your local coffee shop and check out the scene from a photography point of view. Could be good grounds for your engagement pics if the light feels right.
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Moraine Lake
Banff, Canada

Photo by Nathan Walker
Moraine Lake in Banff is known for its spectacular shade of turquoise. Set in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, it’s surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lots of forestry. Head to this special spot if you’re after an engagement shoot that’s frame-worthy.
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A Vintage Clock Tower
Baltimore, Maryland

Photo by Alicia Wiley
Take notes from this real-life hero and book an engagement shoot in the clock tower at Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in Baltimore’s West Side. The man in this photo literally stepped in front of a moving vehicle to save his fiancé’s life during a car attack on a group of Charlottesville counterprotesters last year. We're so happy to see them enjoying a joyful moment celebrating their engagement.
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Everyone loves Hawaii for its gorgeous tropical surrounds, but shooting an engagement session here should be all about the way you enjoy the islands as a couple. Hop on a couple of surfboards for a shoot or trek through the rainforests.
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At Home

Photo by Sally Pinera
Fancy yourselves a couple of homebodies? Consider the at-home photoshoot for your engagement photos. If your place gets good light and offers a few background options, this could be perfect for the two of you.
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Cinque Terre

Photo by Lauren Fair
The five towns set along Italy’s western edge are known mostly for their fabulous day hike terrain, but we challenge you to look at this cliffy water’s edge location in a new light. Cinque Terre is a combination of colors that makes engagement photos pop.
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South Korea

Photo by Czar Goss
Maybe it’s because of the recent Olympic games, but everything we’re seeing from South Korea lately gets us excited to adventure. If you’re after a destination engagement shoot that’s colorful, rich in history and unlike anything your friends have done before, Seoul could be your spot.
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In the Snow

Photo by Phil Chester
Winter may be on its way out, but there’s no shortage of snowy destinations where you can shoot a moody, snow-capped engagement photo session. Bright and bold colors make for amazing attire options with the white and grey scenery of winter.
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Santa Barbara

Photo by Jose Villa
The beaches of Santa Barbara make for killer sunsets and sunrises. Grab your photographer, your fiancé and head to the coastline to make serious engagement shoot magic happen.
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Sand Dunes

Photo by Aubree Lynn
For those who haven’t spent much time on sprawling sand dunes, it’s worth noting that the way light bounces around during sunrise and sunset makes for epic photos. Throw in you and your boo and your engagement photos are practically sorted.
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California Redwoods

Photo by Anni Graham
A wander through the California redwood forests with those gorgeous textural trees and dappled woodsy light make for some beautiful photos. Add a couple of lovebirds into the mix and you’ve got yourself an engagement photo session in the making.
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Sutro Baths
San Francisco, California

Photo by Phil Chester
The Bay Area is not without its share of gorgeous photo ops, but you actually don’t even need to leave the city to get beach scenes with giant rocks and rugged cliff side. Sutro Baths have the feel of another place and time, offering tons of photo worthy settings.
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A Provençal Engagement

Photo by Lauren Fair
Wander through fields of lavender or take a stroll through the markets of Provence. The South of France is a storybook setting for engagements and engagement shoots alike.
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Joshua Tree

Photo by Phil Chester
All the cool cats are hanging out in the desert of Joshua Tree these days and we highly recommend a trip to see what all the fuss is about. Add engagement shoot to your list while there and be sure to tag us in the pics!
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Urban Rooftop

Every city has its share of rooftops, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a shoot spot that works for you. This couple opted for a rooftop engagement session in Jacksonville, Florida, with the city skyline providing the backdrop.
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Savannah Streets
Savannah, Georgia

With grand Oak trees draping overhead and old brick laneways lining the path, the streets of Savannah are prime pick for an engagement shoot or even a proposal.
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Every single time we see a photo of the streets of Copenhagen, we wish we could push a button and enter the scene ourselves. Take a stroll through the historic city, famed for its design and architecture chops, and bring along a photographer to shoot your engagement snaps.
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