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7 Tips for Creating 2019's Hottest Wedding Trend: Dried Flower Installations

Floral trends are one of the fastest evolving design aspects of weddings. There are certainly those classic looks that are here to stay but there's a new look on the block that has quickly earned its spot as a top wedding trend with staying power: dried floral installations. It's easy to see why: they create ethereal settings, last well beyond the wedding day (how's that for staying power?), and are more cost efficient than fresh flowers. Creating a dried floral installation – whether floating, on the ground, or part of a tablescape – isn't simply gathering dried flowers and calling it a day. There's more that goes into them than meets the eye, so we caught up with floral design pros Marianna Idirin and Pina Hernandez who are no strangers to creating dried floral installations at stunning venues like Acre in Los Cabos. They're sharing their top tips for creating your own dried masterpiece for your next event. 


Venue: Acre, Restaurant & Treehouse Hotel | Photography: LA76 Photography |  Event Design: Event Design by Marianna Idirin | Rentals: Warehouse Rentals | Floral Design: Pina Hernandez

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Over Order

"You will need more quantity of what you normally use with fresh flowers. So take that into mind. Maybe triple the order." - Pina Hernandez
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Know the Context

"Consider the colors, materials, textures and other factors that are already surrounding the table and decide which are the ones that you'd like to highlight." - Marianna Idirin
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Consider Color

"Play with the colors so you add deep and movement not only with texture, even if you want the dry look you can still find different colors with dry flowers. Or you can even paint them yourself!" - Pina Hernandez
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Texture Play

"You need to be careful with textures, try to mix it with some fresh flowers so you don’t have the same texture repeating over and over." - Pina Hernandez
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Keep Your Crystals Clear

"Although we like to play with textures, styles and heights, you'll have to be careful so you don't create a lot of contrast. You want to get along with the florals instead of competing." - Marianna Idirin
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Think of Location

"When creating with dried flowers, also take into consideration the environment, the venue where you will be creating the setup. In our case, the lush Baja oasis at Acre was a perfect backdrop to create a style with dry flowers, and in one base color. The deep greens of palm trees and gigantic cacti surrounding Acre’s private dining area that can host private dinner parties and celebrations for up to 16 guests was a perfect canvas for the nature-inspired tablescape with dry flowers and natural fibers and materials." - Marianna Idirin
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Keep it Natural

"From the chairs to the chargers, woods, linens, rattan and natural materials go better with these centerpieces than synthetic ones like acrylics, glitter and other plastics." - Marianna Idirin

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