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5 Things You MUST Ask Your Winter Wedding Venue by Pippin Hill Farm

Despite all there is to love about planning a Winter wedding, there can be one challenge: weather. But weather happens 365 days a year, so all event planners should be prepared regardless of what season your wedding is. You may be getting married or planning a seasonal event this Winter, or possibly you have a wedding on the books for the Winter of 2016. Whatever your weather plans are, you cannot fight Mother Nature. It is important to come to your venue equipped with the appropriate questinos to ensure that your event is not unhinged by unforseen circumstances. 

We checked in with the team behind Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards, a stunning venue that is owned and operated by event planning guru Easton events. Lynn Easton has a planning perspective from both the venue AND event planning side, and she gave us her secret scoop on 5 questions you must ask your Winter event venue. 

In Winter Always Have A Plan B

North Garden, Virginia
Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Tip #1: 'Ask your prospective venue 'What’s your Plan B for inclement weather?' Just as we’re prepared for everything for our spring, summer and fall weddings, Pippin Hill has winter needs covered as well. Our snow plows, generator, heaters and heaps of firewood mean we’re equipped to handle any type of weather. 

Make Sure Your Guests Will Not Be Cold!

North Garden, Virginia
Pippin Hill Farm Tip #2: Ask your prospective venue 'What type of heating system do you have?' At Pippin Hill Farm we have full indoor heating and outdoor space heaters for our veranda, as well as a much loved outdoor firepit. 

Start The Festivities Earlier!

North Garden, Virginia
Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Tip #3: Ask your prospective venue 'What time does the sunset in the winter here?' You loved your friend’s 6 p.m. sunset wedding, but that was in June. Keep in mind it could be pitch dark for a 6:30 wedding in the winter, and simply plan your timeline accordingly. At Pippin Hill Farm, we recommend scheduling an earlier winter ceremony, as sunset is right at 5 p.m.

Winter Weather Also Brings Amazing Deals

North Garden, Virginia
Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Tip #4: Ask your prospective venue 'Do you have any winter wedding incentives?' Be sure to ask the venue what value-adds they have to “warm up” your special day in the off-season. At Pippin Hill we treat our winter couples to S’mores at the firepit, hot chocolate + warm cider and special twinkling lights. 

Peak Season VS Winter Rates

North Garden, Virginia
Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Tip #5: Ask your prospective venue 'How do your peak season rates differ from winter rates?' The magic question! Our venue fee at Pippin Hill Farm is reduced and catering minimums decrease by winter celebrations, but despite the discount, our winter brides and grooms get all the special treatment (and then some) that our peak-season couples receive. 

Read on to see a real Winter wedding at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineards with more tips from Easton Events here! 

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