25 Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Adventure Seeking Bridal Party
Bachelorette parties are meant to celebrate the spirit of the lady being exalted, and these days it’s common to see big-time adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts bringing their gal pals along for something epic. From glamping...
Bachelorette parties are meant to celebrate the spirit of the lady being exalted, and these days it’s common to see big-time adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts bringing their gal pals along for something epic. From glamping in the deserts of Morocco to riding a luxury train through the Portuguese countryside to swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, there's a little something for every bucket list worthy bachelorette party.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown
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Rent a Vintage Moto-Sidecar with Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

Photo by Lara Kamnik
Grab your BFF and load into a vintage motorcycle and sidecar to explore Lisbon on wheels. Courtesy of the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz, this is one flashy bucket list worthy way to get around town during your bachelorette party.
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Swim with Sea Turtles at Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Paradise is calling you and your lady crew. When your bucket list includes a trip to a private island of Seychelles where summer is virtually endless, look no further than Six Senses Zil Pasyon and be sure to pencil in time to swim with the sea turtles.
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Go on a Luxe Safari in Tanzania

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Going on an African safari adventure is sure to make the bucket list of every wanderluster. Rather than wait till your soon-to-be-spouse comes around to the idea, you might as well go with your girls on a bachelorette party adventure that combines luxury and safari in one.
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Hike to these Oregon Hot Springs

Photo by Travis Burke
Nestled in the forests of Oregon sits the Terwilliger Hot Springs. Lace up your hiking boots and invite your main squeezes along for the pre-wedding ride. Did we mention it's free?
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Go from the Beach to the Spa at Rosewood Mayakoba

Photo by Rosewood Mayakoba
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A long weekend of rest, relaxation and Mayan rituals is sure to cure whatever pre-wedding anxiety ails you. Set along the Caribbean Sea, this luxury getaway offers pristine rooms and villas with plunge pools, cozy patios where you can hang with your crew and an epic spa.
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See the World's Largest Waterfall + Stay at Tongabezi

Bucket lists are made for experiences like that of luxury hideaway Tongabezi. Get your girls on board for the pre-wedding adventure of a lifetime, visiting the world’s largest waterfall at Victoria Falls and plunging into Devil’s Pool in Zambia.
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Glamp in the Moroccan Desert at Scarabeo Camp

A trip to Morocco with your bachelorette party squad is sure to be bucket list worthy. Check out the glamping digs at Scarabeo Camp and plan to arrive in true desert style via camel.
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Soak up the Culture + Architecture of Jaipur
Jaipur, India

Photo by Sam is Home
Introduce your best girls to life in Jaipur with a cultural immersion trip for your bachelorette. With its colorful streets, exquisite architecture and historic significance, there’s a long list of must-see sights.
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Go on an Old World, Luxurious Steam Ship Cruise
Egypt & Sudan

Even if you consider yourselves to not be “cruise people,” this is a cruise ship that’ll have you and your bachelorette party gang whistling a different tune. A steamer that’s been cruising the Nile for nearly a hundred years, Steam Ship Sudan offers a luxurious trip that’s totally bucket list goals.
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Charter a boat on the Na Pali Coast
Kaua'i, Hawaii

Photo by Sam Potter
Explore Kauai’s Na Pali Coast via boat with the ladies who love you in tow. Explore sea caves, go snorkeling and swim with the dolphins for your bucket list worthy bachelorette.
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Travel Across Africa via Rovos Rail Tour
South Africa

Gather your bachelorette party crew and prepare to travel through Cape Town, Namibia or Victoria Falls via luxury train line Rovos Rail. Check out the safari tours if you’re after a bucket list worthy adventure.
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Hike to Mooney Falls

Photo by Travis Burke
Located near Grand Canyon, Mooney Falls is an epic hike to add to your bucket list with the fit and fabulous ladies in your life. If your bachelorette party is all about crushing fitness goals and bonding with your girls in a stunning setting, look no further.
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Visit the Clarins Spa at Molitor Hotel
Paris, France

Photo by Joann Pai
An epic Olympic sized pool, a cool hotel and a Spa by Clarins are the main drawcards of this Parisian destination. The city of course has bucket list worthy spots throughout, but Molitor Hotel packs a chic perch for your girls and you in the 16th arrondissement.
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Wake up at Sunrise to Watch (or go on) the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons
Cappadocia, Turkey

Photo by gizemtoker
Hot air balloons soar over this Turkish town very early in the morning, toting sightseers above Cappadocia’s limestone and lunar-like formations. Break the habit of predictable bachelorette parties and hop to exploring with your lunar lady squad.
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Try the Seasonal Experiences at Amangani

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Amangani offers a “peaceful home” for bachelorette party squads year-round. Explore the winter wonderland that is Jackson Hole or pop in for a summer weekend filled with poolside lounging and daytime horseback rides.
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Glamp in a Clear Bubbletent in Australia
Capertee, New South Wales, Australia

Photo by Natalie Sum
Australia’s Capertee Valley boasts the second largest canyon in the world. And in said off-the-grid locale? A collection of three glamping bubble tents, perfectly fit for you and your dearest friends.
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Stay in a Super Luxe Hut in the Jungle
Sri Lanka

'Hut' is a relative term when describing the Chena Huts (chena = small clearing in the jungle). In fact, they are 'petite detached pavilions' perfect for pre-wedding parties. Book a room or two for the best girls-only sleepover ever.  
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Watch the Northern Lights in a Glass-Ceilinged Cabin

Photo by Lauren Bullen
Witnessing the Northern Lights in all their glory is a bucket list must, and witnessing the magic with your best gals on deck would make it all the more memorable. Check out the glass cabins at Northern Lights Ranch, where you and the crew can spend evenings awaiting the celestial show.
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Ethically Enjoy Elephants at Four Seasons Tented Camp at Golden Triangle

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Many people know not to ride elephants or visit for-profit animal showings (need more info? go here), so how does your bride bunch ethically cross off the ultimate bucket list item of meeting an elepant? The elephants at Four Seasons Tented Camp at Golden Triangle have been rescued from captive, cruel situations and are cared for in this sanctuary. There is not enough open land in Thailand for them to live in the wild but the Four Seasons Mahouts make sure these gentle giants live their best lives. Learn more about their elephant care here →
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Go Around the World with NatGeo

Photo by Tim Wright
Tour like the photo journalists of National Geographic do and head around the world in 22 days via private jet tour. Opt for the Northern Route with your best gal pals and you’ll be spending your bachelorette adventure in Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, and more.
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Go Winter Horseback Riding at The Resort at Paws Up

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Add winter horseback riding to your bucket list and be sure to get the girls prepared for it. Not to worry, retreating back to The Resort at Paws Up following this little journey will have you all feeling pampered and happy almost instantly.
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Throw a Pool Party at Carlota Hotel
Mexico City, Mexico

Photo by Joann pai
Grab the gals and the SPF and head to Mexico City for a massive bucket list worthy pool party at Carlota Hotel. This spot is modern, chill and in the epicentre of an arts-filled city.
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Have a Blissed Out Spa Trip at Amanemu

    Photo by Aman Resorts
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    Jetsetters looking for the ultimate spa-centric bachelorette party should look to Japan’s Amanemu. Designed around a hot spring with mineral-rich waters, the spa at this luxury resort touts two private onsen pavillions and beautiful treatment rooms.
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    See Portugal by Train

    A culinary and adventure obsessed bachelorette party crew would thrive on a multi-day excursion in Portugal via the Presidential Train. Luxury, gastronomy and the amazing scenery of Portugal collide to bring you one very memorable experience.
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    Live in the Treetops at Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort

    Photo by aswetravl
    Nestled above the forests and hills of Chiang Mai, this luxurious spa resort spells out goals for your girl gang’s bachelorette trip to Thailand. Be sure to book the pool villas and shack up with your besties.
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