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27 Stunning Destinations That Will Make You Want to Elope

photo: Phan Tien
We love elopements here at The Venue Report for so many reasons. First, the sky is literally the limit for ceremony location possibilities, delivering some of the most creative and beautiful photography that is just not achievable with a traditional wedding (read: 150 people cannot scale a mountain with you). Second, eloping brings everything back to the real purpose of your wedding – celebrating and fortifying your love in an intimate, meaningful ceremony. Lastly, what better way to start your married life than with the adventure of a lifetime? You'll experience something exhilarating and new as you embark on a new chapter – yes, we love the symbolism of it all. 

We searched high and low to find the most epic elopements from the last year to bring to you as inspiration for your own adventure of love. We also spoke to the photographers about what made each day so special, from unexpected rain storms to glacier hikes. 
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12 Apostles

Victoria, Australia
“The Apostles off of Australia's southern coastline are as iconic as it comes when it boils down to dramatic landscapes. It's the perfect backdrop for an elopement with its misty shore and endless blue of the Southern Ocean. Be sure to get here quickly before more even more Apostles crumble into the ocean.” - Katie Grant
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“When Britt and Jonathan first reached out to me, their plan was to just hike around the morning of their wedding and find a place to elope. I was like 'ok, yeah, cool, let’s do it.' This adventurous elopement in Santorini has to be one of the most incredible shoots I’ve ever done.” - Anni Graham
Photo:Phan Tien
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“In order to catch the sunrise for their ceremony, we had to start to climbing the mountain at three in the morning. Five people from my team and the two grooms all carrying flowers, deco things, equipment, and torch lamps – it was one of the most adventurous and unforgettable hikes of our lives. When we reached the top, two hundred meters above the sea, the most beautiful sunrise ever was there. I can still hear the sound of the bells from some early fishing boats sailing in the Halong Bay: a can't be-better-moment for the two beautiful souls that exchanged vows and celebrated their love.” - Phan Tien
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Charlevoix Sand Dunes

“For years I’ve wanted to shoot in the dunes and it was something that felt like a dream come true that day! The couple had amazing chemistry and the vendors made all my visions come to life. Hauling all of our things down to the location was no easy task but worth every bit after seeing the results. For future brides, I’d say go for it! Have the intimacy for your day and if you want a big party after to celebrate with more people, so be it. Elopements are simply amazing and truly just showcase a couple's love and togetherness, which is what is should really be about no matter the size!” - Shanell Edwards
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“This opulent “Venetian Love Story” themed elopement turned the heart of the German capital Berlin into Venice for one day. The ceremony took place in the historic Ermelerhaus. The reception was held in the elegant yet quirky The Grand Berlin.” - Light Meets Love
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Gold Creek Pond

“This elopement is so close to my heart. We planned on this elopement for DT and OT within 7 days. We kept everything simple. We wanted to focus on the beauty of the couple and the Pacific Northwest so we did not add any other details that were unnecessary. I wanted their love to shine so we picked one of the most gorgeous locations in Washington and had the couple exchange their vows during sunset. My good friend Erika whose business name is The Greatest Adventure Weddings officiated, my husband whose business name is Rain and Pines helped plan everything, and I was the photographer as well as a witness on their marriage certificate. My most favorite moment was when DT and OT stood there getting ready for their portraits and the two birds flew by. I quickly grabbed my camera, snapped one photo and that photo won Best Destination Wedding of 2018.” - Henry Tieu

Masseria Moroseta

Puglia, Italy
"Agnesa and Francesco opted for an intimate lunch wedding at Masseria Moroseta in Puglia. They invited just their closest friends to witness their nuptials in the pretty gardens. The unique, minimal white space of the masseria together with the soft and simple elements of the wedding made for a modern celebration with a luxury feel. High contrast with straight and clean lines of the venue together with Agnesa's soft Cortona gown, against the masculine black suit of Francesco gave this event a relaxed yet sophisticated feel." - ​Kerstin Auer of ​Lilli Kad Photography
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Roy's Peak

New Zealand
“With just a short 15 minute helicopter ride at sunset, you are on top of New Zealand... this stunning backdrop is really the most secluded and scenic spot for your vows. Let the wind whip through your hair and your gown as you drink in the views together!” - Katie Grant
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Mount Rainier A-Frame

“This shoot is truly one of my all time favorites because it represents who I am and what I believe in as an artist. Everything about this just screams 'The Pacific Northwest.' I remember how we had to wake up super early in order to start the day early. On the day of, it started raining and we were all a bit concerned but none of us was scared. We knew that 'rain or shine, this is happening.' The rain added texture to all the photos and left raindrops on the cake, the table, the plates. The rain, in an unexpected way, made everything moodier and dreamier.” - Henry Tieu
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Great Sand Dunes National Park

“Many people don't know that the largest dune field in North America is actually in Southern Colorado. The Great Sand dunes seem to rise out of nowhere with impressive height—and have the beautiful Sange de Cristo mountain range in the background—it's a truly stunning place to elope.” - Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead

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St. Lucia

“This elopement was so laid back but at the same time one of the most special ones. They got ready at their Airbnb, hiked up some trails and said their vows in front of the Pitons, then ended with some skateboarding and a jump in the pool.”  - Stephanie Fisher of From the Daisies
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“Norway has to be one of the most beautiful places to elope, and seeing the fjords for the first time in real life was breathtaking. Kinga + Radu met us here and spent the day exploring the fjords and the highlands above it. Spending time with this incredible couple made this trip one of my favorite trips of the year.” - Anni Graham
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“Kiki and Avram anxiously got ready cliffside in the near pitch black. And just as the first light started to show itself, we started with a few portraits of the two of them. The goal was to take photos all the way up until just before sunrise and then have their ceremony just as the sun popped out. It turned out that our timing couldn’t have been more perfect.” - Nick Plus Danée
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Cascades National Park

“We spent the afternoon exploring Diablo Lake in the rain and even though it was freezing, we still had so much fun! The Northern Cascades are so jaw dropingly gorgeous and I can’t believe that this was my first time here. What an incredible place for an elopement!” - Anni Graham
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Alaska Wilderness

"We hiked out to an incredible glacier we had all to ourselves. With bearspray on our hips and Athena's wedding dressed smushed into her backpack, we trekked through the rain and mud until we arrived at the incredibly daunting landscape. The bright blue ice, bushes full of red berries, and water dancing with raindrops was breathtaking." - India Earl
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“Located in the Italian Province of South Tyrol in northern Italy, Lago de Braies is a stunning alpine lake surrounded by the famed Dolomite mountains. With its gorgeous trees and Caribbean blue waters, which reflect the peaks like a mirror in the morning, it's and incredible backdrop for an elopement.” - Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead
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“Dane and Anna chose one of my favorite places to get married in Iceland. This little black church is so iconic and even cooler because it sits on a bed of lava rocks. The land around it was so fun to work with. So much moss, tall grass, and the rocks make it look like rolling hills.” - Stephanie Fisher of From the Daisies
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New Zealand

“Lauren + Melissa decided to get married at Kare Kare Beach in New Zealand, and wanted the whole day to be so carefree. We started off with eating breakfast off the front porch of their Airbnb, overlooking Kare Kare Beach, then snuck off to a waterfall to explore before heading off to Auckland to officially get married in the courthouse. We then got hot dogs at a small diner in the city, and hustled to Kare Kare Beach before the storm set in. They said vows in the pouring rain as the sun was setting. It couldn't have been more perfect + personal.” - Dawn Piebenga of Dawn Photo
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“Tara and Nic rented a gorgeous house on the North side of the island of Kauai in Princeville. Their wedding day started out with a morning sunrise hike to look for a tide pool to swim around in for a bit. We then scouted the ceremony spot real quick with the bride and groom. They picked a little slice of Heaven. A secluded beach with gorgeous views.” - Nick Plus Danée
Photo:Jen Huang
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Santa Barbaralearn more

“Judy and Jason, who are originally from New York, escaped to Santa Barbara’s Sunstone Villa for their elopement weekend. We began with their morning at the villa, which was filled with sensual and casual moments in their suite. They then explored the villa in wedding attire. I loved their modern and contemporary style, especially showcased in Judy’s avant garden bouquet which was a mix of both fresh and dried flowers. Her simple dress silhouette was infused with a romance that enhanced the feeling of the images. I also loved that Judy rocked an updo and loose curls with a short hairstyle – something for brides with short hair to aspire to – and be inspired by!” - Jen Huang
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PNW Waterfall

“If there was any adventurous, spontaneous elopement I could plan in the world, it would be this one. Joan and Dave had been engaged for a few years and could never really work out the details of planning all the logistics of a big wedding and finally threw in the towel and decided to elope! They had a trip planned to a hot spring here in Oregon, so they decided they might as well elope while they are here too - and they got in touch with me… 2 weeks before their trip. Amazing.”  - Anni Graham
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Secret Beach

Bali, Indonesia
“Bali is becoming a popular spots for weddings so it's all about finding those secret, secluded coves. This secret beach is accessible during low tide and creates the most intimate space for your vows. Be prepared to get a little wet and embrace that Bali beach feel.” - Katie Grant
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Big Sur

"If you're looking for an ultra romantic way to celebrate your love, I highly recommend eloping in Big Sur. Brian and Elizabeth choose to elope in the Redwoods with just a handful of guests, and then headed down to the coast for a few more photos. There was no cell phone reception, no wifi, and nobody around them except the people they loved the most. Elizabeth and Brian really wanted to elope in a spot that hand nothing made by a human, but also had an adequate rain back up plan. The Jewel in the Forest was the perfect spot for them to say their vows! If you're planning to elope in Big Sur, I do recommend booking your accommodations and vendors pretty far out. All the best spots book up pretty quickly, and the vendors there will have limited reception for communication." - Brett Loie of Loie Photography
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Madeline Island

“Bridget and Corey knew that they wanted an intimate ceremony among family dreamed of celebrating on the shores of Lake Superior,  place they love to escape to together. They found a farmhouse Airbnb on Madeline Island that had a rustic, cozy vibe that was perfect for a chilly fall day by the lake. Corey loves to forage for mushrooms and the island was flourishing with them so naturally they came up as a theme throughout the day. The two ended the day with a magical sunset sailboat charter and champagne and a catered dinner by the fire from a local chef.” - Sarah Ascanio
Photo:Phan Tien
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“[Our] photographer captured our day as well as our chosen city to live in, Paris, so perfectly that the moments are etched in our minds til this day. The final photos produced were stunning and we could not be happier.” - The Bride
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“This ocean inspired elopement took place at Cap de Formentor on the rugged northern coast of Mallorca in November. This secluded beach was the perfect spot for an intimate elopement wedding by the sea.” - Light Meets Love
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“Lisa and Alex are true adventurers deep down in their souls and getting married in Isle of Skye could not have been a more appropriate and beautiful decision for them. It was insanely windy that day, and it couldn't have been more than 40 degrees outside, but this did not stop them from soaking up every bit of emotion and taking in every breathtaking view. “ - Nick Plus Danée

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