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5 of the Easiest Ways to Stay Healthy on Your Next Trip From the Pros at Tone It Up

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From jet lag to vacay-mode cocktails, there's no doubt traveling takes a toll on your body and can make you hit pause on all things healthy and good for you. After long travel days, indulgent meals and maybe one-too-many drinks, visiting the hotel gym may be the last thing you want to do with your precious PTO, and Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, co-founders of Tone It Up, know that. Their app is your on-the-go workout studio so you can keep moving toward your wellness goals without hitting the dreaded gym. 

We spoke with Katrina and Karena about how they stay on top of their wellness game while traveling. Their simple approach to wellness on-the-road is easy (and fun!) to maintain to make sure you stay feeling 100% on your next getaway, bubble baths included.
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Get Your Workout In

We always feel the most confident and energized on a trip after our workout. And you don’t need a gym or a lot of equipment! We created the Studio Tone It Up app so you can get an amazing workout in anytime, anywhere! Studio Tone It Up is your ultimate on-the-go fitness studio where you can take weight training, HIIT, yoga, barre, dance cardio and sculpt classes. Start your 7-day free trial here
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Stay Hydrated

It's essential to sip water when you're flying to keep your skin hydrated and glowing and your metabolism boosted. We like to pack our own water bottles so we can keep refilling them throughout the day. If you’re drinking cocktails on your vacay, aim to have a glass of water between each drink.
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Pack Your Healthy Snacks

Skip the salty and sugary snacks at the airport, and instead stock up on your own healthy and delicious options. We always pack our carryons with clean, simple snacks like our plant-based, gluten-free Tone It Up Protein Bars and Tone It Up Bites, homemade trail mix pre-portioned into small bags and kale chips. That way you’ll be satisfied and fueled for your travels!

Bring Your Beauty Essentials

Always remember to care for your beautiful skin while you’re flying. We always pack a travel-size moisturizer and face masks for a little self-care time during the flight. More travel must-haves: essential oils, candles and a good book! Go ahead and draw up a bubble bath in your hotel room — you deserve it!
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Explore Your Destination

Take the opportunity to explore a new city on foot! You’ll get your body moving and get to see some gorgeous sights and discover the feel and culture of a new place. Plus, this helps you beat jet lag!

And remember to relax and enjoy this time with your loved ones! Have a great trip!

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