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5 Tips for Planning a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Planning and hosting a baby shower can get quite overwhelming whether the new little bundle is a boy or girl. Between the registry, making a new space for baby, and all the glories of pregnancy, choosing to keep it simple and elegant can make a world of a difference, which is why we decided to go with a gender-neutral baby shower theme. 

We kept the atmosphere light and airy, incorporated minimal and modern decor, and held on to the mood of, "less is more." Here’s how we did it!

Reporter: Melissa Fitoria of Epoch Designs

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Earth Tones

When planning a gender-neutral baby shower in Southern California, we looked right to nature to gather some inspiration. Taking the landscape and its colors into consideration, we chose to go with earth tones for this special event. Clean whites, sand tones, and neutral textures were the main motif and we skipped on all the busy patterns that maybe one day may not be so catchy on the eye. Choosing florals that resembled the California landscape, we added neutral ornamental wheat grasses to the tablescape and the cake to tie the look together. These were simple, understated, yet delicate and elegant.
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Open Concept Venuelearn more

    Choosing the right venue is key. Keeping the colors simple and decor natural can prove to go so well with the gender-neutral theme. For the shower, we chose Hale Production Studios, a vast loft space that offered plenty of natural light, on-point furniture decor, and just the right amount of color to add pops to those photo ops.
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    Simple Invitations + Paper Goods

    Keeping the paper goods simple and clean can lend itself well with a gender-neutral theme. The colors for the paper goods were white, sand, and touches of sage, all tied together with a neutral leather band that provided enough raw earth texture to the suite. Incorporating your fonts throughout the shower can elevate the look of your event by a whole lot. We chose fonts that were timeless and played with the alignment to add that modern touch. Found a game you really want to incorporate? Use your invite fonts to re-create your games and lose the mainstream screaming colors, patterns, and baby graphics. Keep the same elements for your place cards, ties for favors and such. Consistency!
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    Neutral Decor

    A gender-neutral baby shower opens up the event for such an intimate time with your guests. The colors are toned down a bit to create a calm space to celebrate baby. Keep your linens simple, clean and definitely have fun with texture. We decided to go with a crinkled sand linen for the main tablescape and an ivory linen for other tables. We added fresh dusty rose blooms to showcase just enough pretty. Choosing the right vessels for your decor can also prove to go a long way. Strip your decor to the basics and go from there.
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    Party Favor: Baked Goods

    We decided to go with homemade apple pies as favors and cream colored gummies for the little ones to take home. Yup, that's right, cream gummies (which happened to be banana flavor). We ditched the plastic baby blue or baby pink bottles and chose clear containers and tied them with the neutral leather used in the invitation suite. There's nothing like a fresh homemade pie to heat up when you get home. It's a nice heartfelt thank you to your guests for attending the celebration of your new little bundle of joy.
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    Vendor Credits

    Photography: Jessica Girado | Florals: Siren Floral Co. | Rentals: Catalog Atelier | Cake: Wednesday Cake | Catering: Miho Catering Co. | Design & Stationary: Epoch Design | Venue: Hale Production Studios

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