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6 Dreamy Spring Travel Ideas That Are Cheaper Now Than Ever Before
We get it, ‘budget-friendly’ is a highly subjective term. But by choosing a destination where the U.S. currency is strong, no matter what your spring travel budget might be, you can save some serious cash. Plus, throw in...
photo by choosingchia
We get it, ‘budget-friendly’ is a highly subjective term. But by choosing a destination where the U.S. currency is strong, no matter what your spring travel budget might be, you can save some serious cash. Plus, throw in discount airline prices and ‘shock airfares’ and trips that once seemed impossible are becoming increasingly within arms reach. Read on to discover six of the best cheap--or cheaper now than they were before--destinations that we have our eye on this spring. 

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Lake Koggala
Sri Lanka

The most expensive part of your spring break to Sri Lanka will be getting there (flights begin at $500). But once you land in Colombo, thanks to a slew of recent hospitality concepts, you can expect luxurious accommodations for less than a couple hundred dollars per night--especially if you’re willing to head off the beaten path. Take for example, a stay at Tri Lanka, a sustainable luxury hotel surrounded by the stunning Lake Koggala, where prices begin at $279 per night and offers the chance to lounge beside the boutique property’s gleaming infinity pool and practice your downward dog at the private yoga pavilion.
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Mexico City

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With the exchange rate between the Mexican peso and USD more favorable than it was just a few years ago, Mexico is a great spring escape option. Skip a luxury stay on the beach in favor of an incredible culture crawl through Mexico City where you’ll have the chance to gorge on street food, see amazing art and sip wallet-friendly cocktails to your heart's content. While there, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit any of the city’s 150 museums, many of which are free to the public.
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    Emerald lakes, snow-capped mountaintops, and soothing hot springs, bring plenty of visitors to Banff, a small resort town in Alberta, Canada, each year. Head to The Fairmont Banff Springs in April when prices begin at $230. Yes, it might be Alberta’s shoulder season, which means temperatures can tend to be a bit unpredictable, but it's also when, due to migration patterns, there’s one of the highest likelihoods of spotting Banff’s incredible wildlife.
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    Speaking of food paradise, Savannah, Georgia, is making a name for itself in 2018 thanks to its exploding hospitality scene (which translates to deep discounts, including boutique hotel chains and historic inns posting rates at around $150 per night). Grab some crawfish beignets with Tabasco Syrup from Vic’s on the River before exploring Savannah’s cobblestone streets. The best part? A stroll through the city’s scenic willow-lined squares is completely free.
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    This enchanting city which was once considered to be the most dangerous in Colombia has completely reinvented itself in the past few years as an epicenter for hospitality and art. Throw in the fact that JetBlue and Spirit airways have added an influx of flights to Colombia and there’s no reason not to explore magical Medellin. If you go, head to the charming Patio del Mundo, a charming guesthouse with lush gardens where prices begin at $130.
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    St. Martin

    Yes, St. Martin suffered awful damage from Hurricane Irma... but the great news is it’s making a comeback! The airport has been open since October 2017 and several hotels and incredible rental properties are available for spring (some as low as $50 per night). As the New York Times recently reported, many hotels and bars have opened their doors, which means you’ll not only have the chance to enjoy the best of the island--your business will be spent on helping the nation continue to build and recover. What could make for a better spring break than that? 

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