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8 TVR Staffers on the Products They Won't Travel Without
Whether we're trekking through the Grand Canyon or exploring new cities for the first time, there are certain items we just can't go without when traveling. We polled 8 team members on what these essential items are to them...
photo by STIL
Whether we're trekking through the Grand Canyon or exploring new cities for the first time, there are certain items we just can't go without when traveling. We polled 8 team members on what these essential items are to them and why. A few themes popped up: bringing a touch of your own bath routine along, making sure your tech accessory game made life on the road just a little easier, and keeping your wardrobe versatile and practical. The years of combined travel experience from The Venue Report team have taught everyone a thing or two and they're ready to share their knowledge.

From indulgent cleansing oil to the much needed travel-sized steamer, here are 21 products you may find yourself needing before your next adventure.
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Everlane Raincoat

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"Never know what kind of weather to expect when traveling during shoulder season - be ready for anything with a great raincoat." 
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Aesop Hydrating Aloe Serum

Photo by Aesop
"Between drying flights and different climates, drinking lots of water and keeping your skin hydrated with this magical serum is a must!"
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B&O Noise Cancelling Headphones

Photo by B&O Play
"Block out airplane noise and fellow passenger conversations with these noise cancelling headphones. They work just as great for music or movies as they do silencing your surroundings to get some much needed beauty sleep."
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Topo Designs Camera Bag

Photo by Topo Designs
"As a photographer, I'm always carrying around my gear while traveling and I usually just throw everything in my backpack (bad practice, but I do it anyway). I recently discovered this awesome camera bag from Topo Designs! It's small enough to fit inside my backpack or just to carry around on its own while shooting."
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Thursday Boot Co. 'Captain' Boots

"I survived 10 days in Europe with these bad boys. Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but they are water resistant and crazy reliable."
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Google Maps App

Photo by Greg Tockner
"No need to bring out your wallet for this one! If you get the Google Maps app you are able to download full city maps. This way while you are traveling abroad, you can access any map that you downloaded without using all of your data!"
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Aesop Reverence Hand Balm

Photo by Aesop
"Raise your hand if you always have dry hands! I love how this Aesop balm smells and really moisturizes even on drying flights. It's small enough to make it through TSA in your carry-on which is a huge plus."
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Madewell Large Crystalline Travel Bag

Photo by Madewell
"I hate digging through a dirty, dark makeup almost more than anything – the item I'm looking for is always at the bottom. This massive clear one from Madewell fits all of my makeup and skincare (including my Clarisonic) without a problem and since it's clear, navigating it is as easy as it gets."
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Giesswein Laura Slipper

Photo by Nordstrom
"I don't go anywhere overnight without my slippers, especially carpeted hotel rooms. These wool slippers with a fox on them are so cute and go with my buffalo plaid pajama sets perfectly for colder temps."
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Joy Travel Size Steamer

Photo by Amazon
"Even if you are the most meticulous packer it's nearly impossible to ensure your clothes will arrive at your final destination wrinkle free. With my consistent travel from coast to coast for celebrations of all kinds, this travel size steamer quickly became one of my nearest and dearest friends."
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Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray

Photo by Mario Badesc
"Your clothes aren't the only thing that can wrinkle from traveling... flying is tough on your skin. Mario Badescu Rose Water spray is my go-to for keeping my skin feeling hydrated throughout my trip."
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Moleskine Travel Planner

Photo by Moleskine
"Call me old school, but even in the digital age nothing beats writing down my travel itinerary and to-do lists on paper. My favorite are the Moleskine planners because you have ample room to begin planning your trip 'bucket list,' track everything you did and (sorry, I'm going there) keep up with your work to-do list for things that pop into mind while your OOO."
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Everlane 'The Heel Boot'

Photo by Everlane
"This modern heel boot from Everlane is stylish and comfortable to wear from day to night."
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Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

Photo by Shu Uemura
"After those long days and nights of traveling or exploring a city, all you want to do is to head to bed with a clean face. This Japanese beauty brand will not only give you the ultimate cleanse but will also leave your skin soft and moisturized."
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Mophie Juice Pack

Photo by Mophie
"This lightweight and portable iPhone battery charger is my #1 essential for every trip if you'd like to stay connected. Oh, and it's wireless too!" 
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Richer Poorer Crew Pocket Tee

Photo by Richer Poorer
"My travel (and everyday) essential is a crew neck tee. I love the Richer Poorer tees because they have been perfected for an everyday, effortless style. Wear it under layers or just as a tee, it's the perfect everyday or travel tee."
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Louis Vuitton Neo Porte Cartes

Photo by Louis Vuitton
"The Louis Vuitton Neo Porte Cartes case is the perfect compact card holder for credit cards, transport or business cards. It slips easily into a jacket, pants pocket or travel bag."
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Clae 'Bradley' Sneakers

Photo by Clae
"These sneakers go with everything, from exploring the city in the day to dinner with friends at night."
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CALPAK Packing Cubes

Photo by CALPAK
"These little bags keep everything organized. I use one for jewelry, one for makeup, toiletries, chargers, you name it." 
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Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Photo by Evan Wise
"Staying hydrated is the key to being able to quickly bounce back after long flights. Most airports have refillable water bottle stations now. Important:Make sure you empty it before you go through security or they take it away from you, or make you go all the way back outside to dump the water out and get back on the security line." 
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Vitamin Travel Organizers

"Traveling with vitamins is a must for me to stay energized and healthy. While I can't dispute that labeled ziploc baggies don't do the trick, it's not a sexy look for me or the environment. Three of my favorite vitamin storage solutions while on-the-go are:
Nokabox, $24.95 (pictured): This Japanese company nailed the design, I love the textured case. 
Port & Polish White Pill Case, $15: I love the minimal clean lines and affordable price point.
Henry Bendel West 57th Pill Box, $48: The Henri Bendel pill box is a classic and still has a great price point."

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