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What The Venue Report Team Is Gifting Our Holiday Party Hosts This Year

The holidays are here, whether you're ready or not. From friendsgivings to New Year's Eve parties, hosting season is in full swing. If you're doing your share of hosting this year or have a full calendar of gatherings lined up, use this guide compiled by our team for gifting (or wish listing, you deserve it!). There's plenty of soothing and seasonal scents as well as elevated basics like salt (more on that later) and tea towels, so snuggle in, read up and get ready to shop. 

Happy holiday partying
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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

"Your host will love this gorgeous stone diffuser! It will set the mood and inspire high spirits during their holiday gatherings at home."
Buy here for $119
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Brightland Extra Virgin Olive Oil

"For the host that loves to cook, gift this authentic extra virgin olive oil hand-sourced from a single-estate California farm. Containing nothing more than olives with no fillers or preservatives, your host will want to display this beautifully designed powder-coated bottle on their kitchen counter than hidden in the pantry."
Buy here for $37
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Goop G'Nite Bath Soak

"After a day of prepping and entertaining, the host deserves a relaxing bath to unwind. This bath soak from Goop is made with valerian root and Australian sandalwood while it 'promotes a comfortable, calm state in which to prepare for sleep.'"
Buy here for $35
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Oversized Anthropologie Candle

"This mega-sized candle from Anthropologie smells amazing, looks beautiful and takes up some serious space on a dining table or counter. It will also last all season making it perfect for holiday parties!"
Buy here for $78
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Norden Goods Hudson Tea Towel

"Perfect for a styled out gathering, but casual enough for everyday use."
Buy here for $30
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Hearth & Hand Stoneware Serving Bowl

"Whether you're entertaining your guests at the kitchen island before dinner or cozying up on the couch for family movie night, you'll love sharing snacks with this Medium Stoneware Serving Bowl from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia."
Buy here for $22.99
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World Salt Tower

"I once thought salt was salt, but I recently learned from the Netflix documentary 'Fat, Salt, Acid Heat' (it's awesome, highly recommend!) that this is so not true. Say thanks for the hospitality with this brilliant little salt tower featuring standouts from all over the world. With any luck, the host will invite you back to test all the flavors!"
Buy here for $20
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1977 Candle

"Question: What feels more blissful than lighting a luxurious candle? Answer: Nothing. This lavender sage blend from Essentials by Amber Lewis, the mastermind behind Amber Interiors, has me smitten and makes a perfect gift for the host with the most. Bonus: When the wax runs out, the vessel can be reused as a mug, utensil holder, or simply a decorative piece."
Buy here for $68
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"Living across the country from friends and family makes sending gifts to loved ones pretty challenging. One of my go-to solutions for this is BoxFox – where you can send curated (and absolutely adorable) packages to people near and far. Not to mention, they do a way better job of sourcing and curating products than I ever could."
Buy here for $34
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Pinch Provisions® Tech Kit

"Hard to believe, but this adorable (and affordable) travel size pouch includes earbuds, a phone camera lens, earbuds, a flash drive, a screen cloth, password hint list, cord organizer, a wall charger, 3-in-1 charging cable and a mobile device stand. Let's be real, who doesn't need this."
Buy here for $26
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Norden Candle Set

"Send your loved ones the smell of California with this locally produced Norden candle set. Warning: all scents may become addicting."
Buy here for $95
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"Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails" Book

"Shaken, not stirred. In all honesty, everyone should own this book as there is so much to learn from it! The geniuses behind Death & Co. have gathered everything you need to know about cocktails from the basics to even full recipes of their famous drinks. Your host will have no other choice but to whip up some refreshing drinks to enjoy for the rest of the evening."
Buy here for $23.13
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Carruth Cellars "Unicorn Blend" Wine

"Although the rainbow unicorn on the side of this bottle of wine is enticing by itself, just wait until you try it! This magical blend is a perfect gift for any host (and an easy conversation starter)."
Buy here for $45

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