All of the Treehouses We Can’t Get Enough of in 2019
Houses-on-stilts overlook the Caribbean Sea from Tulum’s beautiful beaches, double-decker treehouses tower in the jungle of a Thai eco-resort, and four new treehouses are soon to be unveiled in Charleston. Suffice it to say,...

Houses-on-stilts overlook the Caribbean Sea from Tulum’s beautiful beaches, double-decker treehouses tower in the jungle of a Thai eco-resort, and four new treehouses are soon to be unveiled in Charleston. Suffice it to say, these treehouses are well beyond the scope of what your childhood imagination may have pictured for your own backyard, but we’re sure you’ll still be overwhelmingly pleased by these cozy stays. There’s an olive grove in Tuscany with treehouses, a Lithuanian forest getaway and so much more in this year’s edition of treehouses we can’t get enough of.

Reporter: Alyssa Brown 

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Tulum, Mexico

Azulik’s impressive lineup of huts-on-stilts sits just along the edge of the Caribbean Sea, in the heart of Tulum’s boutique hotel zone. There’s an amazing Mayan spa and apothecary here, and it’s a great spot for all the yogis out there.
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La Sultana Oualidia

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Located just a couple hours’ drive from Marrakech, this treehouse is located in a small village on the Atlantic Coast, just along a saltwater lagoon. Upon entry, you’ll ascend into the palm treetops and open a door to a room that’s wooded, cozy and luxurious.
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Acre Hotel

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A dozen treehouses top the palm trees at this Baja jungle resort. At Acre Hotel, each treehouse guest is treated to morning yoga in the mango orchards, a lavish breakfast spread at the organic garden centric restaurant and plenty of pool hang time.
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Bolt Farm Treehouse
Charleston, South Carolina

The Bolt Farm’s luxury treehouses are each filled with light and character. At present, there’s one in Charleston and one in Walhalla, but an additional four treehouses are set to open in 2020, located on a Charleston waterfront nature retreat. Join the waitlist →
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Varena Treehouse

Photo by Sese Saule
Tucked away in the Lithuanian forest, this pair of log cabins sit on stilts in the woods, surrounded by trees and set beside the Merkys River. Days here are slow, with lazy river swims, kayaking and SUP adventures, bike riding, foraging and resting.
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La Piantata
Arlena di Castro, Italy

Photo by La Piantata
Tuscan countryside, here we come! As if you needed another reason to add this bucolic region to your bucket list, there are two gorgeous treehouses on a Tuscan farm known as La Piantata. Choose from views of lavender fields or olive groves, and plan to spend your days sipping local wines and relaxing by the pool.
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Willow Treehouse
Willow, New York

Photo by Peter Crosby
Set just fifteen minutes from Woodstock, this ultra modern wood-and-glass treehouse sits just beside a swimmable pond. There’s also an amazing Swedish wood-fired hot tub tucked into the pines.
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Green Village
Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Justin Poore
An all-bamboo village in Bali, this resort is known for its eco-friendly practices and chic treehouses. The treehouse building pros here even offer classes in how to make your own sustainable tree hut.
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The Birdhouse El Nido
El Nido, Philippines

Photo by Laura Altesa
Lagoons, beaches, caves, islands, cliffs and coral reefs surround The Birdhouse in El Nido. This Philippines getaway includes three luxury tent suites hovering in the treetops and overlooking Maremegmeg Beach.
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Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa
New Milton, United Kingdom

Photo by Akash Mehta
A Hampshire retreat with plenty of traditional five-star suites to choose from, Chewton Glen also offers four spacious, impeccably designed treetop cabins. The treehouse amenities here include everything from wood-burning fireplaces and large decks to marble bathrooms, heated floors and outdoor hot tubs. There’s even a treehouse that sleeps a dozen guests.
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Mamole Tree House at Nihi Sumba

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The three-story Mamole treehouse at Nihi Sumba in Bali includes a private infinity pool, an open-air living room and plenty of outdoor seating for gathering with your friends while enjoying the tropical, natural setting. There are three of these villas, making this spot a great one for a group getaway that feels private and secluded.
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Post Ranch Inn
Big Sur, California

It’s pretty brilliant that your impeccably designed treehouse at luxury resort Post Ranch Inn comes with a set of binoculars, as there’s plenty of wildlife gazing to do from these Big Sur treetops. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale or two migrating along the Pacific coastline.
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Our Jungle Camp

The tropical jungles of Thailand set the scene for this eco-resort’s double-decker treehouses. You’ll get good karma bonus points for staying here, as the profits go to subsidizing a nearby nature camp for local kids.
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Asheville Glamping
Asheville, North Carolina

This Asheville Glamping outpost is mostly filled with geodesic domes and bell tents, and there’s a new treehouse added to the mix that’s accessible via a couple of rope suspension bridges. The Nest, as it’s called, has a mini kitchen and cozy bed plus a deck in the treetops.
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Tongabezi Tree House

Enjoy sunset overlooking the Zambezi River while you enjoy an outdoor bath at your treetop perch. Tongabezi Tree House is built around three rivervine Ebony trees and includes a big, cozy bed and an incredible private deck on the water’s edge. 
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Basoa Suites
Lizaso, Spain

Photo by Basoa Suites
Six treehouse suites sit in the oak treetops of peaceful Navarra, in the Spanish countryside of Ultzama Valley. Each of the treehouses at Basoa Suites has its own style and setup, but all are a beautiful work of craftsmanship.
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Pleasant Bay Lookout
Bellingham, Washington

Big windows, lush forestry and an outdoor hot tub are the big draw cards of this treehouse, but the view is what we’re really here for. Pleasant Bay is just below, and the views of Salish Sea and the surrounding Bellingham forestry are next-level stunning.
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Baumhaushotel Seemühle
Gräfendorf, Germany

Chalets, cabins and chateaus dot the treetops of Lower Franconia, somewhere between Spessart Nature Park and Rhöne Biosphere Reserve. The ten treehouses at Baumhaus Hotel rang in size and style, some with spiral staircases and other shaped like hexagons. 
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Winvian Farm

Photo by Winvian Farm
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Set in the woodlands of the Litchfield Hills in Connecticut, this eclectic treehouse towers 35 feet above the forest floor. Here, you’ll enjoy a weekend of bicycle rides and lake activities, spa treatments and cooking classes.
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Agramada Treehouse

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Tucked away in the peaceful Mediterranean forests of Northern Greece, this eco-friendly treehouse offers a cozy stay for anyone looking to rest and recalibrate in a natural setting. Once you’re feeling rejuvenated, you can coordinate a Jeep, hiking and wine tasting experience to up your Greek travel agenda to the next level.

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