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Melbourne is a fun, festive, and cultured garden city, but it’s a big city nonetheless. There’s enough to do in spectacular Melbourne to overwhelm your average tourist, roused by the attractions but unsure where to start. Working through all the museums, theatres, parks, observation decks, and sporting events of such a lively city surely works up a strong appetite and stronger thirst. That’s where we come in.
You need to know where to find the city’s tastiest restaurants, hippest bars, and most beloved coffee shops. Plus, why use Yelp to search the best on the block when you could have the best in the city? ​That’s why the Venue Report snagged the best in the business to tell you what places you can’t miss and why.  Behold Melbourne’s thorough and wondrous City Guide by Taylor Beaumont-Whiteley, curator & purveyor of the city's best cheap eats, drinks and must-do's from the website The Melbourne Cheapskate. 

Written by Jake Kilroy
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Best Place to Start the Night - Abstract 157

Melbourne, Australia
What is the best venue for cocktails to start the night?
Tucked just off Chapel St is Abstract 157
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Must Order Menu Item - Abstract 157

Melbourne, Australia
Every day you’ll find $10 espresso martinis at Abstract 157 during their 4 hour long happy hour. Combine this with their fantastic service and you’re left with the perfect venue for you and the crew to start your night at 
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Best Place When You're (REALLY) Hungry! - Father's Office

Melbourne, Australia
Where do you go to eat when your appetite knows no bounds?
Hate visiting a restaurant and leaving hungry? Father’s Office, a 1920’s styled bar with a beautiful view of the State Library. 
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Must Order Menu Item - Father's Office

Melbourne, Australia
Father’s Office offers all you can eat tacos every Monday night. There’s chicken, pork and beans, and it all comes accompanied with a schooner. It’s an adventure best shared with your amigos. 
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Best Bar to Escape - Forester's Hall

Melbourne, Australia
Where is the best place to escape it all and relax?
Smith St is home to many incredible bars, one of which is Forester’s Hall, a prohibition styled venue that has the perfect soundtrack for jazz lover. 
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Must Order Menu Item - Forester's Hall

Melbourne, Australia
Sit back, tap your foot and enjoy their daily happy hour with $5 schooners. 
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Free Live Music & Cheap Food - The Penny Black

Melbourne, Australia
Where can you find the best free live music & cheap food in Melbourne?
Home to one of the best beer gardens in Melbourne, The Penny Black is a Brunswick icon. This former post office is now a super relaxed bar that puts on free gigs and cranks out cheap feeds.
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Must Order Menu Item - The Penny Black

Melbourne, Australia
Tip: Come on a Monday where you can devour pizzas, tacos and Coronas for just $4 each. 
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Best Place for the Mondays - The European Bier Café

Melbourne, Australia
Where would you go to cure a bad case of Monday-itis?
Enjoy your drinks with a view of the city? The European Bier Café has half price tap beer every Monday on their massive CBD rooftop. 
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Must Order Menu Item - The European Bier Café

Melbourne, Australia
With over 18 beers at their disposal, it may be a little hard for you and your mates to pick just one. 
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Best Spot On a Wednesday - Mr. Scruff's

Melbourne, Australia
Where is the best place to go for hump day feast?
There are some days when the only food we want is fried. Mr Scruff’s on Smith St have mastered the art of dude-food with their selection of burgers, chips, fried chicken and nachos.
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Must Order Menu Item - Mr. Scruff's

Melbourne, Australia
Tip: Come with your mates on a Wednesday and enjoy 50% off their main menu. Be prepared for a wait though, it gets hectic. 
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