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Host a Boozy Ice Cream Social with This Easy Champagne Float Recipe

photo: The Venue Report

Rosé all day? Pshaw. Our current obsession: boozy ice cream. We’ve never met a glass of champagne or ice cream flavor we didn’t like, so we combined the two. If ice cream and champagne get your blood pumping, you’ve got kindred spirits in us. This recipe is so simple that dare we say, you won't even need to prep it ahead of time.

This adults-only ice cream will be sure to float your boat for any type of gathering. The colorful concoction is best served chilled at your besties bridal shower, a sweet dinner party, in lieu of traditional dessert at a wedding or plonk some candles in it for your next birthday bash. 

Reporter: The Venue Report

Photo:The Venue Report
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Round Up These Simple Ingredients

Part of the fun is setting the spread of rainbow-colored ingredients. Think kids birthday party vibes, but no kiddos allowed. For 6 guests you will only the need the following ingredients. 

• 1 jar of rainbow sprinkles
• 2 bottles of Champagne (or Prosecco)
• 1 qt. rainbow sherbet or dairy-free sorbet 
• 2 cups of melted white chocolate chips 
• Sugar ice cream cones for garnish (optional) 

Tools + Serveware
• Ice Cream Scooper
• Champagne glasses or coupes 
• Colorful bowls and platters. We love these minimal sets from Year and Day
Photo:The Venue Report
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Pour the Ingredients into Small Dishes

Spoon the melted white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles into small dishes for dipping and sprinkling. Set the sugar comes onto a platter for a fun, festive garnish. 
Photo:The Venue Report
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Dip, Dip, Dip!

Now for the fun! We recommend doing this part with your guests; they will have a blast DIY'ing their own alcohol-infused ice cream beverage. Dip the rims of the glassware into the melted white chocolate, then dip them into the sprinkle bowl. Voila! You have your own Crayola-colored glass.
Photo:The Venue Report
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Drop It like It's Hot, or Cold.

Add 1 to 2 scoops of the rainbow sherbet or dairy-free sorbet into each glass. More sherbet means less booze, less sherbet equals more booze. Which way will you sway?
Photo:The Venue Report
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Top It with Bubbly

It's time to get fizzical. Give the rainbow sherbet filled glasses to your guests, then pour the champs in them for a showstopping surprise. 
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Taste the Rainbow

We always save the best for last. It's time for you and your guests to indulge in these culinary confections with a big bubbly cheers. Pop, fizz, clink. How easy was that?
Photo:The Venue Report
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