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Sip on These Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Bevvies All Summer Long
This just in: we’ve gone sober this summer. Okay, so not completely, but thanks to the growing sober movement, we’ve been able to quench our thirst with cool products that encourage authentic socializing without alcohol....

This just in: we’ve gone sober this summer. Okay, so not completely, but thanks to the growing sober movement, we’ve been able to quench our thirst with cool products that encourage authentic socializing without alcohol. Our latest obsession? Sparkling bevvies. From sparkling waters to sparkling sodas and everything in between (think: caffeinated or CBD-infused), we’ve been able to perfectly curate our reccs for a chilled-out summer drink fit for every occasion. 

Reporter: Erica Nichols

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Your newfound sparkling obsession doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Olipop hits the spot with unique fruity flavors like strawberry vanilla and ginger lemon, all the while being clinically-backed to improve metabolic health and benefit the microbiome. Win-win!
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Photo by Sprig
Sprig has arrived just in time for all of your mellow summer night hangouts. This CBD-infused soda comes in a variety of citrus flavors and serves as a no-fuss option you can keep in your bag, pass around a bonfire or enjoy poolside.
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Photo by Minna
This sparking tea brand already had our hearts by donating one percent of sales to non-profits that emphasize inclusion. But once we had a taste of their tropical green tea sparkly, we were sold. Toss a few cans into your bag for a totally cool beach day with the girls.
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Kin Euphorics

Photo by Heidi's Bridge Courtesy of Kin Euphorics
Kin is all about social connection sans alcohol. Made from an entirely unique blend of nourishing nootropics, adaptogens and botanics, this blissful bevvie calms your anxieties and opens your mind without any morning regrets.
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Photo by Sunwink
Sunwink blends the oldest form of self-care with the modern trend of bubbly h2o to create a sparkling herbal tonic that hits the spot in the moment, but also helps you feel good all day long. Immunity berry and lemon-rose uplift are our faves, but order a variety pack to try them all!
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Photo by Spindrift
Ever wonder why sparkling drinks made with natural flavors were clear? So did Spindrift. They’re the first to call BS and create a sparkling bev made with real fruit juice—and color! Choose from flavors including grapefruit, orange mango, blackberry and more.
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Photo by Limitless
If you didn’t think your sparkling obsession could get any deeper, let us kindly introduce you to this lightly caffeinated, heavily delicious bubbly. LIMITLESS beats the midday slump with 35 milligrams of caffeine infused in flavored water of cucumber pear, blood orange and ginger mint.
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DRAM Apothecary

Up your bevvie game with these herbal sparkling waters that ditch common flavors and go for bolder combinations of cardamom and black tea or lavender and lemon. Each combination is made entirely from clean ingredients! Hot tip: DRAM also offers sparkling drinks with CBD added.
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Photo by Daytrip
If you could soak up California in a can, it would look—and taste—a lot like Daytrip. For when you need to take the edge off, this CBD-infused bevvie puts just the right amount of ‘chill’ into your day with goods like coconut pineapple and lemon lime.
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Photo by Recess
We all know which drinks to grab for the afternoon pick-me-up, but we love Recess for the much-needed reset drink for when we need to keep cool, calm and collected. You can thank the hemp extract for that. Choose from flavors like blackberry chai, pomegranate hibiscus and peach ginger. Plus, the cans are worth Instagramming alone.
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Photo by Sanzo
Currently exclusive to NYC neighborhoods, Sanzo delivers with Asian-inspired sparkling water (think lychee and calamansi) that’s short on calories and sugar, but bursting with real flavor. Save these for your next backyard bash! Inside Tip: As of August 8th, Sanzo now ships to the lower 48!
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Photo by Nixie
With a slogan like ‘vacation in a can,’ there’s a whole lot to love with Nixie. The sparkling sipper is the perfect companion for all your summer getaways, preferably with late summer snacks in tow (from the same founders of Late July Organic Snacks).

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