Top 12 New Adventures to Take with "Old Dad"

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Right about now, you’re probably scrambling to order Dad those whiskey stones, a nice tie or maybe even that nine-iron he’s been eyeing. Here at The Venue Report, we believe we are the sum of our experiences, not the sum of our belongings. This year, instead of spending your hard-earned green on some thing, say yes to new adventures with "old Dad." At least, that's how my Dad refers to himself. "Hey Kates, when are ya going to come and hang out with your old Dad?"

Hunker down over a hand-crafted cocktail or two, maybe throw a few cards around a campfire. Play a round of golf or pony up and grab a gourmet meal. Let’s be honest, "old Dad"’s probably got everything he needs anyway – what he can’t put a price on is precious time with you. Here are 12 ideas for fantastic Father’s Day adventures with "old Dad."

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Colony Palms Hotel

Treat your Dad with a day trip, just a few hours outside of LA or stay at this elegant Old Hollywood outpost with Moroccan flair. He’ll love the history behind the hotel, it was built and opened in 1936 by Al Wertheimer, a reputed mobster and member of the Purple Gang. You’ll love the cool pool and interiors by “Million Dollar Decorator” Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

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Ironside Fish & Oyster

Ironside “ain’t nothin’ to shuck with.” Opt for the oyster bar with your Pops and pull up a seat to some of the best oysters you’ll ever eat. Their floor-to-ceiling spirits bar and jovial bartenders up for hand-crafting anything your little heart desires ensures this will be an a true edible experience. 

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Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard

Where to begin with this 1,000 acre working ranch beauty? Saddle up to the Malibu Family Wines tasting room across the street or strap in for a complete ranch tour, tasting and lunch with the resident celebrity, Stanley the giraffe.  He likes bananas and cuddling, tell him we sent you.

Photo by Malibu Family Wines

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Craving a culinary adventure? Bring your whole family & take a cooking class with a professional chef of your choosing and then feast on your education.

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Yellowstone Under Canvas

Overdue for a weekend away in the Great Outdoors? Talk about a breath of fresh air. Experience the immense beauty of Yellowstone Park while staying in the magnificent Under Canvas luxury tents. Throw cards around a campfire, cookout or eat at the onsite restaurant and sleep under a starry sky as you tell stories well into the night. It’s just re-opened for the season so get to booking!


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Treehouse Point

Remember that tree house that Dad may or may not have built you as a kid? It’s totally the same thing, except not. These are adult-sized custom-built tree houses, outfitted with every amenity within a beautiful forest with a  variety of activities at your fingertips. A fun adventure for your Dad or if you’re celebrating Father’s Day with your own offspring.  



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Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club

Sometimes the only way to truly know where you are is to understand where you’ve been.  Ferry over to Ellis Island with your father and pack a picnic feast. If you have relatives you know came through Ellis Island, it’s an emotional experience to see their signatures and imagine the trepidation and hope they must have been feeling as they signed off on their new lives. If not, it’s certainly a history lesson for the ages an an unspoken connection to the past while staying rooted in the present with your Papa. 

Photo by Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club

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Brooklyn Grange

To really do up the day right, plan a brunch on this Brooklyn garden rooftop. Without many gardens in New York's urban jungle, this rooftop is utterly unique. With herb-scented sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, show Dad and the rest of the family that the true gift of Father’s Day is simply enjoying simple pleasures in a sweet setting, with each other. 

Photo by Adam Milliron
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Been thinking about a beautiful break for awhile? Give in to temptation and suggest a stay at this intimate Mexican inn. Stunning & sweeping ocean views, perfect playa-side palapas, sunrise yoga and beautifully designed accommodations, there’s something amazing for everyone.

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WavePark Resort Mentawai

Young or young at heart watermen and women will appreciate this wavepark water paradise in Indonesia. While a large commitment, for a surf junkie, we’ve found the aqueous “where” for your great “Dad” getaway. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone – from secret surf spots to sunset hikes, fishing and snorkeling, it’s a complete bespoke brah adventure for everyone. But if Dad’s regularly checking the surf most mornings, surfing the best waves with him in Indo should suffice to make for some of the most memorable of memories. 

Photo by WavePark Resort Mentawai

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Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

For a great adventure “into the wild” most anywhere else is incomparable to Nimmo Bay. Set on 50,000 square miles of Rainforest preserve and surrounded by 10,000 year old glaciers, let’s just say breathtaking doesn’t even begin to describe it. Choose from heli-fishing, whale-watching or kayaking among many other activities and end your day soaking in cedar lined hot tubs watching a 5,000 ft. waterfall. OK. 

Photo by Jeremy Koreski

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