Top 22 Treehouse Venues from All Over the World
You know the treehouse you always wanted as a kid, but got a blanket fort instead? That’s totally this list... except times a million. From a giant bird's nest you can sleep in to a treehouse network, traversable only by...

You know the treehouse you always wanted as a kid, but got a blanket fort instead? That’s totally this list... except times a million. From a giant bird's nest you can sleep in to a treehouse network, traversable only by zip line... Oh yes, friends. This exists as do many, many more gems we’ve unearthed, or rather cherry-picked, for your viewing pleasure. We hope you have as much fun reading this list of our Top 22 Treehouse venues from all over the world, as we did compiling it. Featured Photo by Peter Lundstrom via Treehotel

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Glacier Under Canvas

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Not only will you be Under Canvas, but canopy. This lovely locale has made more than one of our “It-lists” as of late, also reigning supreme on the tents & tipis tip. Enjoy all the amenities of one of Under Canvas’ deluxe tents, but with a view of the surrounding, lush forest trees. Bring your bests as this baby sleeps up to four friends, #campvibes are your responsibility. Photo by Glacier Under Canvas

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TreeHouse Point

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You know that treehouse you always wanted as a kid, but your Dad either refused to buy it or build it?  Time to re-live your childhood fantasies with adult amenities and accommodations. This gorgeous glamping great is surrounded by towering trees, lush plants, a river and nearby mountain views. Inspiring and intimate for “I-do’s” sweetly special for a vow renewal or anniversary and great for a unique getaway. Photo by TreeHouse Point

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Harads, Sweden


What if you set architects loose in the wild to design without restraint? You’d probably end up with this collection of architect-designed treehouses in the middle of the Swedish wilderness. Choose to stay in treehouses such as The Bird’s Nest or the Mirrorcube, (yes, a giant bird’s nest and subsequent treehouse consisting of reflective surfaces) among others. Host a floating party high above the trees or gather your team for a heady dose of inspiration.  Photo by Peter Lundstrom for Treehotel

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Atlanta Treehouse
Atlanta, GA


Nestled neatly in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, known mostly for it’s commercial and financial districts, yet surrounded by lush forest landscape. Dreamed up by the former Director of Greenpeace, this treehouse makes rustic magic in the hub of a metropolis. While small on square footage, it’s high on heart and made the sweetest setting for one couple’s nuptials. For more, read our blog coverage here.  Photo by Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios

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Lenox, MA


One of the smallest Leading Hotels of the World, the wonderful Wheatleigh was built in 1893 by Henry H. Cook as a wedding present for his daughter who married a Spanish count. While they made their home on Fifth Avenue in New York City, this remained their “summer cottage” and now boasts one of the best dining rooms on the East Coast. This former Aviary, now transformed into a two-story suite with a sculptural glass staircase leading to the “floating” sleeping room above the trees -  perfect as the wedding suite for any couple making-"marry" on the property. Photo by Wheatleigh

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Chewton Glen
Hampshire, England, UK


Feel fabulous in a five-star forest setting. The treehouses are sweetly balanced on stilts in the middle of a wooded valley. Inside, you'll find the stuff of #yolo yelp reviews, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, spa treatments & breakfast baskets delivered fresh every morning. Milestone anniversary celebration magic, we think yes. Photo by Chewton Glen

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Post Ranch Inn
Big Sur, CA


Besides being built on arguably, one of the most beautiful stretches of California coastline, these free-standing “treehouse” structures are  9 feet off the ground and feature a king-sized bed, window seat, fireplace and skylight for star-gazing. The absolute ideal setting for a nature loving couple to tie the knot or celebrate an anniversary and did we mention the on-site, award-winning Sierra Mar restaurant? Needless to say, this treehouse is worth the price of perch. Photo by Post Ranch Inn

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Litchfield Hills, CT


Here’s the scenario, you’re Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” and from your perch at Winivan’s ultra-awesome and exclusive treehouse, you’ll want to shout “let the wild rumpus start!” And then you’ll sink into the king-sized bed after your steam shower and dip in the Jacuzzi tub, while relaxing by the fireplace with your buddies or your other half, resplendent in relaxation, saving the rumpus for another day. The end. Photo by Winvian

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Finca Bellavista
Costa Rica


A rustic retreat off the beaten path, experience “treehouse Pura Vida” at this Costa Rican community, the world’s first, modern, planned, treehouse community dedicated to preservation of the precious land. While not as full-service or fancy as some of the other treehouses on this list, a stay at the Finca ensures you are staying in someone’s home in the midst of arguably some of the most precious and untouched wilderness Costa Rica has to offer. Bonus: you’ll get around via the SkyTrail Transportation Network otherwise known as: zip-lines.  Photo by Silke Gondolf

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Chateaux Dans Les Arbres
Perigord, France


Ever thought about staying in a castle in a tree canopy? If you haven't, you will, once you see these hand-crafted tree house castles complete with private spa and room service. You may never come down... literally. Photo by Remi Becherel

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Livingstone, Zamibia


At the end of the swimming pool, a hidden path winds along the cliff path to find this treehouse, settled in sweetly amid a basalt rock bed and nestled in the branches of an Ebony tree, overlooking the Zambezi River. From king-sized bed to antique clawfoot tub, this treehouse has all the amenities for an amazing anniversary or vibrant vow renewal.  Photo by Tongabezi

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Meadows of Dan, VA


Marvelously set in the meadows of Virginia, basking in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, lie three treehouses suspended above rushing rivers and away from sights and sounds of civilization. This doesn't mean the creature comforts aren't there, in fact, each treehouse is carefully curated with luxury items and comforts to ensure your stay is both memorable and modern. Explore the rest of pretty Primalnd in your own four-wheel drive vehicle. We imagine a wedding here would be extra special with the wedding night suite being high in the trees. Photo by Primland

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Playa Viva

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Currently, you can claim one of these glorious beachfront casitas as your own, but come the start of Playa Viva’s 7th running season, they’ll be adding a treehouse to the mix. Yes, you heard us right - a treehouse with an ocean view. It will include a Queen bed, private bathroom & of course, those opulent ocean views. Bring your bests for a beautiful bohemian escape or even plan a little beachfront wedding bliss for you and a small group of your greats. Photos: Kate Albrecht 

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Free Spirit Spheres
Vancouver Island, Canada


Free your mind (and your spirit) and fancy a stay in one of these treehouse spheres. Suspended from the ground by vertical rope, it doesn't get much more "kum-bay-ah" than free-floating gently above the forest floor. Drawing inspiration from the design of sailboats, these spheres are meant to sway gently with the wind, allowing it's occupants to opt for a floating-type of experience. Far-out, man. Photo by Free Spirit Spheres

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Tsala Treetop Lodge
Plettenberg Bay, South Africa


Tsala is a magical place, suspended seamlessly amid surroundings of an age-old indigenous African forest. Wed in the wilds of the Western Cape or opt for an adventure with your all-time favorite friends. You won't want to experience this with anyone other than your best. Photo by Tsala Treetop Lodge 

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Banyan Tree Bintan
Bintan, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia


Slip into one of these seafront, tropical treehouse villas with gleaming ocean views of the South China Sea. Glamorous group getaway or wind-swept,  tropical wedding, staying in one of these treehouses complete with private deck and plunge pool. We don't think this would be a hard sell to anyone lucky enough to get an invite to this sun-soaked shindig.  Photo by Banyan Tree Bintan

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Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses
Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand


A contemporary country hotel, with five-stars in the forest of New Zealand. Nested 30 feet above the ground in the canopy of a native Manuka grove, each Tree House has spectacular views of Kaikoura's dramatic mountains and the Pacific coastline. Private and intimate for "I-do's", Hapuku can accommodate 30+ guests and cater your celebration with simple, fresh and local flavors. Photo by Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses

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Kanopi House
Portland, Jamaica


Tucked away in the tropics of the Jamaican rainforest where the days glow like the nights, escape to this elegant and elevated collection of tree homes. French doors lead to covered verandas and vibrant views, the likes of a tropical paradise of crystal waters, postcard beaches, lagoons and verdant greenery. Photo by Kanopi House

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& Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania


Revel in these romantic stilted tree houses settled in a mahogany forest, tucked in the Lake Manyara National Park. Cradled carefully in the boughs of this forest,  enjoy bespoke game tours, sophisticated accommodations... it's simply breathtaking. You'll feel like you're floating in the forested canopy as you dine on your private deck or soak in your free-standing tub. Unique family reunion, group getaway or toast to the two of you. Although, invite us, please. Photo by & Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

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Mashpi Lodge Ecuador
Andean Rainforest, Ecuador


"The sophisticated and strikingly-contemporary lodge is designed as the ideal springboard for exploring the biodiverse world of its reserve. A hideaway in the clouds only accessible to its guests and located on a high plateau." Be one with the beauty of this biodiverse world, in your own luxury cocoon among the clouds while you commune with your closest. Photo by Mashpi Lodge



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The Gibbon Experience
Huay Xai, Laos

A childhood fantasy turned serious forested purpose. Welcome to the highest tree houses in the world. - built over 120 ft. in the air. Local people have built these tree houses along with a network of zip lines, so you're actually able to "fly" over the trees to meet the wildlife. Bonus? Funds are reinvested to protect the forest. Bucket list? We think yes. Photo by The Gibbon Experience
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Drakenstein Valley, South Africa


Human-sized bird's nest, HELLO. Take a snooze in this sweet nest after feasting on over 300 varieties of fruit and vegetables served onsite in the restaurant at this Cape Town, Cape Dutch-style farm. Feast and frolic at this venue inspired by the mythical gardens of Babylon. A great gathering spot would be a gross understatement. It's maybe the great-EST. Photo by Vicky Grafton

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The Treehouse Retreat

Photo by The Treehouse Retreat
Super cool designer and blogger Lynne, owns a treehouse in Canada. This treehouse is also home to a renovated airstream, a slide and a hammock!! Additionally, the interiors are all white and a designers dream. Contact Lynne here to book. 

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