Your Guide to 15 Winter Glamping Sites Around the World
Winter’s here and the Arctic wild is calling us near. We’ve been around the world searching for the most creative igloo hotels, the most extravagant snow castles and glaciers that are so huge you can actually walk around...
Winter’s here and the Arctic wild is calling us near. We’ve been around the world searching for the most creative igloo hotels, the most extravagant snow castles and glaciers that are so huge you can actually walk around inside them. We’ve stayed in hotels and canvas tents, we’ve camped and we’ve glamped, we’ve slept in frozen environs and warmed ourselves in saunas. Now it’s your turn. Get to arctic adventuring, stake out in an igloo waiting for the Aurora Borealis to light up the sky. And hey, who knows, you might even spot a reindeer on the horizon.
Reporter: Alyssa Brown | Location: Arctic Treehouse Hotel
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Sweden’s Treehotel is a famous little enclave of seven architectural gems that sit high above ground level. Sleep in the mirror cube, a bird’s nest or a UFO. All are surrounded by snow, pine forests and incredible arctic views.
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Aurora Igloo Huts
Pyhätunturi, Finland

The igloo huts at Aurora Huts in Finland are beautiful little modern hidey holes where you’ll want to do nothing more than cuddle and gaze at the stars all night. Stick around a while for the right conditions and you may be lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights.
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Arctic Treehouse Hotel
Rovaniemi, Finland

Photo by Beth Squire
These glass treehouses are making all our ice queen dreams come true. Another favorite of the Finland holiday set, these gorgeous Scandi style digs are located on Finland’s Arctic Circle.
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Harriniva Hotels & Safaris
Muonio, Finland

Photo by Tom Archer
Finland’s winter haven at Harriniva is an epic place to hideaway and gaze at the Northern Lights. Stay in an igloo, a log cabin or a hotel and head out to the snowy terrain for adventures that range from sledding with huskies to snowmobiling to hanging with local reindeer.
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Ice Chapel

If you’re all about exploring the insides of glaciers and not so interested in the glamping scene, a day trip to this spot is totally your speed. Adventure to Germany’s famed glacier cave, known as the Ice Chapel, and get ready to see one of nature's great, icy architectural feats.
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Hôtel de Glace
Québec, Canada

Holy ice bricks, you guys. These Quebec igloos are huge and the ice sculpture furniture will have your eyes playing tricks on you. Is it ice? Is it glass? Is it glacier? You decide. We’re too busy hanging in the sauna.
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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Photo by Tom Jauncey
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Head to Finland if you’re after a Northern Lights experience in an underground igloo with a glass ceiling. Kakslauttanen is like an arctic oasis for those who love all things snow-covered, with the possibility of spotting reindeer.
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ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi

Photo by Asaf Kliger
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Sweden’s original ice hotel, this spot does frozen luxury like no other, complete with ice sculptures, ice furniture and icy art. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, activities around these parts include horseback riding moose safaris, dog sled rides, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and of course, ice sculpting classes.
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Levin Iglut
Lapland, Finland

Staring up the arctic night sky from a cozy igloo is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and we couldn’t think of a better spot than the heart of Finnish Lapland. Located just near Levi ski resort, Levin Iglut is a perfect perch to be near the slopes but away from the crowds.
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Four Seasons Glamping
Whistler, Canada

Photo by Scott Serfas
Leave it to luxury brand Four Seasons to create a glacier trek that’s totally A-list. Helicopter from the luxe hotel in Whistler over Canada’s largest ice cap and you’ll enter a whole world of ice like you’ve never seen before. We’re talking a labyrinth of ice caves, frozen flows and nature’s own ice sculptures.
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Under Canvas Glacier
Glacier National Park in Montana

Located in Montana’s Glacier National Park, these adventurous canvas tents offer luxurious lodging you’ll love. Activities nearby include whitewater rafting, horseback riding, exploring the nearby mountains and glaciers, and – get this – llama trekking.
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Monthey, Switzerland

Photo by Whitepod
Located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, this collection of three geo domes offer completely different snow-covered experiences. One is a James Bond style futuristic suite, another is made to mimic a birch forest and the last is setup like a traditional Swiss home.
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White Desert

Photo by White Desert
Feeling pretty cashed up and ready for a crazy experience this winter? Take a four-day adventure through Wolf’s Fang Peak in Antarctica via private jet, trekking and more. You’re sure to get your glacier fix here.
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Photo by Buubble
Tour local hot springs, waterfalls, lagoons and national parks by day and sleep inside a giant snow globe by night. Buubble sits in Iceland’s Golden Circle and is a prime location for spotting the Northern Lights.
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Kemi, Finland

Where better for an ice queen to hideaway than inside a Finnish snow castle? Treat yourself like royalty and book a getaway to this lavish snow hotel, where the art on the walls is carved into the snow, and the best way to sleep is between layers of fur.
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