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These All-Glass Igloos in Finland Provide the Best Northern Lights Viewing Ever
Nicole Bradley
byNicole Bradley

This place might be the COOLest way to spend your birthday yet. This quaint Finnish village is home to all-glass igloos (yes, you heard us right) that provide the best views of the Northern Lights possible - all while remaining warm and snug in your heated space. Add Levin Iglut to your #birthdaybucketlist this year, where sleeping in the middle of nature and radiant Northern Lights views are guaranteed.

Photography: Samuel Taipale

The Scene

This cozy igloo village sits at the edge of the wilderness in Lapland, Finland. Because of its location on the Arctic Circle, Lapland experiences 6 month-long winters (from August to April), resulting in dark skies for optimal Northern Lights views. Even better, Levin Iglut is far away from any major cities - only a few nearby ski towns - so light pollution is at a minimum. Needless to say, this getaway is the perfect winter wonderland.

Photography: Samuel Taipale | Hildegunn Taipale

Igloo Specs

The all-glass exterior of Levin Iglut’s igloos will give you uninterrupted views of the Northern Lights, all without leaving your bed. And don’t let the delicate appearance of these glassy igloos fool you: These guys are electrically heated, leading to warm and comfortable interiors without the worry of foggy windows. Along with electric heat, each igloo contains a kitchen, bathroom, WiFi and motorized beds. Two types of igloos are available: Premium, which fits two people and Superior, which comfortably houses two adults and two children.

Photography: Aleksi Kylmälahti | Hildegunn Taipale 

Life Outside the Igloo

Looking to get some fresh arctic air? If you’re willing to peel yourself away from your cozy igloo, plenty of winter outdoor activities are available at Levin Iglut, including snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sleigh rides. A number of lively ski resorts are also a short distance away from the igloos if you’re looking to hit the slopes. All of this is sure to make you hungry, so hit up Restaurant Aurora Sky, Levin Iglut’s own Scandinavian-styled eatery with - yep, you guessed it - amazing elevated views of Aurora Borealis. Menu highlights include Scandinavian favorites like reindeer, Arctic char, lobster soup, duck and pistachio cake.

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