Top 20 Rooftop Bars in London

Been spendin’ most of my life livin’ in a British Paradise… Well, not really. But it’s easy to think that way once you’ve spent a few hours soaking up much needed sunshine on an awesome UK rooftop with a stellar view and a good, stiff drink. We’ve covered the gamut here from good day drinking spots in London to hit on the weekend to excellent post-game hangout spots to lesser-known nightcap locations with the best city views.
Written by Alyssa Brown
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Shoreditch House

East London
Shoreditch House is the East London contingent of the SoHo House brand and stands as a members' club in the top three floors of a converted warehouse.  The rooftop space adjacent to the pool is for members to eat and drink, with greenery, lavender beds and expansive views across east London and the City. Breakfast is available from 7am until noon, switching to the all-day menu until midnight, and a kids menu is available until 9pm every day. Can't miss: On Sundays, roasts are available until 6pm.
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One of the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe, offering unparalleled, 360 degree views of the City, this beautiful rooftop restaurant delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music. Expect dramatic ceilings with floor-to-ceiling glass on three sides and indoor-outdoor elements are pervasive like the orange tree on the west terrace. 
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Corinthia Hotel

With the exterior of an old British Victorian, this beautiful London hotel is all modern-day luxury inside. While not a traditional rooftop bar per se, we wouldn't mind knocking back a few with these gorgeous views! Penthouse suites are in abundance and should be chosen by desired view, but probably the best suites you can get your hands on are the two rooftop spots, the Musician’s Penthouse and the Royal Penthouse. The Musician’s Penthouse is perhaps the most coveted with its incredible views of the London Eye, the gherkin, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, while the Royal Penthouse is prime territory for beautiful views of the Thames. We’ll take one night of slumber in each room, please!
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The Bird of Smithfield Rooftop

If you’re having trouble finding us in London’s Farrington neighborhood, we’re likely perched up on this gorgeous garden rooftop with Aperol Spritzers in hand! This cool rooftop bar in London is the perfect spot to kill a summer afternoon with friends or ride solo with a good magazine in hand.  This summer Bird of Smithfield’s rooftop has been transformed into a haven for Spritz lovers!  From May to August, Aperol Spritz & Bird of Smithfield will host eight free after-work events, with London’s hottest lifestyle influencers and brands.  To apply for a place for you and a guest at this free event, simply visit and click on the events page to enter your details.
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The Culpepper

photo: The Culpepper
Grab some cocktails in the greenhouse and head up to the roof for stargazing on this earthy London rooftop. Named after famed astrologist and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, this is the best rooftop pub for checking out the sky above. Check the calendar for astrology sessions led by a local expert and be sure to book a room at one of the five absolutely gorgeous boutique hotel rooms below for the ultimate date night with your beau.
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Boundary Hotel

East London
Love, love, love the clean and modern look of London boutique hotel, Boundary. With three restaurants, the options are endless for a good bite to eat. On the top level you’ll find one of the most popular roof gardens in London, complete with an orangery that’ll make you feel like you’re in the Mediterranean. Come for the view, stay for the gorgeous guest rooms.
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Frank's Cafe

photo: Frank's Cafe
If you're looking for a refreshing cocktail, a cool breeze and an unpretentious crowd, Frank's Cafe, open for the summer as of May 19th, is the spot you're seeking. Opened in 2008 by bartender Frank Boxer and Chef Michael Davies, located on top of a multi storey car park in Peckham, expect drinks and a reasonably priced food menu, with options ranging from vegan platters, Jerk chicken, potato salad, BBQ pork bulgogi and Buffalo wings. Sip on the signature Negroni, nibble on bbq and sunbathe, stargaze, enjoy the summer daze on this laid-back rooftop. 
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Dalston Roof Park

Inspired by NYC’s famous High Line, this is one of the top roof gardens in London because it feels like an escape levels above the city center. A totally casual indie hotspot, Dalston Roof Park features pop up bars and food vendors that rotate regularly as well as movie screenings, pop-up shops and even THE spot in the UK for Hot Tub Cinema. This is exactly the kind of low-key hangout spot where you can lounge in the sun and waste away an entire Saturday with friends or sign up for one of the many events on constant rotation. 
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Varsity Hotel + Spa Rooftop

Stopping for champagne cocktails overlooking this university town may not only be the way to make it through to the next tour, but a serious necessity when the roopftop is this pretty. An Astroturf terrace is as good a reason as any to make Varsity Hotel + Spa's bar a destination while you’re visiting Cambridge. And if you’re on the lookout for a cute boutique hotel, be sure to check out the rooms below.
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Paradise by Way of Kensal Green

Of the least misleading restaurant names, we vote Paradise By Way of Kensal Green for the win. This spot really is like a little mecca above the city streets of West London. The charming, old world vibe at this gorgeous bar and restaurant is a perfect spot to scrub up and feel sophisticated. Be sure to check out the château on the roof for the best spot to watch the sunset!
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Aqua Spirit London

Should you find yourself looking for an escape from Oxford Street and in need of a good, strong drink, pop on up to Aqua Spirit for a rooftop bar that’s easily one of the best viewpoints of London. From way up here you’ll be able to see the London Eye, Liberty, the BT Tower and all the way across Mayfair. This is a perfect spot for sunset cocktails in London.
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London Fields
photo: Proof
It’s easy to pay the weather no mind at breezy London Fields rooftop bar, Proof, that’s constructed to allow sunbathing on the decks or taking cover under the conservatory on dreary days. Sip on draft Prosecco straight from the tap or lap up the slushy margaritas on a summer afternoon. This is certainly the best rooftop bar for overlooking London Fields Park and it’s a playground all its own.
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The Bussey Rooftop Bar

Described as London's "latest and most enchanting open-air hangout" the Bussey Rooftop Bar is a beautiful space to relax, clink glasses and enjoy 360 degree views of the city. Did we mention the delicious pizzas? If you're lucky, you'll catch an open-air cinema or two.
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Ham Yard Hotel

Designed by Kit Kemp, Ham Yard Hotel is easily one of the top secret roof terraces in London. Set above one of the city’s gorgeous boutique hotels, Ham Yard, this beautiful rooftop patio and vegetable garden is a sweet little urban oasis. Tune in for info on their summer pop-up series, which often feature specialty cocktails and fabulous events in the darling space.
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The Sky Pod Bar

photo: Sky Garden
So this is what it feels like to be on top of the world, eh? The Sky Pod Bar is exactly that – a glass atrium pod that seems to be floating in the sky above the whole city. With the best views of London, this spot is perfect for grabbing drinks with colleagues or old pals or playing tourist in your own city.
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Great John Street Rooftop Playground

This gorgeous Manchester rooftop pub is a lovely place to spend an afternoon or early evening with friends. Located near the opera house, this bar sits atop an awesome boutique hotel and is a great place to watch sunset over the city. Lest we forget to mention, there’s even a hot tub on the roof. Playground, indeed!
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Mondrian Hotel London Rooftop

Southbank, London
Trendsetters from around the globe consider the Rumpus Room at the Mondrian Hotel in London's rooftop terrace one of the top bars to be seen on a summer evening in London. This trendy bar on the Southbank has some of the best views of London and the cocktail list is equally impressive. And hey, if you have one too many shandies, you can always splurge on a room below.
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Hendrick's Botanical Garden at Mr. Fogg's Residence & Tavern

photo: Mr. Fogg's
Named for the avid adventurer, Phineus Fogg in Jules Verne's adventure tale, "Around the World in 80 Days," Mr Fogg’s is tricky to find. It is a speakeasy, after all. The street is off Berkeley Square (hint: look for the Victorian lantern). With its waiters dressed head to toe in bespoke, military-style uniforms, & the walls festooned with artifacts Mr Fogg "picked up on his travels," you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. A special treat? The rooftop botanical garden, "a haven of flora, fauna and spirited fortifications" is utterly perfect for a tipple with 25 of your closest mates. 
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Coq D'Argent

photo: Coq D'Argent
If you’re feeling a bit more minted than usual, a splurge at Coq D’Argent may be in order. A delicious French restaurant set on a rooftop in central London, this terrace is perfectly manicured. Seriously, they must garden on the daily. Be sure to check out the multiple terraces and event spaces if you’re planning a group function.
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Queen Elizabeth Hall Rooftop

Southbank, London
The area around Queen Elizabeth Hall isn’t exactly known for its greenery, being that it’s mostly comprised of concrete slab, but the rooftop here provides a green reprieve. Once you get through the sky-high wildflower meadow full of bees and butterflies, expect a great Southbank bar, views of the river, and lots of people enjoying that little glimmer of summer sun.
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