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The Rosé Review: Our Taste Test Of 6 Canned Options
The biggest trend to hit pools everywhere is quite arguably canned wine, specifically, rosé. This is great news for all you wine-o's who are used to smuggling their wine sans glass to the pool, beach, park and so on. Canned wine =...
The biggest trend to hit pools everywhere is quite arguably canned wine, specifically, rosé. This is great news for all you wine-o's who are used to smuggling their wine sans glass to the pool, beach, park and so on. Canned wine = no glasses, no corkscrews, no problems. The Venue Report team took it upon ourselves to obtain some of the trendiest canned rosé on the market for a taste test to save you the time and money of doing this yourself. There were some major highs (we're talking about that rumored $1 Trader Joe's option). Read on for what to pick up before your next boozy summer bash.

Important Notes: 
- All cans were ordered on the same day to the same location. 
- Shipping across the board was around $10, which, ouch. 
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Sofia Coppola
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Our Review:This OG canned rosé was, A) delightful, and B) the closest to champagne - very effervescent, dry and not too sweet. The entire team agreed that was their favorite based on scent, taste and packaging (each can comes with a mini straw!).
Price: $20 per 4-pack,  $10 standard shipping
Supplier: Francis Coppola Winery (Direct from winery)
Notes: Shipped from Northern California, arrived to San Diego within 2 business days in perfect condition.
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Simpler Wines by Trader Joe's
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Our Review:This canned rosé has the strongest berry flavor, was light and bright, and has a pleasant mid-level of carbonation. Plus, at $1 per can, this can-not be beat. TJ's has done it again with this summer staple!
Price: $4 per 4-pack
Supplier: Trader Joe's
Notes: Pick it up in a TJ's near you. Bonus: No shipping fees and instant gratification sweeten this deal. 
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Our Review: This canned wine by Winc was the most dry and least sweet of the bunch with a pale pink color and citrus taste. This option is great for people who find rosé too sweet but want to join in on the fun. We especially loved the can's instructions to “chill, pop, repeat”. Yes please.
Price: $30 per 3-pack, shipping included with membership
Supplier: Winc
Notes: This packaging was unique with the triangular box (this comes in packs of 3).
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Our Review: This option had sweet notes of honey. 
Price: $18 per 4-pack, $10 standard shipping
Supplier: Chelsea Wine & Storage via SwishBev (Official supplier for Babe)
Notes: This took just over one week to arrive. The box arrived a tad wet, and the cans came with a few dents. This was sent from Babe's official supplier.
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The Drop
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Our Review: This medium-bodied rosé gets points for the most clever packaging. While sipping on this wine you will tast the minerals which can take some getting used to while sipping from the can. This would be best paired with seafood. 
Price: $20 per 4-pack, $10 standard shipping
Supplier: Hi-Time Wine Cellars (Official supplier of The Drop)
Notes: This arrived the next business day as it shipped within Southern California and was in perfect condition. 
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The No Show: Hoxie (But Not To Be Discounted!)
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Our Review: Ah, the journey to receive this shipment of canned wine was long. First, fulfillment didn't send it out until a gentle nudge from us and then it still didn't arrive on the promised delivery date BUT the wait was worth it even if it didn't make it into our official taste test. The kind team at Hoxie included a free 4-pack of a not-for-sale, limited edition flavor that was a team-wide hit. The flavor was grapefruit riesling that was refreshingly light, true to flavor yet not too sweet and not too tart either. Hoxie: Please offer this flavor for sale. The other two flavors (Blanc & Rosé), were equally light and refreshing but the flavor did not compare to the grapefruit. 
Price: $28 per 8-pack, $10 standard shipping
Supplier: Hoxie
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The Rosé Result
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While packaging across the board scored major points and we took shipping times/delivery presentation into account, the TVR team decided on an almost tie between two of the wines: Sofia Coppola and Simpler Wines by Trader Joe's. The Sofia Rosé was ever-so-slightly less sweet and thus, a team favorite but the TJ's $1 per can option simply cannot be ignored for the price and amazing taste.
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So, maybe you don't want want to take our word for this taste test and want to do this for yourself. We say: DO IT! Host a canned wine tasting party and weigh in via the comments with your truest opinions, new wines you tried that are not on this list, and so on. Happy tasting!

We will keep your favorites safe & sound here.
Happy favoriting!