Brücke 49 Est. 2011

Vals, Switzerland

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Brücke 49
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Brücke 49 is a charming villa located by the river on the “sunny side” of Vals.
Brücke 49 is curated as a mix of “a good eye” for interior design and a life long passion for the good things in life combined with experiences of traveling the world for business and pleasure.
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Venue Setting

Not a usual day at the office

Before moving to Vals in 2009, we used to visit Vals whenever possible. The crystal clear mountain air, the long walks and warm baths in the Therme revitalised us and filled us with energy so that we once more could go out an “conquer the World”. We often travelled to Vals when we had a particular business problem that needed to be solved with extra care and attention. Whatever the challenge, we always felt inspired by the spirit of this place.

Mixing business and pleasure

Try to imagine Brücke 49 as something that could also be your work-refugee. You arrive early in the evening. Have a drink and maybe something to eat. Then off to a nice fresh and crisp bed. The clear air and completely calm environment help you relax and have a wonderful refreshing sleep. Breakfast is served at 8 and you’ll be working from 9. Maybe take a short nap after enjoying a light lunch in the afternoon sun on the terrace or go for a short walk along the river to clear your head a bit. Then back to work and end the day with a hot bath in the Therme. Come alone or bring your favourite colleges so you together can discuss and develop exiting solutions to demanding challenges.

Routines are good - Break them. Work away from the office

We invite you to bring your work, your special project or the present and demanding challenge into the mountains. During the week-days (Monday to Thursday) we are sometimes able to offer you upgrades, exclusivity or maybe even a discount.

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Non-smoking Venue

From dusk till dawn.

Even though you share Brücke 49 with a few other guests, your room is your confidential retreat.

It is not unusual that the house is quiet before 10 in the evening as many of our guests enjoy a good long night's sleep or relax in their rooms with an interesting magazine or book from our miniature library. 

We sometimes ourselves find it amusing to watch an old movie on our computer in bed while sipping a glass of wine, a beer or something more potent. 

The beds in Brücke 49 are handmade to the highest standards and laid with white linen of 100% natural materials to cover the soft pillows and quilts,which we hope you’ll find just right for a comfortable night.

You may also choose to sit outside in the garden watching the dusk close in over the rough mountain peaks – sipping a warm drink or a nightcap from our bar. Or perhaps gather around the fireplace and just enjoy the heat and calm coming from the slow burning wood.

4 Double Rooms, each with it’s own personality.

Each of our four double rooms has it's own special atmosphere, but they all express a dedication to luxury and good design which gives you a pleasant comfortable feeling .

Pet-Friendly Events
  • Wifi
  • Ample Parking Onsite
  • Dining Tables
  • Onsite Restrooms
Venue Features
The Scene:

Your Alpine Hideaway

Brücke 49 is a charming villa located by the river on the “sunny side” of Vals. The villa was built in 1902 by Franz Schmid, a local Valser, according to plans made in Paris by another Valser whose name has been lost, but whom we know returned to the valley back in 1896.

In addition to its Parisian inspiration, the house differs from other Valser houses in other ways: the rooms are bigger, the ceilings are higher and the windows are larger. All the better to enjoy the amazing views.

The house took its address and name from its location; “the house on the left side of the Valser Rhein Bridge.” Every room affords views of the village and the surrounding mountains.

After having been in the possession of the local Furger family for three generations, the house was bought by Ruth Kramer and Thomas Schacht in December 2010. Ruth and Thomas, a Swiss-Danish couple, moved to Vals in 2009 to start a life in the mountains.

In December 2011, they completely renovated Brücke 49 opened after a year of detailed planning and construction. All with love, care and craftsmanship.


Stylish Imperfection

Brücke 49 is curated by Ruth and Thomas as a mix of “a good eye” for interior design and a life long passion for the good things combined with experiences traveling the World for business and pleasure. From that you learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t in terms of service, quality, convenience, design, materials and commitment to give every guest a happy memory.

Standout Venue Features:

Bed & Breakfast and Beyond.

Brücke 49 is far from what you might consider a Bed & Breakfast.  

It’s stylish, tasteful, luxurious and as such, a re-invention of the original hearty B&B idea. 

Your homestead

It is our ambition that you’ll feel that Brücke 49 is as luxurious and comfortable as your own home.

We hope you will enjoy the spirit of a house that is still going strong after sheltering its inhabitants for more than a 100 years. Carrying signs of a simple but happy life, which you will discover in many details and corners of the house. From the huge natural Valser granite stone slabs on the ground floor to the heavy wooden beams holding the rough stone roof and the tons of snow during the long winter.

Brücke 49 offers an understated personalised retreat, which is far from ordinary, with a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere that makes you feel among friends and like-minded, the moment you enter the house. 

No matter if you only have time for  short, calm retreat to read, write or reflect. Or a longer stay, seeking the healthy boost from trekking or skiing in the beautiful mountains surrounding Vals. 

Whatever your reason for coming to Vals - Brücke 49 is the perfect base for you.

Extra Perks:

Homemade breakfast


Check back again soon!