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Peru Ecocamp
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Peru EcoCamps offers a unique opportunity to experience the treasures of the wild Andes.
Peru Ecocamp offers the first private sustainable luxury glamping experience that will bring you in close contact with Andean culture thanks to our experienced guides. This ecological adventure will take you hiking along the Salkantay trail, across pristine mountainsides while sighting condors, passing Glacial Lakes like Humantay, visiting picturesque villages, and ancient Inca citadels like Machu Picchu.
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Having been born in Cusco, I have always been passionate about the area around Mount Salkantay. After working as a guide in the region for many years, I began to formulate my own ideas for a very different kind of tourism: our socially responsible, adventurous trekking tours for the upscale traveler are the first of their kind in the Andean region of Peru. 

From a very young age, I saw groups of tourists coming to my grandfather’s property, the Hacienda Pincopata (today, Pincopata Ecocamp). At the time, this was the starting point for the early expeditions to Mount Salkantay, as well as Choquequirao and Espiritu Pampa, in the remote Vilcabamba mountain range. As a young assistant, my job was to prepare these expeditions carefully, in order to ensure their success. In addition to these long expeditions, for other tourists I acted as a local guide, organizing trips to the Choquechurco archaeological remains on the edge of my family’s property. In 2016, we began to revive this experience by taking visitors on walking or horseback tours, just as we used to back in the day.

Those early years I spent gaining experience in the travel industry at my grandfather’s hacienda marked the beginning of a long career in tourism. I went on to complete my studies as a mountain guide (IFMGA, International Mountain Guide Associations) and to obtain a degree in tourism at the University of Cusco. I also traveled extensively throughout the Americas, where I took the time to study a number of sustainable projects and was inspired to start my own. PeruEcocamp has been conceived to bring travelers to the Mount of Salkantayarea, while ensuring the social well-being and economic development of local communities.

We are now living the Peru Ecocamp dream, and we are looking towards a future filled with enormous possibilities, as the very first project of this type in Peru. Our concept is one that prioritizes concern for the environment, coupled with eco-friendly development that is sustainable over time. Our goal is to benefit our strategic partners, while at the same time working on skills building and job creation initiatives for the local communities who form part of the Peru EcoCamp family.

How one man's dream became a reality

 - Raul Montes, Founder and Owner

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Planted with organic gardens, using solar energy and natural water sources, our Ecocamps offer guests a luxurious camping experience in a natural setting, while reducing our environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

All domes are 28m2 / 300 ft2 and include either a king-size bed or 2 twin beds. They are fully equipped with a private bathroom (toilet, sink, & a hydromassage shower),  wood burning stove and enough blankets to keep you warm. Dinner and drinks are served in the dining dome or our lobby/bar dome. Experience luxurious accommodation and typical Andean food prepared using local, fresh and organic ingredients.

Done hiking, but in for more? We offer several extra activities in and around the ecocamps, such as horseback riding, cooking classes and yoga.

Our camps are powered by solar energy and water turbine systems. 

The water is filtered and treated with UV light, so it is safe to drink the tap water. This reduces the use of plastic bottles.

We count 2 flush systems in each toilet: liquid waste is first filtered and then goes back into the ground. The whole waste goes into a container with a biodegradable system. Once a year, this container is emptied, and the compost is used for reforestation progress.

To grow our vegetables, we use organic fertilizers and compost produced by the waste of fruits and vegetables from our kitchen.

Our kitchens and bathrooms use organic non-detergent products.

Our camps contain all the facilities needed. In this way, we are reducing the wearing down, destructure and pollution of the route.

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    The Scene:

    The Peru EcoCamp Full Experience Tour allows guests the comfort of an airport pick up as well as hotel arrangements in Cusco before and after the Salkantay Trek: a glamping trek from the Mollepata valley around Mount Salkantay ending at the legendary city of Machu Picchu. This sacred citadel has been fascinating and enchanting visitors for more than a century. It is a portal to the past and a step into the incredible history of the rise and fall of the Incas, the most advanced civilization of the Americas. The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu was selected by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine as one of the world’s 25 best treks.

    Experience the rich geography of this part of the Peruvian Andes as you hike remote and ancient trails where enormous snowcapped mountains give way to lavish forests of tropical fruits and unique orchids. You will also have the chance to visit a traditional Peruvian coffee plantation.

    Peru EcoCamps offers a unique opportunity to experience the treasures of the wild Andes whilst reveling in comfort and bliss equaling any high-end hotel. The comforts at the camp extend from luxurious geodesic domes that measure 28 square meters (301 square feet) in size, to the exquisite food which ranges from the simplest to the most elaborate dishes. The typical local dishes served on the trek showcase the fresh, natural ingredients and varied flavors of our world-renowned Peruvian cuisine. Our professional guides are trained in local history, geography, and culture, and possess an unparalleled knowledge of the regional flora and fauna. They hold the skills required to ensure your safety and well-being throughout the trip.

    The Full Experience Cusco & Salkantay Trek with Peru EcoCamps offers a smooth, relaxing and unforgettable experience!​


    Our first Ecocamp is located ten minutes away from the quiet town of Mollepata in the province of Limatambo. Using green technology, it offers the area’s first 100% sustainable camping experience.

    The camp boasts beautiful green lawns and plenty of local flowers planted across the whole area.  The large fire pit in a quiet corner of the camp allows for the perfect place for stargazing.

    Soray is our second Ecocamp and a 45-minute drive or day trekking from Pincopata. Soraypampa is the beautiful and peaceful area that is only home to a few campsites and our Ecocamp, overlooked by both the Sacred Humantay and Salkantay mountains.

    Due to the altitude and the cooler temperatures, the environment in Soray Ecocamp is very different to Pincopata, and gives the opportunity to experience a different ecosystem. It offers wonderful views to the snow-capped mountains.

    Humantay is the highest of all the Ecocamps sitting at 3,900 m / 12,792 ft. It is also the coldest camp due to the altitude. It is located on a flat expanse of pampa watched over by Mount Humantay.

    The beautiful Ecocamp is the only accommodation offered in the area. The exclusive route between Huayra and Milpo means that you will not meet any other travelers along the way. The camp is located in the cloud forest region, offering the chance to spot endemic orchid species right amongst the domes.

    The domes all face the valley across the river, a very peaceful and tranquil area, where the only sound comes from the river in the basin below.

    The final Ecocamp is located in the small town of Lucamabamba, in the Santa Teresa Valley. It is surrounded by local farms producing a variety of produce from coffee to exotic tropical fruits and honey.

    Standout Venue Features:
    Peru Ecocamp offers the first private sustainable luxury glamping experience that will bring you in close contact with Andean culture thanks to our experienced guides. This ecological adventure will take you hiking along the Salkantay trail, across pristine mountainsides while sighting condors, passing Glacial Lakes like Humantay, visiting picturesque villages, and ancient Inca citadels like Machu Picchu. In addition to this, we have incorporated a strategic gourmet dining experience in accord to each ecocamps altitude, as well as additional eco-friendly activities.
    Extra Perks:
    The dinners with Peru Ecocamp are, without hesitation, a highlight on the tours. We use local, fresh and organic ingredients and have our own vegetable gardens. Healthy, warming and delicious 3-course meals will be served in the dinner domes. Water, coffee and tea are available at any time.

    Forget leaking tents and freezing nights. Our domes are all equipped with everything you need for superior comfort. Next to the wooden stove and fuzzy blankets, you will find a hot water bottle tucked under your sheets before you go to bed to keep you warm at night. 
    Many guides working for regular companies do not get officially paid and have to live from the tips they are given at the end of the tours. Peru Ecocamp supports the guides and local communities by paying fair wages.

    It happens a lot that agencies put you together with other agencies in one big group: sometimes even up to 20 people. Peru Ecocamp offers exclusive tours with a maximum of 14 people (7 domes for two people), and only with people who booked with us.
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    Peru Ecocamp


    If you play your cards right when planning your next bucket list worthy birthday, you can spend your days at this new eco adventure camp trekking ancient Inca citadels like Machu Picchu, walking alongside glacial lakes like Humantay, hiking the Salkantay Trail and learning about the rich heritage of the wild Andes region. Peru Ecocamp sits nestled in the snow-capped mountains on a large stretch of grassy terrain, and serves as basecamp for adventurers from near and far. Its geodesic domes are heated by wood-burning stoves and furnished with cushy beds and bistro-style seating, while outside you’ll find extensive organic gardens that provide for lavish multi-course meals.

    Founder and owner Raul Montes grew up in the region and knows all the ins and outs of the local environment, and thus developed Peru Ecocamp as a glamping destination for visitors who practice (or at least try to practice) a sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle. Raul’s comrade-in-ecocamp, Frank, recently gave us the whole DL about the property and what guests can expect from a seven or nine day itinerary on-site. Spoiler alert: horses, shamans and yogis are all on deck. Read on for more below so you can kickstart the b-day planning process.

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