Sextantio Albergo Diffuso Est. 2005

Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

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Sextantio Albergo Diffuso
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Transport yourself to medieval, urban Italian life... Literally! 
With a goal of restoration, remembrance, and preservation, this historic boutique hotel strives to breathe new life into the once forgotten city and culture of Abruzzo. Live like the people of ancient Italy where you can sleep in a cave room complete with natural olive oil soap, dine in the restaurant furnished with primitive pieces, and head to the cellar to collect barrels of wine and aged cheeses. Bello!
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Sextantio Albergo Diffuso, is a culturally historical project which breathes life into the forgotten places and people of Abruzzo. Using the original identity stamp which runs through every aspect of the project it stays respectfully true to the culture and customs of its ancestors. Our brand and style recreates the traditions of a medieval village from how the villagers lived their lives to the food they ate and the crafts they practiced along with the skills they possessed. Over ten years of research with the help of the museum “Genti d’Abruzzo” has been dedicated to recreating a true to life experience of being there hundreds of years ago.

Our Rooms. The interior design of our rooms is inspired by pictures that Paul Scheuermeier, Swiss linguist, took in Abruzzo in the 20s of twentieth century. To preserve the unity of the interior aesthetic-affective and avoid the over-use of contemporary elements, we used native objects, often stored in museums, and ancient and traditional local materials The search for the archaic soul of these spaces has led to the preservation of small windows, the dim light, the uneven floors and the choice of single details, such as handmade soaps, made from olive oil and products strictly according to traditional methods. The only "poetic license", is the choice of contemporary health care, sober, geometric and with an extremely recognizable design.
Our Restaurant, “Locanda sotto gli Archi”. The “Locanda sotto gli Archi” is dominated by two large stone ceiling arches and a central fireplace. All furniture is primitive, minimal and antique dark wooden furniture. The museum dedicated to the people of Abruzzo was the inspiration for the handcrafted plates and mugs used for all meals and drinks. All food is based on what would have been available and eaten back then. We use native, locally grown crops and recreate original recipes.
Our Cantinone. "The Cantinone" takes its name from the ancient Italian name of “Cantina” (cellar). This was usually located on the ground floor or basement and was used for the storage of food in the traditional houses of Abruzzo. They were often built by enlarging an existing cave and was a very important place because it stored all the necessary food to sustain the family during the long and harsh winters. Because of its high value it was usually under lock and key by the head of the family. Typical produce stored here would be casks of wine, bottles of oil and vinegar, pork sausages , seasoned cheeses, vegetables marinated in oil in ceramic pots and glass jars. The purpose and character of our "Cantinone" is manifested through using products from the cellar where they are naturally preserved to create a few simple and essential dishes typical of the local culture. The hand made interior is a representation of how the ancestral mountain people worked with wood. The crowning glory of the scene is the stone fireplace in which now as in the past,  meals of the day are kept warm.
Bottega dell’Artigianato domestico. “La Bottega dell’Artigianato” is similar to an domestic space used traditionally by the woman characterized by the big frame located in the center of it. Here you can buy things that can be seen in our rooms, from the simple glass bottles to our ceramic glasses. All the usual objects of the ancient world that Sextantio stands for. In addition you will find a wide variety of hand woven cloth and other hand made local produce of Abruzzo.
Tisaneria. The Tearoom is found in the same place as the Bottega. Here you can taste herbal teas made with local herbs and an array of health producing teas made from non-native plants too. The hand made cakes are baked the traditional way in an original ancient bakery of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. Among those to tempt you is the “ferratelle”, a typical dessert of Abruzzo, made by Gianna, our weaver.
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