Springville Ranch Est. 1970

36400 Hwy 190, Springville, CA, United States

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Springville Ranch
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Springville Ranch is a uniquely beautiful property and stands as the jewel of Tulare County's landmarks.
Set on 14 acres, Springville Ranch was built in the '40's as a Carriage Racing Training camp. The very first Triple Crown Winner in Carriage racing called Springville Ranch his home, Scott Frost.
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Barn / Farm / Ranch
Historic Building
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Venue Setting

Situated in the foothills of the western Sierras, Springville Ranch is a uniquely beautiful property and stands as the jewel of Tulare County's landmarks.

The ranch hosts 14 acres which includes 3 ponds (one of which is 2 1/2 acres in size), 3 fountains, the historic wagon wheel bridge and the quaint horse bridge, and a 15,000 square foot two story barn. The barn is the the largest wood framed barn this side of the Mississippi if not the largest in all of the US. Originally built as a Carriage Racing Training camp, the barn continues to live on to host events both private and corporate.
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In addition to site fees (which include use of our tables, chairs and white linens for up to 150 guests) we add in fees for: Catering, Staffing, additional rentals if needed, bar fee if requested, security if alcohol is served, and additional elements our clients desire for us to include into their personally crafted package.


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Venue Spaces
Indoor & Outdoor Venue Spaces Available
Client Must Use The Catering Provided By The Venue
Provided By Venue For Fee – You Must Use The Venue For All Alcohol Services
Indoors & Outdoors
Designated Smoking Areas Only
Our site is licensed for RV dry camping. We have a private area near the river for RV guests to stay on the property while they are attending one of our events.
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Inside Scoop

One of our favorite spaces is wood bench made from a log just outside the Gazebo Garden facing the pond. There is a small fountain nearby, the pond as the focus and the wagon wheel bridge in the distance. From this spot one can sit alone or preferably with a special someone and watch the water reflect the surrounding beauty of the mountains and sky. Especially at dusk, the colors and vision of the reflections are breathtaking. We encourage our clients to take a moment around sunset to reflect on all life has for you on the day of your event. Your event will speed past you. Stop and take 5 minutes to catch your breath in this spot and really feel the joy of your celebration as the sun is preparing to set. You will hold it as a lifetime moment for years to come.  

  • Bridal Suite/Changing Rooms Onsite
  • Ample Parking Onsite
  • Dining Chairs
  • Dining Tables
  • Onsite Restrooms
Venue Features
The Scene:
Set on 14 acres, Springville Ranch was built in the '40's as a Carriage Racing Training camp. The very first Triple Crown Winner in Carriage racing called Springville Ranch his home, Scott Frost. The race track the horses trained on still surrounding the inner grounds and the wood framed barn is in its original condition. All of the timber used to build the barn was milled locally from the local mountains during its construction specifically for the ranch. In its hay day, Springville Ranch supplied rooms for their drivers who were training (which were referred to as "Groomsmen"). The Groomsmen lived in one of the four corner rooms on the second story of the barn. The main open space is where the hay was stored. Today we use one of these rooms for our Groom and his wedding party and the hay room is the most sought after reception/event venue.

The upstairs of the barn hosts nearly 7,500 square feet with its timber framing stealing the show. The beauty of the space is that one can dress it or just leave it as it is, either way it takes one's breath away. There are small white lights installed with a wagon wheel chandelier above the dance floor. We have created a space for our service kitchen and a beautiful wood slab bar. The rest of the open space is ready to be configured to each client's specific desires.

The first floor of the barn holds the breezeway and the original stables. One of the fouling stalls has been converted into an apartment which is used for our Bridal suite. We include a two-hour prep time in our Bridal suite in our site fee or for an additional fee the suite can be rented for the full day. The Bridal suite has a full kitchen and bathroom with shower and tub.

In addition to the barn and the photo ops it provides on both floors, the grounds host 3 ponds, 3 fountains, 2 bridges, a gazebo garden, wisteria archway and numerous garden areas for beautiful pictures to commemorate your once in a lifetime moment.
We are a rustic yet elegant venue. Springville Ranch is also known as "The Big White Barn" in Tulare County. It sits at the corner of two main roads which lead to the Sequoia National Forest. Many folks know of the ranch because of the White barn and green roof.  Our focus has been to retain the original feel of the ranch and keep it a fairly blank slate. The timber framing is so beautiful; the space presents itself with each event differently as each client dresses it to their unique vision. Dress it up or let the framing take your guests breath away, it is up to you!

Our outdoor spaces have their own feel as well. Our Gazebo garden is a wonderful space to have after ceremony cocktails and appetizers, the meadow hosts many of our events as does the Wagon Wheel Bridge which is 120 feet long by 19 feet wide. Many guests love to walk the property and take in the view, it is very serene and peaceful.
Standout Venue Features:
Our two story barn is by far our most sought after venue. The original timber framing and the aged wood steals the show every time.  Most guests are astonished by the craftsmanship displayed which no longer exists. We never tire of sharing the history of the barn and giving guests details about the construction of the framing. Being the home for the first "Triple Crown" winner in carriage racing is a fun story too!    

Our 2 1/2-acre pond with its wagon wheel bridge is our second most favorite space used by clients. Refurbished in 2013, the bridge has 120 planks that are true 2" by 12" by 20' planks milled locally just like the original bridge.We consciously kept the milling local and the wood local in an effort to utilize local talent and resources. We strive to provide and utilize local resources as much as possible. 
Our meadow which hosts many of our events is a large open space that edges the largest pond on the property. Weddings, Corporate events and retreats have enjoyed many a tranquil moment here. It is edged on the opposite side by a small orchard of apple and peach trees. 

Our Gazebo garden is a wonderful space that provides a more private intimate feel for your guests. The Gazebo is surrounded by a hardscape area which can be used as a dance floor or seating. The hardscape is surrounded by grass and landscaped beds for extended seating if so desired.
Extra Perks:
We include in our site fee use of two (such as for a ceremony and reception) of our venue spaces for up to 6 hours (additional hours $200 per), use of our tables, white linens and chairs for up to 150 guests, an onsite manager and coordinator for your event. If your event is larger than 150 guests, we manage your additional rental needs with a no hassle pick-up and delivery oversight for no additional fee. The barn comes preset with lighting both with the wagon wheel chandelier and "twinkle" lights installed surrounding the space. 

We have onsite parking for up to 220 cars, onsite restrooms, and onsite RV camping.
We include glasses and service ware (plates, utensils and napkins) for up to 150 guests with our catering fees. 
We manage all of the trash clean up as well.
Awards & Notables Springville Ranch was home to the very first "Triple Crown" winner for carriage racing, Scott Frost. We are very proud of this history and feel honored to be able to showcase his home with our guests and visitors. In addition to Scott Frost another notable celebrity that visited the ranch was Lucille Ball. We had a very fun moment with a previous client who learned of Lucy's visits to the ranch after her booking. I am not sure if she enjoyed her wedding more or the news of Lucy's visit to the ranch... it was a toss-up!
Celebration Locations
Main Room Upstairs Barn:
Second Story of the Historic Barn with open timber framed space, original wood flooring and 40' ceilings.
- View: A View of the property, ponds and mountains
- Max Capacity: 300 guests
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
Wagon Wheel Bridge:
Open space spanning the 2 1/2 acre pond used most often for our wedding ceremonies.
- View: Water, mountain and property views
- Max Capacity: 200 guests
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
An open space surrounded by a 2 1/2 acre pond to the north and a small orchard to the south.
- View: Mountain, water and property views
- Max Capacity: 660 guests
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
Gazebo Garden:
Private landscaped garden with a gazebo as the center. The Gazebo is surrounded by a hardscape which flows into a grassy surround.
- View: Mountains, gardens and water views
- Max Capacity: 660 guests
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
First floor breezeway and stall area of the Historic Barn.
- View: Stalls and interior spaces, some mountain views
- Max Capacity: 350 guests
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
Eats & Drinks
Food, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Lounges
Food, Restaurants, Cafes:
We do all our catering onsite. We like to create menus for each of our guests and their personal choices. We use locally raised meats and foods as much as possible. We are sensitive to the different needs of individual guests and their allergies or dietary choices and make accommodations for them ahead of time when notified of their needs. 

On occasion we have guests who have a specific cultural cuisine (Indian, Polynesian, kosher etc.) which we are not equipped to handle. In these situations, we have an openness to work with their caterer for a pp rate fee.
Bars & Lounges:
All alcohol must be overseen by our staff onsite. We have a built in bar upstairs in the main barn room and portable bars for our outside events. We are open to creating your specific drink menu, signature drinks and choices of specific labels.

We provide the choice of two beers to be served on tap (805, Blue Moon, Budweiser-light or regular or Coors-light or regular). Additionally, we are open to providing one choice of bottled beer. We keep a selection of Angry Orchard as well.


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