The Barn at Drewia Hill Est. 2013

16703 Andy Thomas Road, Sale Creek, TN, United States

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The Barn at Drewia Hill
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Tennessee charm abounds at this spacious, family owned and operated barn.
This property, located north of Chattanooga, allows for additional wedding planning flexibility: choose between exchanging vows on the sunset side of the barn, or beneath the cedar wood arbor. For party photos, opt for the peach orchard across from the barn when the trees bloom in the springtime.
The Lowdown
Barn / Farm / Ranch
Field / Forest / Orchard
Farm View
Rolling Hills
Shabby Chic
Baby Shower
Birthday Party
Charity Event
Corporate Event
Product Launch
Dinner Party
Family Reunion
Group Getaway
Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Reception
Social Event
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception
Workshops: Creative, Photo, Etc.
Vow Renewal
Engagement Party

Venue Setting

Thank you for considering our venue for your special day! We are proud to have just had our 5th year anniversary & we look forward to many more years of helping enable lots of folk to make their precious memories here!
~~Hours of availability for the venue, for any event are tentatively set as 8am till 10:30pm-ish. That's something that most times, we are able to be flexible on & I'm happy to discuss a plan for what works best for you. Many people also book the day before, as well, for a prep-time/setup/rehearsal day &/or even a place for a casual rehearsal dinner location. Available hours for a "day before," or to have a "prep-time/setup/rehearsal" type day, are 8am till 9pm. If you have any questions about this, please ask!
 The pricing below is for the indicated months listed & include most all of the basics, as far as tables, chairs/seating, lighting & LOTS of neutral décor as well as MANY other essential & popular items.
Pricing for the months of April-June & September-November are as follows:
$2700 for up to 100 guests.
$2800 for 150-175 guests.
$2900 for up 200-225 guests, which would be the highest number we could accommodate without additional options. 
Pricing for the months of March, July, August & December are as follows:
$1900 for up to 100 guests.
$2100 for 150-175 guests.
$2300 for up 200-225 guests.
***Events scheduled on WEEK DAYS or SUNDAYS are discounted in the amount of $250.
***We can further discuss your guest count & other details & how to most effectively estimate how many you will have in attendance. 
Booking deposit The deposit due to officially reserve a date(s,) is half of the total amount or half of the daily rate/cost for the main event day. The remaining amount (your unpaid balance) will be due & must be received at least 30 days from your intended date(s) that you have chosen to reserve. 
***PLEASE BE ADVISED: Deposit/retainer costs paid at the time of booking or any balance payments, etc, are all nonrefundable. HOWEVER, under certain circumstances & with adequate notification (which is at least 90 days prior to your event) we may be able to accommodate a cancellation & a one time rescheduling of your event. This allows you to possibly choose another date within the same calendar year. Several rules do apply & more details can be made available to you at time of booking.
Everyone or every group, does not necessarily require a setup or rehearsal day. However, for those that prefer this option & book a Saturday event, (depending on availability,) we do offer the option of booking the day before an event date for a cost of $575. This means the venue would be available to you ALL DAY on the day prior, from, 8am till 9pm & this time would enable you to come up with your helpers/family, get your tables dressed/set, arranged & decorated, make any alternate plans/arrangements, have your families/bridal party out for a gathering/rehearsal & even your have a rehearsal dinner here at the barn, if you choose.
**If it happens that the day before your event is already booked, we can work with you on options for doing your set-up for you. The cost for this option is not included in the above pricing & is only quoted on an individual event basis.  
**IN ADDITION... If you just need an hour or so of rehearsal time, we are glad to help with this too. This would be based on date/time availability & would typically be on a weekday/evening, during the week prior to your wedding. We do not charge you for this small portion of time.
**Also, please ASK about our additional "clean up/pack up" service!! IT IS money well spent!! This plan enables you, your family/friends & guests to "NOT WORK" or feel obligated to start cleaning at the end of your BEAUTIFUL day!! This is a GREAT plan (Please ask!.)
There are LOTS more goodies that aren't listed here, but THIS is where start! 
~Our main outdoor ceremony area: We do have a lovely rustic cedar post arbor which is a square structure that measures 10x10 ft in the front & tapers to 8x8 ft on the back side. This is something that you may want to use for your outdoor ceremony & you may choose to leave it natural or it can also be decorated according to your preferences & specific ideas/details.
~Our Barn is a 40x80 wooden structure with a concrete floor. There is also a 16×40 covered area out back, complete with beautiful cafe string lighting. Great for all sorts of "over-flow activites" & mingling guests. 
~We provide a great area with Food/Buffet Tables which consist of 4~whiskey barrels with two 8ft wooden table tops. (This is where you will see food presented in many of our online Facebook/website pictures.)
2~ whiskey barrels/old door table for displaying pictures, guest book or for whatever you choose. (This is a permanent feature which is sitting by the bride’s room door, across from the kitchen.)
6~ additional whiskey barrels, randomly placed around the barn, which you are welcome to use for cake/dessert presentations, "cocktail tables" for mingling guests who like to stand or move around rather than sit, for placement of flower arrangements, or for whatever your vision may be. (**Whiskey barrels are both heavy & oddly delicate so for this reason or when necessary, WE will move these for you.) 
15~ 5ft round tables (comfortably seating 6-8 guests each)
150~ White folding chairs.
1~ 6ft wooden farm table (great option for sweet-heart table)
4~ 6ft rectangular tables (optional) 
2~ 4ft round folding tables (comfortably seating 4-6 guests, also optional)
1~ 4ft round wooden table (optional but typically used for cake table or "sweetheart table")
1~ 3ftx4ft rectangle wooden table, used on our DJ platform.
2~ High-top cocktail style tables with linens provided (optional)
~Several vintage furniture items, wooden spools, small tables, etc... (all optional) 
~WE PROVIDE TABLECLOTHES... White lap-length (90in round) tableclothes/linens are included for all the above tables described.
~WE PROVIDE all the lighting & draperies that you see in our website & Facebook photos. 
~A small indoor sound system that does support the use of an iPod, Ipad & other basic electronic devices. 
~TONS of rustic props & signs!
1~Big white vintage claw-foot tub.
~LOTS of various sized, small & large metal galvanized tubs for icing down drinks &/or other creative purposes.
~WE PROVIDE several glass Mason jar style, 2-2.5 gallon sized drink dispensers (optional & located in the barn kitchen.)
8~ Shepherds hooks to use as isle markers or isle decor. We can also provide you with hanging mason jars to use with shepherd hooks. 
~ WE CAN LOAN YOU TONS of regular Mason jars of various designs, colors & sizes. We also have LOTS of basic clear vases of various sizes, small square & rectangular clear glass vessels that work great for smaller flower or fresh moss arrangements. We have vintage milk bottles & old soda bottles of various sizes as well, for flowers/centerpiece decor, & much, MUCH MORE! (All items available for use upon request/prearrangement.)
1~ 3 tiered wood slice cupcake/dessert stand.
TREE SLICES We have a huge selection of these in various sizes.
~We have GREAT SECLUDED & WIDE OPEN SPACES! Our venue sits all by itself, on a hill, with nothing but plenty of rolling hills, trees & peaceful fields all around us. During spring, summer & fall, there are always beautiful flowers & lush ferns all around the barn, to add to our natural gorgeous outdoor scenery. The early spring months are super exciting & you will LOVE our 800 tree peach orchard that blooms an ocean of pink & purple flowers. The orchard blooming times vary every year & have a very small window of opportunity (only about 2 weeks, tops) so please let us know well in advance if you want to use this area during our blooming season. That way we can keep you informed on when the blooms are almost ready & you can make arrangements to be here with your photographer.
~Vintage Truck bed, complete with a drop tailgate & string lights! Perfect for use with some of our galvanized metal tubs to ice down drinks. (Located on the backside of the barn.)
~Vintage flatbed trailer, which makes a fantastic "cocktail table area" for mingling guests.
~VINTAGE TRUCK- We have a very cool old truck that we can have available for your engagement photos or for photos on your wedding day (light blue '58 Chevy Apache.)
~THERE ARE LOTS & LOTS of other décor items!! It's just IMPOSSIBLE to list our entire inventory. All of the above items are optional, but they’re also INCLUDED in all pricing levels at no additional cost to you.
Our Kitchen the barn has a small standard catering kitchen with a refrigerator, a small deep freezer, a new range/stove & oven, a microwave, basic sinks & a small area of shelving & counter space for whatever you may need it for. We do provide trash bags, toilet paper, etc..
Bride's room Many choose to use this room as a great photo op as well as a place to get dressed, ready & relax… or for whatever your needs or preferences might be. (This room has a beautiful vintage couch & chair as well as a restroom.) There is also an additional restroom in the barn, right outside the bride's room.
Heating options: Our barn is not a climate controlled facility. However, we have several large, stand-up propane heaters that are available for rent on an "as needed" basis, for $30 each, as well as several hanging electric heaters. Depending on weather, you may or may not need them so it's best to make that call closer to your event date. We do have a fire-pit & availability is based on any possible drought or dry weather issues. If there's no burning restrictions at this time, you may provide firewood for a fire. Must be discussed prior to your date & our policies & guidelines regarding fire safety must be adhered to. Fire pit must have an attendant at all times & must be completely extinguished at the time you are leaving the property. 
~Alcohol Liability Policy & making alcohol available to your guests: Whether you are considering a self serve "beer & wine" type setup or a full-on bar with a bartender, I can give you all the details on our basic requirements & expectations. First & foremost, we require you to adhere & participate in practicing a large degree of caution & "common sense," as well as acknowledging & adhering to all local, state & federal laws regarding the provision, serving, consumption & any/all of our own rules & requirements set forth to you in our contract/barn rules & clean up guidelines. As far as providing any alcohol whatsoever, or for us to allow any consumption of alcohol on our property whatsoever, you MUST provide proof of a "day of event," alcohol liability/wedding policy that generally only costs about $1-1.50 per guest, & usually costs no more than about $100 to $150 dollars, total. However, cost of this policy will depend on your approximate guest count, as well as the policy provider cost. ***You can get a quick quote for this service/policy at
PLEASE BE ADVISED: Suggesting a "byob" type arrangement to your guests, is NOT an option.
This is a very important subject & a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY for those that have the task of organizing food for large groups of people. While we do not require you to pick you caterers from a certain list, however we do have some specific guidelines & expectations here. We are happy to help you explore your options & develop a plan for food for about any sized group. 
However, for most large groups, we do not recommend a DIY catering plan. I'm glad to explain this further & answer any & all questions that you may have. When you begin looking into your options on food, PLEASE be aware of the differences many places offer in the way of "catering" &/or food delivery. Many times details can be vague & confusing. We can help you with this type of planning based on your budget.
**Longer white or black, almost floor length table cloths/linens (108 inches round) are available for use at $5 per table/linen.
**Assorted Burlap table runners/table covers are also available for rent at a cost of $2 a piece.
**Overlays (70x70 square) which are typically used in addition to the white round linens that are included in venue rental. We have these in Navy OR Dove Gray & can be rented for $3 each.
~SATIN RUNNERS AVAILABLE in Navy Blue, Blush Pink, Burgundy, Dark purple/plum & Gold.
Polyester runners available in Royal Blue.
Wide custom made runners available in Dusty Rose, Ivory Damask & Chocolate Brown colors & all rent for $3 per runner.
~One large rectangular Gold sequin table cloth, PERFECT for use on the "sweet-heart" or cake table. This item rents for $10.
~Coming in May, we will have also have 17 ROSE GOLD SEQUIN runners as well as a matching rose gold sequin table cloth (108in round) perfect for sweet-heart or cake table. These runners will rent for $4 each & the sequin table cloth will rent for $10.  
We can gladly help you with basically "knowing what to expect" & how to assume costs for most all the things you may want or need. 
I hope this information is helpful but if you do have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to give me call!! 
Again, thank you for your inquiry! I'm very blessed to be doing what I love to do! We look forward to many more years of being apart of so many beautiful days!
Thank you & God bless!
Kris Cobb~ owner
(Prices listed here are estimates only & are subject to change)
Price Range

Does this include catering fees?


Estimated Price Per Head

from $17 to $40

Additional Charges

To enable everyone in attendance at your event to have the best experience possible here, we gladly offer a great setup/cleanup package where we do all your setup & cleanup. A quote for these services is available upon evaluation of your details at time of booking. Basic pricing for this service begins at $375. 


Additional Insurance May Be Required Depending On The Event


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Venue Spaces
Indoor & Outdoor Venue Spaces Available
Client Can Select The Caterer Of Their Choice
No Alcohol Is Permitted
Indoors & Outdoors
Designated Smoking Areas Only
We do not have onsite accommodations. However, we can recommend two nice hotels within 10 minutes of our venue.
Eco/Green Events
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Handicap Accessible
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Venue Features
The Scene:
The Barn at Drewia Hill (proudly named after our Great Grandfather & pronounced Drew-ee,) is a rustic barn venue that sits on a lovely, breezy hill, nestled in the middle of a beautiful wide-open, 100+ acre field with GORGEOUS & serene views in every direction... it's what we like to call "God's country." With an 800 tree peach orchard that blooms an ocean of pink flowers in the spring, to the wide-open rolling fields all around us... there is no shortage of truly breath taking scenery here at our farm.

We can recommend many reliable & excellent vendors with very reasonable options for each & every service that you may need for the day of your event. We are ready to assist you in customizing whatever event you might be planning & we look forward to helping you make your beautiful dreams a reality!
Standout Venue Features:
Being at our venue has the feel of being somewhere far removed from the hectic stir of big cities or crowded neighborhoods... However, we are located in north Hamilton County which is only about a 25-30 minute drive from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Also, we are only 10 minutes from the city of Dayton & only about 20-25 minutes west of Cleveland, Tennessee. There are multiple retailers, restaurants, boating & fishing areas, historical sites & also several nice hotels that are within about 10 minutes of our venue.
Extra Perks:
Our venue provides a beautiful & color neutral, rustic setting that can be enhanced with your personal touches & is only limited to your own creativity & imagination! We have LOTS of vintage items & props for staging all types of gorgeous events. Most of these items are available to renters at no additional cost.
Our venue provides 150 white folding chairs, 17 round tables with white linens, several rectangle tables, lots of whiskey barrels & several vintage furniture items.
Awards & Notables In 2015, on the website & blog, "Only in Tennessee," we were named as sixth in Tennessee's most beautiful venues.
Nominated for Chattanooga's 2016 Best of the Best, venue award.
Great Facebook reviews from lots of those who have been here & used our venue & services.


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