The Barn at High Point Farms Est. 2011

263 Parrish Lane, Flintstone, GA, United States

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The Barn at High Point Farms
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Charm and endearment are in the bones of this Southern belle.
Endless vines of berries, beds of herbs, and herds of horses set the scene for this serene farm situated just south of Chattanooga, TN. Secluded and sightly, this farm is ready to shine for your next shindig, soiree, or spectacle.
The Lowdown
Barn / Farm / Ranch
Farm View
Landscaped Grounds
Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Reception
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception

Venue Setting

We are a family farm wedding venue with an authentic barn and vintage farmhouse nestled in the shadow of Lookout Mountain just south of Chattanooga, TN. The large rustic pole barn has been transformed into a magical wedding venue strewn with lights and draped with large white curtains. The old weathered barn wood and large tin doors create a rustic backdrop to your event. Not Just A Barn… We are not an empty barn sitting out in the middle of a pasture needing a visionary to decorate us. While most of our weddings are held outside under the grove trees or out in the lawn viewing the scenic landscape, our barn and farm are decorated with bits of antiques and decor that creates a semi-entertaining venue for you and your guests. Meander through the garden of trellising peas, raised beds full of herbs, and rows of corn. Join some friends in the horse ring for a game of corn hole or horseshoes. Head towards the fence to greet some welcoming horses and goats. See the rows of blackberries, blueberries, and muscadine vines. Star gaze at night by the bonfire or set under the cafe lights under the grove’s canopy. Stroll through the barn and enjoy its transformation as it symbolically marries the two worlds of rustic and elegance. With a photographic opportunity around each corner, you and your guests will enjoy an evening at the farm. Don’t settle for just a barn – come to the farm and have an experience.

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Price Range

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Additional Charges

We offer lots of options beyond our Basic Event Package; i.e. more services, rental options, etc.
Venue price includes the use of our 200 chairs, 20 round tables, 10 wood farm type tables,  various furniture pieces and freebie decor items - use of the Groom's Room for Groom prepping - use of the vintage farmhouse for bride prepping - HP Farms staff to set up your furniture pieces - clean up at the night's end - and use of our venue from noon thru 11:30 PM.
We offer a Vendor Suggestion Page with our recommended vendors (including caterers, photographers, DJ's, bands, cake vendors, florist, and more) but we do allow you to pick your own vendors.
Our prices include the venue but does not include the cost/services of your other needed vendors.
We offer a multitude of additional services, rentals, additional time options, a 2-day package, and lodging options.



Additional Insurance Is Not Required To Host An Event Here


Celebrations Hosted Here Since
11 PM
Venue Spaces
Indoor & Outdoor Venue Spaces Available
Client Can Select The Caterer Of Their Choice
BYO Permitted – You Can Bring Your Own Alcohol
Beer/Wine/Champagne Only
Licensed Server Is Required
Indoors Only
Designated Smoking Areas Only
Groom's can prep in our Groom's Room (a.k.a. Man Cave) located near the barn in temperature controlled room.
Bride's can prep in our pre-Civil War restored farmhouse.
We do have options to rent Mimi's Guest House, a fully renovated with eclectic designs providing options of Day of Usage or On-Site Lodging - whether using only the master suite or the full house (up to 8 adults) and now lodging options in the farmhouse for up to 7 adults.
  • Bridal Suite/Changing Rooms Onsite
  • Wifi
  • Ample Parking Onsite
  • Dining Chairs
  • Dining Tables
  • Onsite Restrooms
  • Other
Venue Features
The Scene:
We are a family farm situated on 50 acres located in Chattanooga Valley at the foot of Lookout Mountain in NW Georgia. We are blessed to have valley views and mountain views here on the farm. There are fields of goats, horses, and cows in the pastures, a large year-round garden and raised bed areas, and landscaped grounds with a 360 degree access to the barn. Round bales line the drive towards the venue. Rows of muscadine vines, blackberry vines, blueberry bushes, and fruit trees keep an aesthetic buffer between the parking and the grounds. Photographic opportunities abound on all sides of the barn as we have infused creative and unique ways to landscaping.
Pinterest comes alive in the barn, in our on-site houses, and even in our landscaping.  We have embraced our simple and authentic barn and accent its best features that give its ambiance and character to both the mood of your wedding as well as to the uniqueness of your photographs yet we have added our own twist to our decorations to make each area of the venue photographic - a perfect backdrop for some amazing photographs and pleasurable viewing.  What God did  not provide in our beautiful valley, we have embellished with landscaping that mixes a farm vibe with a wedding venue by having flower beds of herbs, vegetables, and flowers all woven together masterfully.  We are not only a barn/farm venue but a family farm and that shows evident in not only our landscaping but in our designs.  We are a real place - a homestead that celebrates its years of heritage and the generations of our family who have contributed to the farm and to us.  The pre-Civil War farmhouse has been gently restored and likely 75 percent original yet in both the farmhouse and our Mimi's Guest House, we have added our own eclectic decorating style that blends family heirlooms with a rustic chic approach. 
Standout Venue Features:
We celebrate marriage and your guests come because of you, yet it is a comforting thought to bride and groom knowing that your guests will come to the farm and have a good time - and make a cherished memory here at the farm.  The mood is a relaxed one and making the celebration less stressful for the bride and groom but also makes for a comfortable and relaxing for guests.  With a pasture full of friendly goats and some horses, they make for a beautiful backdrop and for some entertainment after the ceremony.  What is not to like about having baby goats prancing in the fields and horses waiting at the fence to be petted?  Enjoy the shade of the many trees, ,play cornhole or horseshoes during cocktail hour, and meander the grounds enjoying the variety of flowers, vegetables, and such.  Our barn is authentic with hay stacked in the hayloft and several stalls linger yet have been transformed into usable spaces.  We blurr the lines of in and out so that even in the barn, you can view out in  most every direction which helps with air flow, people flow, and traffic flow.  Your wedding event doesn't have to stay inside after dinner.  Lights are in the trees, around the edge of our horse ring, and dotted  on all sides of the barn. 
Extra Perks:
20 round tables, 10 wood farm type tables, 200 chairs, several extra unique furniture pieces, a room full of free decor like chalkboard signs/lanterns/votives/windows, and much more....Bridal Prep Suite and Grooms "Man Cave"....Air-conditioned Dance Hall.....We handle the sweat work of setting up your furniture pieces and break down at night's end including disposing of your garbage.  Lights are strung inside the barn with curtains and barn doors galore.  Lights are in trees and fencelines outside giving a 360 degree access to the barn even at night.  Many, many extra options like additional services, rentals, 2-day packages, farm flower purchases, and more.


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