The Market at Grelen Est. 2013

15091 Yager Rd, Somerset, VA 22972, United States

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The Market at Grelen
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Cherish joy and romance at this 600-acre nursery. 
A unique destination in rural Virginia, this spot has everything you’re on the lookout for from a cafe and garden shop to outdoor spaces that are ideal for workshops and weddings. It’s a verdant paradise with plenty of room to celebrate and explore.
The Lowdown
Field / Forest / Orchard
Winery / Vineyard
Landscaped Grounds
Rolling Hills
Garden Party
Baby Shower
Birthday Party
Bridal Shower
Charity Event
Corporate Event
Elopement / Vow Renewal
Family Reunion
Group Getaway
Retreats: Corporate, Spa, Wellness, Etc.
Social Event
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Reception

Venue Setting

Nestled within the lush expanse of Grelen Nursery's sprawling 1000-acre tree nursery, The Market at Grelen transcends the ordinary to become an enchanting haven of refined rustic elegance. Discover a truly captivating wedding venue where rural simplicity meets the epitome of luxury, immersing you in a world of natural splendor.

As your gaze sweeps across the landscape, be prepared to be awestruck by the breathtaking 360-degree views that embrace The Market at Grelen. Every corner of this meticulously crafted venue has been thoughtfully designed to showcase and celebrate the surrounding natural beauty, evoking a sense of wonder and tranquility.

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Two Vacation Rentals availabe, Spotswood Lodge (sleeps 20) & Boxwood Villa (sleeps 10) available.  See websites for pricing


Additional Insurance May Be Required Depending On The Event


Celebrations Hosted Here Since
11 PM
Venue Spaces
Outdoor Venue Space Only
Client Must Select A Caterer From The List Provided By The Venue
BYO Permitted – You Can Bring Your Own Alcohol
Licensed Server Is Required
Outdoors Only
Designated Smoking Areas Only
The new "Magnolia" cottage onsite houses two suites - an elegant bridal suite with a lounging space, kitchenette, 5-person beauty bar and 1/2 bath and a "groom's den" that has a large living space, dining table, changing area and full bath.  

Spotswood Lodge is a captivating retreat nestled within 11 acres of serene beauty in Central Virginia. It is 10 minutes from The Market at Grelen.  This enchanting property offers a perfect blend of natural charm and carefully manicured spaces, including a picturesque pond and breathtaking gardens. With its cozy lodge, versatile outdoor areas, and meticulous attention to detail, Spotswood Lodge provides an idyllic setting for where guests can immerse themselves in the tranquility and enchantment of the Virginia countryside. See website for photos & pricing.  Sleeps 20

Boxwood Villa is also about 10 minutes from The Market at Grelen and is a captivating historic home that seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern luxury. Surrounded by picturesque gardens and offering exquisite lodging accommodations, it provides a serene and enchanting setting for unforgettable and refined getaways. Sleeps 10
Eco/Green Events
Pet-Friendly Events
Kid Friendly Events
Handicap Accessible
Inside Scoop

One of the distinctive features that sets The Market at Grelen apart is the layout of the nursery tree rows, which are meticulously arranged on the contour, creating a picturesque landscape reminiscent of a vineyard. This unique characteristic adds an extra layer of charm and visual appeal to the venue, making it truly special.  One of the highlights of getting married at The Market at Grelen is the opportunity for our couples to take sunset photos at the peak of the nursery. We believe that capturing the beauty of the setting sun amidst the sprawling landscape is a truly magical experience.  Our dedicated events team chauffeurs the couple up to the Nursery's best view in a Kabota, adding an element of adventure and romance to the evening.  

  • Bridal Suite/Changing Rooms Onsite
  • Wifi
  • Ample Parking Onsite
  • Dining Chairs
  • Dining Tables
  • Onsite Restrooms
Venue Features
The Scene:

Nestled within the lush expanse of Grelen Nursery's sprawling 1000-acre tree nursery, The Market at Grelen transcends the ordinary to become an enchanting haven of refined elegance. Discover a truly captivating wedding venue where rural simplicity meets the epitome of luxury, immersing you in a world of natural splendor.

Conveniently situated in Central Virginia, nestled between the delightful towns of Orange and Gordonsville, The Market at Grelen offers a tranquil retreat that feels worlds away while being easily accessible. Just a scenic 35-minute drive north of Charlottesville, one hour west of Richmond, and 1.5 to 2 hours south of the bustling city of DC, this idyllic location seamlessly blends convenience with a sense of remote beauty.

At The Market at Grelen, we embrace and celebrate love in all its forms. We proudly stand as an LGBTQ+ friendly venue, providing a warm and inclusive environment for couples to create their perfect celebration of love.

Experience the captivating allure of The Market at Grelen—a place where nature's magnificence intertwines with unparalleled luxury to create an unforgettable wedding experience.  SEE EVENTSATGRELEN.COM WEBSITE AND @GRELENWEDDINGS ON INSTAGRAM FOR MORE PHOTOS

The Market at Grelen presents an unparalleled canvas for the imaginative party planner, offering an array of remarkable event spaces that inspire limitless creativity. Step into the charming embrace of a greenhouse, meander through a shade garden and berry field, or bask in the glorious ambience of a spacious bluestone terrace. For an ethereal experience like no other, a magnificent 4500 sq. ft. clear stargazing tent awaits, allowing you and your guests to revel under the shimmering night sky. 
Standout Venue Features:
As your gaze sweeps across the landscape, be prepared to be awestruck by the breathtaking 360-degree views that embrace The Market at Grelen. Every corner of this meticulously crafted venue has been thoughtfully designed to showcase and celebrate the surrounding natural beauty of the Tree Nursery, evoking a sense of wonder and tranquility.
Extra Perks:

At The Market at Grelen, we are committed to creating an exceptional and unforgettable wedding experience. With our extraordinary offerings and attention to detail, allow us to transform your dreams into a breathtaking reality, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.  Included in the Venue fee are:  

  • Exclusive Use of the property from 4pm-11pm (10 pm Sundays):  This includes the Overlook Tent, Potting Shed, Half Moon Garden, Greenhouse & Stone Terrace and all areas surrounding The Market at Grelen.  Delight in the freedom to explore and utilize every captivating corner of this remarkable venue. Each space offers its own unique allure, providing you with endless possibilities for creating your dream celebration.

  • Overlook Tent bistro & chandelier lighting:  Be transported to a world of elegance and refinement as the Overlook Tent is adorned with bistro lighting and dazzling chandeliers. Revel in the romantic ambiance that these elegant touches bring to your special day.

  • Use of a large Bridal Suite:  Experience luxury and comfort in the stunning new Bridal Suite, designed to pamper and provide a tranquil sanctuary for the bride. Complete with a beauty bar for five, a lounge area, a kitcheneette and a private half bath, the bride can indulge in privacy and serenity as she prepares for her walk down the aisle. Complimentary for 4 hours

  • Use of a "Grooms Den": The groom deserves a space of his own, and The Market at Grelen delivers with the stylish and sophisticated Grooms Den. Complete with a living area, getting ready area, dining table and private full bath, the groom and his party can relax and enjoy the ultimate pre-wedding experience in this exclusive retreat.  Complimentary for 4 hours

  • 4 complete Barrel Bars: Raise a glass to elegance and convenience with four complete Barrel Bars. These tastefully designed bars add a touch of rustic charm while serving as a focal point for beverage service throughout your event.

  • Upscale Restroom Trailer for up to 250 guests: This luxurious amenity ensures that even the most discerning attendees have a pleasant and convenient restroom experience.

  • Handicap restroom access: The Market at Grelen prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility. Rest assured that our venue provides handicap restroom access to accommodate the needs of all guests.

  • Tables & Chairs:  17 - 6ft round tables, 1 - 8ft banquet table, 1 - 6ft banquet table, 150 unique garden chairs

  • Wine Barrel Adirondack chairs: Infuse your celebration with a touch of rustic elegance by incorporating Wine Barrel Adirondack chairs. These unique seating options add a charming and distinctive element, inviting guests to relax and savor the moments of your special day.

  • Use of Garden plants for accent decor:  potted plants infuse a touch of vibrant color, lush greenery, and organic charm into your event space, creating a truly enchanting ambiance that seamlessly blends with the surrounding tree nursery.

  • Client Planning Portal and Curated Preferred Vendor List: Simplify your wedding planning journey with our exclusive Client Planning Portal, conveniently accessible through our website. Seamlessly manage and organize every detail, from guest lists to vendor coordination, ensuring a stress-free and streamlined experience. 

  • Final Onsite Planning Meeting w/ Venue Team: As your special day approaches, enjoy the reassurance of a final onsite planning meeting with our dedicated Venue Team. This personalized consultation ensures that every aspect of your event is meticulously reviewed, allowing us to address any remaining questions or concerns, fine-tune the details, and ensure that your celebration at The Market at Grelen surpasses your wildest expectations.

Celebration Locations
The Orchard Overlook Tent:
Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of our exquisite 75' x 60' Structure Tent, designed to enchant and delight. This enchanting space boasts a clear top and retractable sides, allowing nature's beauty to surround you while providing shelter and comfort. Illuminated by dazzling chandeliers and intimate bistro lights, this tent exudes an aura of sophistication and romance.
- View: Indulge in the awe-inspiring panorama that unfolds before you from the vantage point of the Orchard Overlook Tent. Positioned to overlook our verdant berry fields and meticulously groomed Tree Nursery, this breathtaking view spans nearly 1000 acres, offer
- Max Capacity: 250
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
The Blue Stone Terrace:
Experience the pinnacle of elegance and style at the Blue Stone Terrace, adorned with exquisite designer wrought iron patio furniture. This stunning outdoor space sets the stage for an unforgettable cocktail hour. The perfect blend of sophistication and natural beauty, the Stone Terrace provides an enchanting setting that will leave a lasting impression on all who gather there.
- View: Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this enchanting outdoor space offers panoramic views that will leave you in awe. Surrounded by gently sloping rows of a vibrant tree farm, the landscape transforms with the passing seasons
- Max Capacity: 250
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
The Greenhouse:
Step into a world of cozy sophistication as you enter our greenhouse, a haven of natural beauty and elegance. Designed to provide a refuge during inclement weather, this enchanting space serves as a versatile sanctuary for ceremonies or cocktail gatherings.
- View: Upon stepping inside, you will be greeted by a lush oasis adorned with an abundance of plants. The greenhouse, enveloped in a tapestry of vibrant greenery, exudes an air of tranquility and charm. The sight of cascading vines, thriving foliage, and bloomin
- Max Capacity: 130
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
The Half Moon Garden:
Step into the enchanting embrace of our beloved Half Moon Garden, a cherished gem adored by our clients. This captivating space is celebrated for its exquisite features, providing an idyllic setting for ceremonies or delightful cocktail hours.
- View: At the heart of the Half Moon Garden stands a magnificent weeping cherry tree, casting a graceful presence that captivates all who gather beneath its branches. This natural centerpiece infuses the space with an aura of elegance and serenity, adding a touc
- Max Capacity: 150
- Price: Join the party and sign in to view pricing
Eats & Drinks
Food, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Lounges
Food, Restaurants, Cafes:
Step into a world where nature and gastronomy intertwine seamlessly. The Market at Grelen's Casual Cafe, adjacent to our picturesque European-style garden shop, invites you to relish delectable sandwiches, soups and salads while being surrounded by the natural wonders of Grelen's expansive tree nursery.  Embrace the enchanting ambiance of our outdoor seating options. Whether you choose to relax on the bluestone patio or in the shade garden, dine under the vine-covered pergola, or find warmth in our greenhouse, each area offers a distinct and captivating setting to enjoy our farm-to-table delights.  Before you leave, treat your taste buds to a flavor adventure! Our homemade ice cream steals the show with its creamy texture and irresistible taste. Don't miss our best-selling ice cream flight featuring all six flavors – the ultimate treat for ice cream enthusiasts.
Bars & Lounges:

Raise a glass to Virginia's finest! At The Market at Grelen's Casual Cafe, we take pride in exclusively serving the best of Virginia's beer, cider, and wine. Our highly curated list reflects the diverse and thriving local beverage scene, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience for every sip.


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