A Seaside Starry Night Glamping Anniversary
First comes love, then comes marriage and you know the rest about the baby carriage. But what happens right after the wedding and honeymoon high is over? This shoot is a testament and an inspiration to keeping the romance...
by Cortnie Fausner

First comes love, then comes marriage and you know the rest about the baby carriage. But what happens right after the wedding and honeymoon high is over? This shoot is a testament and an inspiration to keeping the romance alive between your wedding date and your budding career and family goals. The first wedding anniversary you will celebrate is a HUGE milestone and how many of us actually take this time to do something as special on our first anniversary as we did on our wedding day?! Why does this date not deserve special recognition?

Whelp friends, Kristin Polhemus of Reveriemade and photographer Michelle Lange decided to give you one heck of a wedding anniversary idea. They created the perfect post-wedding tribute, chock full of real life ideas that you too can implement. Yes, the tipi looks aspirational, but bell tents can be rented or purcahsed in most cities now. The table setting seems so magical, would you really re-create this for just the two of you? Our answer, absolutely yes. Do it! If you can create tablescapes for over 100 wedding guests, you can surely create a table for two in celebration of 365 days of marriage. 

Now get out there and find your little slice of heaven to swing your sun bleached hair in the salt kissed air. This little love fest will get your heart beating fast.. no, it’s not Channing Tatum doing pushups (hello heartthrob), but a serene seascape with starlit skylines and musical tides with your love will do just fine. 


Words by Kristin Polhemus of Reveriemade, Photography by Michelle Lange Photography

Tell us a little bit about the concept of the photoshoot. 
We wanted to show a raw, approachable relationship between two people.  There's a lot of focus on love before marriage.  We wanted to show what love looks like afterthe wedding day, on a one-year anniversary trip when the honeymoon was over and all the confetti had settled. 

Our story depicts a husband and wife traveling to the shore to celebrate their one-year anniversary.  We wanted to show dissonance-- because no relationship is perfect-- so they got lost along the way.  They eventually arrived at their destination, and the reward was that much sweeter because of the hurdle they had to overcome to get there.  I like to think marriage is the same way. 



Can you share tips for couples who would want to recreate this?  

Weekend-long celebrations are the best, because the wedding becomes a vacation for everyone (and who wouldn't love camping on the beach?).  A quick Google search will reveal beach camping opportunities near you.  Some camping beaches even have wild horses, like Assateague Island in Maryland.  We used a bell tent for this photoshoot, and one of the many things I love about bell tents is that they're quick and easy to construct.  Look for a local company that rents them out for events and festivals, like Shelter Co.



Can you share information about the lovely location and why you chose it?

 We shot on location at Island Beach State Park, my favorite local beach. New Jersey beaches tend to get pretty crowded in the summer, but IBSP is hardly ever so.  It's a hidden gem and best-kept secret of Jersey Shore locals.  They do allow tents for events; call the Park Ranger for details.



What are your favorite hotels, cafes, and restaurants in the area?

There are a lot of chain hotels in the Toms River / Seaside Heights area, but I love AirBnB for its wide selection of quaint, beachfront rental homes.  My favorite sushi is right over the bridge at Xina (they accommodate private events, such as rehearsal dinners) and The Sawmill is my favorite place for low-key drinks and the biggest slice of boardwalk pizza you'll ever have.



Are you ready? Now go and buy some seriously cute campfire attire, okey dokey hokey smokey.. get it?! 

Location: Island Beach State Park  *call ranger for details on setting up a tent |  Photography: Michelle Lange Photography | Planning: Reveriemade 

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