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Creepy or Cool? Would you host a party here?
Cortnie Fausner
byCortnie Fausner

Perhaps your childhood dream of being a Paleontologist was never fully realized, and you sometimes find yourself day dreaming whilst planting your winter bulbs, that you’ll unearth the skeleton of a giant T-Rex and all your Jurassic Park fantasies will finally come to life. Well, we can’t promise that we’ll make all of your childhood dreams come true, but we’ve certainly uncovered a unique locale to let your imagination run wild and inspire your anthropological creativity.




The Venue

From the exterior, Huesoappears to be a pattern makers delight. Covered in hand painted tiles with monochromatic stitching, creating a cross hatched, Aztec inspired "skin" that wraps around the restaurant.

A shiny bone artifact marks the door, leading you into the restaurants “second skin.” This is where you will find an interior awash in over 10,000 white washed painted bones and cast aluminum replicas! These pieces including skulls & vertebrae line the walls from floor to ceiling delicately arranged in glass cases to create an aesthetic that rivals the elaborate interiors of a natural history museum. In fact, the aesthetic is a sort of mausoleum-meets-artifact-catalogue. Don't be scared. None of these are human bones, so what could otherwise be really creepy, is stunningly gorgeous and uber cool. The ethereal ghostly concept is breathtakingly beautiful and really unique. It will make you recall of caveman days, and the utensils that we may have used way back when. We are already trying to figure out how we can recreate a smaller version of this in our own home.




The Gathering Space

This restaurant of 10,000 bones would be the perfect gathering spot. Hueso’s, which means bone in Spanish, has unique appeal that few restaurants could rival. With long community dining tables, this venue would be ideal for a group gathering dinner. There would be an abundance of dinner party talk, as you and your guests uncover new finds throughout your meal. We can only imagine where your dinner conversation will wander off to. The interior is flooded with gorgeous natural light, that echoes and bounces off of the monochromatic textured walls. Get rosy cheeked as you eat a delightful feast and cozy up to the reclaimed wood bar, the only thing separating the diners from where the food is being cooked.




The Experience

After you’ve wined and dined on the cultivated cuisine care of Alfonso Cadena, take a walk through the restaurant to experience the intricate details, finishing off with an actual tree rooted into the ground. Architect Ignacio Cadena spared no expense to fulfill the creative vision that he held for Hueso. Continuing his minimalist concepts through to the flatware and onto the hand painted china, Cadena’s concept is an elaborate, all encompassing experience, that shouldn’t be missed.



Photos + Design: Cadena+Asociados, Jaime Navarro Photography

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