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Camping in Concrete Tubes is the Next Big Trend
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

You love Tulum. We love Tulum. Everybody loves Tulum! Giant palm trees, white sandy beaches, coconut groves, secret cenotes, historic ruins, and fresh cracked coconuts are just a few of the highlights of this ancient Mayan town. Plus, the boutique hotels and hot spot eateries are some of the best in the world. So gather your amigos and start planning your next birthday bash a la Mexico.

Sounds a bit spendy for you? Fear not, budget savvy friends, we have a secret spot for you, where you can have your cake (err, maybe flan) and eat out too. With room rates that are easy on the pockets, a birthday trip to Tubo Tulum will leave plenty of pesos in your pockets for the important things, like tequila and sunscreen.


Photography: kickthegrind


Gathering the Amigos

One of the best things about a birthday extravaganza in a place like Tulum is that it’s totally affordable and easy to get to. Gather your troops and get everyone booked on a flight to Cancun. From there, it's an easy hour and a half shuttle trip to Tubo Tulum, where the cost of living is less than $50 a night. You can even grab a Margarita to-go at the airport while waiting on your shuttle.


Photography: mariatorpvilhelmsenkennethkepchar


The Scene at Tubo Tulum

The sleeping pods at Tubo Tulum are concrete tubes with beds inside. You can book a single or a double, so you can bunk up with your bestie or your boo and bring along lots of other folks too. Bathrooms and showers are communal, and there’s an open kitchen that guests can use too. Think of it as camping with all the best amenities and all your best friends. All you need to decide is who in your crew will be cooking your breakfast pancakes.


Photography: kickthegrind


Hanging in Tulum

Tubo Tulum is located between the beach area and the main town of Tulum. It’s nestled in a garden of its own and it's an easy bike ride to Tulum’s famed beaches and restaurants. Hartwood is one of the best stops in town for dinner under the jungle stars, while Coqui Coqui is an excellent spot to stop in for a birthday spa treatment. If you’re looking for slammin’ fish tacos and ceviche in town, you’ll find a little local called El Camello that serves up grande plates of ceviche and cold cervezas too. And hey, if we don't run into you there, feliz cumpleaños!


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