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Get A Look At This Old Llama Farm That’s Now A Wedding Venue
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown
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Walnut Hill Farm

800 Lee Bryant Rd NE, Dalton, GA, United States

Pastures couldn’t be much greener than those at this old llama farm in Dalton, Georgia. With sprawling lawns, rose gardens, vineyards, mountain views, orchards, and a gorgeous stone fireplace to cozy up to outside, it’s easy to take the grounds at Walnut Hill Farm and make them home base for an awesome indoor/outdoor fete. And that’s just what this cute couple decided to do.

With a ceremony on the perfectly manicured lawns, guests were able to soak up that good southern sky as the pair exchanged wedding vows. Taking advantage of the property’s modern, bright barn as a reception spot, the night lit up with family love, unforgettable speeches, and plenty of dancing to boot. Heath of Jac & Heath Photography captured these gorgeous shots while his usual counterpart, Jac, played bridesmaid. We had a little chat with him to get the low down on the behind-the-scenes below.

Words and photography by Heath Bennett of Jac & Heath Photography



Give us a little background on the couple if you know :) 

This was an usual wedding for us as it's so close to home. The bride is Jac's sister! There is a huge extra element of intimacy when everyone at the wedding knows you.


Why did you/the couple choose Walnut Hill Farm?

The bride grew up nearby in Atlanta and Chattanooga, so lots of family and memories are in the area. Many locations were looked at but Walnut Hill Farm was the nicest.



What made the venue ideal for what the couple wanted to capture on film on such a special weekend?

Lovely fall colours, gentle light, lovely spot for an outdoor ceremony, beautiful barn with lots of space upstairs for prep.



Is there anything special you incorporated from the surrounding area into the day/weekend?

Using the outdoor fireplace to hang the dress to photograph. The barn made a great photo backdrop, even after it was used for the ceremony.




Did you eat/drink anything in the area that was especially memorable?

Soup and toasted cheese was an unusual but very tasty option at dinner.

What are the standout features of Walnut Hill Farm?

Beautifully manicured and designed grounds, the amount of space in the barn, lots of photo opportunities close by (suits these two as they didn't want much time or fuss for photos), the big exterior structure the bride and groom were married under blocked the direct sun perfectly for photos, and also made it so the bride could enter her wedding without squinting into the sun the entire walk down the aisle.


Any fun stories or moments that stand out from the day?

The speech and song made by the grandfather of the bride will be forever remembered with a smile. Their exit in a vintage Porsche beneath the front of the barn with all the guests saying goodbye was an especially beautiful moment.





Venue: Walnut Hill Farm | Photography: Jac & Heath Photography



Heath and Jacqueline Bennett
Heath and Jacqueline Bennett
Jac & Heath Photography
Chattanooga, TN, USA

We are Heath and Jacqueline Bennett. We met at a friends' wedding and were engaged six months later. Maybe that's why we love shooting them so much. Or maybe its because we get to meet incredible people and share in their most sacred day. Then again, it could just be the cake... - Website

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