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Your Guide To A Weekend In California’s Hottest Cold Weather Destination
The Venue Report
byThe Venue Report

After hearing reports of the best blizzard to hit Mammoth Lakes in 20 years our, Media Design Manager, Nathan Mueller rounded up his troops in search of a weekend adventure to rave about for a lifetime. The slopes were calling and Nathan was quick to reply. The whispers were true... After a week of storms, Mammoth Mountain was reported to have more snow than any other ski resort in North America and he was ready to experience the action first hand. 

Mammoth Mountain is a quick 5 hours north of Los Angeles and is one of the most sought out skiing locations on the West Coast. Summer is quickly approaching so if you are on the hunt for one last winter escapade, take notes from the itinerary below. Happy skiing! 



Day One.
The Road Exploration.

From San Diego to Mammoth Lakes there is so much to see on the road. As you enter the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range there are scenic stops galore. From the toothy mountain tops of Mount Whitney to hidden milky lakes engulfed by volcanic rocks at Fossil Falls.

Off of Highway 395, take the exit to Fossil Falls. You'll be transported to a Mars like landscape with milky lakes immersed by red volcanic rock and weather than changes by the minute.



Day Two.
Hitting the Slopes.

The best snow storm in twenty years?! Truly. Experiencing it first hand was a sight to see. Streets were walled with pillows of snow as flurries filled the sky throughout the day. It was perfection.



For the best ski runs on the mountain, take the gondola to the top. Take a moment to look around at the views from the summit of Mammoth Mountain. Views in every direction, everything was covered in white. Head down the backside of the mountain towards Chair 14. Through hidden treelined trails and whited out snow fields you can find Chair 12 & Chair 13. This route is more scenic with less people - I highly recommend! 


Day Three.
The Blizzard.

The blizzard came in over night and the slopes were closed due to white out (which is a great thing, more snow!). So we took a day off from the slopes to adventure and swashbuckle through the deep snow to find winter hot springs. Hilltop Hot Springs can be found off of Benton Crossing Rd (about 3 miles east of U.S. 395).

See the Hilltop Hot Springs when not covered in snow here.



Campo Bar & Restaurant offers rustic Italian fare in the heart of The Mammoth Village. The best gathering place after a day on the slopes, with interiors that perfectly cultivate the winter mountain village.


“Campo is loosely translated as ‘gathering place’ and is the perfect spot to recharge. So relax and let us take care of you, feed your soul and sooth your spirit. Between your dining experience and the service, your first time is never your last.”
-Chef Dan Ordas, General Manager Rachael Ritchie and the entire Campo team 


Photos by The Venue Report Courtesy of Nathan Mueller


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