History Lesson: This Family Scouts And Restores Historic Palaces & Villas In Spain!
Founded by Blanca López, who departed from a career in finance four years ago in search of something more meaningful, Les Belles Maisons, a collection of vacation homes and event spaces, is her volley answer to the mundane...
by Jake Kilroy

Founded by Blanca López, who departed from a career in finance four years ago in search of something more meaningful, Les Belles Maisons, a collection of vacation homes and event spaces, is her volley answer to the mundane and the predictable.It all started with her own family’s home, a homestead not so common—a stronghold from the 17th Century. Called the Archbishop’s Palace, the exquisite spot of land and manmade glory has long resided in Huérmeces, Burgos, a city in the north of Spain famous for its cathedral, a Unesco World Heritage site.



Surrounded by weeping willows, blue pines, and flowers at every turn, the Archbishop’s Palace is a notably peaceful spot that just happens to be an amazing venue for weddings, workshops, and parties. 

And it was there, at the sanctuary of sunshine, López had a grand idea for adventure. 

The new business project was simple: find the most beautiful, tucked away spots and snuggle them up under a common brand to become magical places for stellar unmatched experiences. Easy as cake, right? Well, it might be when you’re in Spain.

“Spain is full of Brigadoons,” says López, “Beautiful hidden gems that contain fascinating stories, art, secret gardens, and amazing architecture."


Venue: Archbishop’s Palace

The cascade of inspiration for López came from Vincente Minnelli’s 1954 film adaptation of the play Brigadoon, the enchanting tale of the eponymous fantastical Scottish village that appears for only one day every hundred years.

The idea soon blossomed into Les Belles Maisons, her exclusive brand that aims to give people experiences at events that offer the alluring romantic touch of authentic and historical Spain, with no limitation on event—a bespoke wedding, a private business meeting, a family gathering, an intimate marriage proposal, a destination wedding photo session, or a private concert.

The team at Les Belles Maisons wants to take the traditional way of planning and execution events and celebrations and throw it away, refusing to ever settle for blasé. Instead, they want authentic food, culture, and vibes at every instance, and they can make it happen.


Venue: Pazo La Saleta

Les Belles Maisons’ dedication to history and locale blooms in their logo. The logo, a striking result of an equally intense and interesting creative brainstorm at WOT Studio, encompasses the philosophy and values of their team. It’s a heraldic emblem, a symbol to identify the historical propierties that are part of this “village” that wants to throw timeless parties with endless personality.

Each place has its own story—some filled with adventurous epics, some bursting with fairy tale romance. Yet, they all have similar traits of the wild and glorious, a classic allure met with a keen sense of adventure. And that’s before the planners and decorators even arrive!

With this collection of wondrous spots, a wedding should never be just “another wedding.” If two people come together for their special day of celebrating the most timeless adventure of all, LOVE, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t erupt in triumph, glory, and magic. Tell the story of your life the way you want to tell it.


Venue: Pazo La Saleta

It doesn’t have to just be a wedding either. In these great halls, you can discover the soul of an artist, the strategy of a company, the close ties of a family celebration; capture exceptional moments held in six fantastic places, spread across Barcelona, Sevilla, Ibiza, Galicia, and Burgos.

The team chooses homes that have been there all along, resting in the history books, waiting to be filled with laughter and love. The only thing consistent with each property is that it has that “something special.” It needs to burst with life and personality, whether it’s a castle, a palace, an estate, or a simple cottage. 

Les Belles Maisons finds properties that glow and charm like they float their way out of old-world storybooks. 

The team explores the world to find these private homes, full of history, packed with tales, and treated with dreamlike love by way of art and architecture inside and natural beauty surrounding its stone walls; a tiny tucked away spot in the waking world that dazzles with gardens, aromas, secret spots, and a sense of wonder.


Venue: Archbishop’s Palace


These are places that captivate and enthrall at the first step through the rustic front door. Les Belles Maisons treasures each homes as a divine escape; a home away from home, a brief interlude from reality.

To keep these oases the sublime getaways they could always be, the team works with highly sought-after professionals to guarantee a careful and dedicated service, for both structure and premise, for both event planning and execution.

A perfect example is on the horizon, an exclusive October 4th concert at the Castle of El Papiol (pictured below) in Barcelona called “Bach to the Universe,” an audiovisual concert where classical music merges with the Universe, thanks to the images from the European Space Agency. A stylish cocktail reception will follow, so guests can mingle with the artists.


Venue: Castle of El Papiol

So no more of the “sure” and the “I guess.” When it comes to celebrating life, you only get one chance. Do it right at the proper place.


Venue: Castle of El Papiol

Take a peek at all of the detailed information on these historic venues. Host your own spectacular and storied soiree in Spain!: 

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