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A Colorful and Cultural Cabo San Lucas Birthday Bash
Jake Kilroy
byJake Kilroy

Sunset cracks wild off the glass decorations at Hacienda Oasis Jardin, a romantic idyll on the southern coast of Baja California. Once evening inevitably settles into any good party, the thick black night drapes itself over vibrant trees and paper lanterns that glow a welcomed warmth, speckling the scene in bright colors. 



A Garden Oasis

It feels like home at Hacienda Oasis Jardin, which is the perfect vibe for a birthday bash. Lorenza was the lucky guest of honor at this magical garden party. 



The Venue Setting

Offering up a gorgeous garden for any event, Hacienda Oasis Jardin is a lush locale to celebrate, honor, and party until the wine, tequila, and whiskey is gone.



A Roomy Affair

Your special event, a magical affair conjured up at this oasis, can spread out across the resplendent land with 400 guests taking up room while never feeling a sensation of being crowded. You get elbow room galore, which only means more feisty dance moves (and those are almost always preferred).

In addition to the ample room for dancing, there is also room for long wood feasting tables to sprawl across the lawn. Each table at this beautiful boho birthday bash, was laden with flower-filled cloches. Lanterns adorned with lime green orchids meandered down the tables along with wood engraved place cards. 



Easy Breezy Vibes

Hacienda Jardin Oasis is the type of place to treat yourself to the right party the right way. Perks include available parking, stunning lighting, and games that fit any mood.



A perfect setting for a night of magical mariachi music, margaritas and a maraca shaking good time. 



Any kind of event can be marvelous at this coastal dreamscape, from weddings and showers to birthday and graduation parties. The team makes it happen, giving up anything you need, whether it’s decor, banquet services, or general organization skills. They adapt to your budget accordingly.



Photo Op Galore

Anywhere is a photo op. Old trees, ponds, benches—whatever you need for the perfect picture, it’s here and ready to make your snapshots memorable.



Color and Culture Collide

The simple grassy setting provided the perfect backdrop for the colorful birthday bash. Festive and tropical parrot laden plates adorned the tables surrounded by bright crayola colored flowers. 


Picnics, Pinatas and Paletas

Guests enjoyed lawn games, swinging at pinatas and treats from a roving popsicle cart. 



Pretty Personalization Awaits

Just a short bounce from San José del Cabo, Hacienda Oasis is ornately decorated while welcoming your touch. Add vivid flowers that pop and they’ll practically explode as the sun goes down. Pastels and deep reds are go-to colors to toss around with decorations if you want to make the grand spot snag looks.



Guests lounged picnic style with pillows and blankets on the sprawling green grass. 



The lounges were adorned with rose petals next to the dance floor beneath the rapturous light of the lanterns.



Delightful Desserts

The Hacienda has multiple covered awnings, perfect to provide shade for glorious spreads and feasts for foodies. Lorenza's guests were treated to naked cakes with buttercream frosting oozing from each layer, macarons in every color and berry pies. 



Hacienda Oasis Jardin provided the perfect park and picnic-like setting for this very special birthday celebration. 



Venue: Hacienda Oasis  | Photographer: Ana & Jerome


Ana Romero
Ana Romero
Ana & Jerome Photography
Photographer / Owner

French- Mexican Photo duo in love with Baja and natural light photography , together we bring vast cultural perspectives that offer a unique vantage point of universally beautiful events such as weddings like yours - Website

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