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How To: Warm Up Those Winter Bones With This Life Changing Smore's DIY
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byThe Venue Report

This time of year the idea of simply being warm, cozy and surrounded by the ones you love is one of the most magical feelings one can possibly feel around the holiday season. Now think about that warm and fuzzy combined with the smoky aroma of a fire burning and the sweet and crunchy taste of biting into a smore's. You can't even dream up something that perfect! 

Before the grand 2017 firework finale we challenge you to grab your girls, guys and take in all that this season has to offer with a smore's shindig around the fire. At the beach, in your backyard, at a campground or infront of your fireplace in the comfort of your own home - anywhere anyway we've got you covered with the best ways to gather and the endless possibilities with the famous sticky sweet treat. 




Double It Up Ya'll. Smore's In Indoors. 




Heavy On The Classic - 2 Marshmellows, 1 Piece Of Chocolate, 2 Graham Crackers

Chocolate Substitions: 
- Reese's Candy Bar
- Heath Candy Bar
- Nutella
- Peanut Butter
- Cookies-And-Cream Bar
- Hershey's Kisses
- Rolo Candy
- Lemon Curd
- Strawberry Jam 
- Soft Chocolate Brownie
- Thin Mint

Graham Cracker Substitions: 
- Bake It In A Croissant
- Grilled Tortillas 
- Vanilla Wafers
- Biscuits
- A Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookie
- Pretzels
- Italian Pizelle Cookies
- Doughnut
- Ritz Crackers
- Oreos

Marshmellow Substitions:  
- Vanilla, Cookie Dough Or Strawberry (the options are endless)
- Brie Cheese
- Bourbon Marshmallows
- Chocolate Marshmellow Mix

Add Ons: 
- Strawberries
- Bananas
- Caramel
- Peaches
- Cookie Dough
- Bacon

... Now Mix And Match According To Your Liking!




The Jab 

Whether you like your marshmallow burnt to a crisp or golden brown The Jab always gets the job done. 



Take It Outside 

A cold winter night, the woodsy, earthy scent from the fire fills the air and the world pauses. You take a deep whiff and get lost in the moment. 




Better Together 

Remember when we said make it a double? We weren't just talking about the marshmallows. You can recreate the moment with your better girl half! Ditch the party dresses and trade in your heels for warm boots. This New Years turn up the fireplace, bring out the smore's spread (you can even marinate your marshmallows in Baileys) and invite your gang over. Skip the lines into bars and the traffic downtown and host the ultimate indoor campfire slumber party!


Styling by The Venue Report | Gifs by Mark Gabriel 

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