Mexico's Most Luxurious Enclave of Resorts Welcomes a Newcomer
Set along the Riviera Maya, between Tulum and Cancun, the small enclave of luxurious resorts and hotels known as Mayakoba recently welcomed a new addition to its stunning system of waterways, cenotes and wild jungles. Andaz Mayakoba...
by Alyssa Brown
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Set along the Riviera Maya, between Tulum and Cancun, the small enclave of luxurious resorts and hotels known as Mayakoba recently welcomed a new addition to its stunning system of waterways, cenotes and wild jungles. Andaz Mayakoba opened last year and is a sprawling property that sits in a lush, tropical setting along the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by freshwater canals, mangroves, lagoons, swimming holes, and tons of wildlife. The luxurious eco-conscious resort has 214 rooms, making it awesome for a group getaway or a big gathering of friends and family.

Photographer Brian Leahy recently hopped over to Andaz Mayakoba and answered some questions we had about the gorgeous property. Read on for the full scoop from Brian alongside some of his photos of the resort.

Photography: Patricio Roldan

What prompted your visit to Andaz Mayakoba?

I was actually at Mayakoba for a Fam trip with a few local and destination wedding planners from the US and Mexico, all four properties in Mayakoba were hosting our group and I was lucky enough to be staying at the Andaz (the other properties are beautiful, but the Andaz, was without a doubt my favorite). We got to spend a few days exploring the hotels, relaxing, dining at their stellar restaurants and testing out a few tasty cocktails around the hotels.

Photography: Myron MasseyBrian Leahy | Patricio RoldanAndaz Mayakoba

Tell us about your overall experience at Andaz :)

I LOVED the Andaz. From the initial welcome and check-in, to my departure, the staff and service was absolutely amazing and genuine. The Andaz is the most modern property within Mayakoba and the clean lines, incredibly colorful murals, and well-appointed but authentic locally-decorated rooms were 100% my jam. The grounds and pool area put off a really hip & young vibe that was a solid fit for my style.

Photography: Brian Leahy | Andaz Mayakoba

Were there any standout experiences you took part in?

We did get the chance to take the boat tour through the entire Mayakoba property though which was super awesome! Basically going through canals & cenotes, lot's of wildlife along the way.

Photography: Brian Leahy

Can you tell us a little about the food and drink scene? 

The food on-site was incredible tasting, but I do have to say, my favorite spot on property was the bar inside their Casa Amate restaurant. This particular restaurant was modeled after a local home and featured a STUNNING bar area that felt like and old-world home library, appointed with beautiful decor featuring old globes, vintage maps, and beautiful photo books. In the middle of the room is a huge wood slab covered in every type of beverage mixer & garnish you could think of, framed behind with a wall full of more tequila and mezcal than I knew what to do with. Their in-house bartenders seriously made some of the most delicious cocktails I've ever had. 

Photography: Brian Leahy | Andaz Mayakoba

What kind of events can you envision for this property?

This property couldn't be any more perfect for weddings, their ceremony spaces are beautiful & modern, but still give you a jungle vibe & natural location. Of course summer can get hot down in that region, but there's a huge chunk of the year that would allow for some great sized outdoor celebrations.

Photography: Brian Leahy

What is your favorite memory from your visit? 

The beach, 100%. The beaches within Mayakoba are breathtaking, and the portion set aside for the Andaz could not be any prettier. As much running around as I did while visiting the property, getting to actually spend some time to relax in a stunning setting definitely was the highlight for me. 

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Created in partnership with our friends at Andaz Mayakoba.

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