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No Need for Rose-Colored Glasses at This Perky Melbourne Café
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

At this cheery pink-hued café in Melbourne offering morning-through-midday meals, coffee and treats should top your list of Aussie must-visits. The playfully fun and modern branding of Pinkie Ivanhoe goes hand-in-hand with the effortlessly fresh and wholesome fare on the menu, not to mention the equally lighthearted setting. Settle in for a cup of joe (or two or three), sip away on a smoothie and enjoy this buoyant, light-filled space that’s sure to leave you in an exceptional mood.


Welcome to the Neighborhood

Owners and partners-in-life Domenic and Diana Caruso have taken on yet another project with Pinkie, adding to their café collection that already includes the equally delightful settings of St. Rose and No. 19. After setting up shop in both Essendon and Ascot Vale, this time they’ve settled for the leafy suburb of Ivanhoe. Here, outside the peppy walls and atmosphere of Pinkie itself, you’ll find large city blocks, a mix of Victorian and Edwardian homes and sweeping European trees overhead. Being one of the oldest suburbs of Melbourne, you’ll discover the same pretty, understated charm throughout the quiet Ivanhoe streets as within the doors of the café.

All The Pink Tints

With its owners clearly having a penchant for clean, well-lit and foliage-festooned spaces, Pinkie ticks all the boxes. Designer Jean-Pierre Biasol pushes the aesthetic a bit further this time around, with a decidedly rose-tinted perspective that is beautifully and whimsically executed. With blush-colored walls and cranberry accents throughout, best of all is the rosy pink glass blocks with all the cool factor minus the weird ‘90s feels. Paired with dark gray terrazzo blocks that form the counters and the heavy concrete infrastructure of the building itself, the effect is neither too feminine nor too cold. Rather, you’ll be passing the time wondering how you can incorporate this same postmodern palette into your own home.


Get Yourself A Shake With That Smoothie Bowl

The breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings at Pinkie Ivanhoe are something to behold. Much like the bold, colorful setting of the café, every delicious dish is bright and richly toned as if each ingredient was just plucked from the farm (which, in fact, it nearly was). From greens and zucchini-topped toast to vibrant açai bowls to rose-petal dusted desserts, each culinary creation is a treat for the eyes and the palate. Lest you’re afraid Pinkie might be a little more health-wise than you’re looking for, we also spied evidence of thick-cut bacon, heartily sized burgers and our personal favorite, creamy Oreo shakes.

Photography: James Morgan and The Edible Image

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