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How the Owners of This Venetian Apartment Make Tourists Feel Like True Locals
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams


Ever wondered what it might feel like to be a true Venetian? Well, here’s your chance. Casa Flora is a stunning, exclusively Italian-designed apartment for vacation rental in the heart of Venice, offering a window into what authentic Italian living really looks and feels like. Decked out in sleekly modern furnishings and a palette of lagoon-inspired tones (varying shades of pink, yellow, green and blue), this elegant abode feels like a living work of art. Beyond the knockout views, supremely calming spaces and ridiculously inspiring design, best of all are the exceptional experiences you can book during your stay. Desire an in-house shoe fitting for custom-made kicks by a premiere Venetian shoe atelier, anyone?—yup, that can be arranged.

Opulent Origins

The brainchild of the Romanelli family, Casa Flora is a beautiful offshoot of next-door Hotel Flora, which has been run by the family for the last 50 years. With ample hospitality experience under their belts, Casa Flora is a gorgeous—and highly successful—experiment in giving visitors an insider’s perspective into what it is to live, eat and breathe like a Venetian. Moving past the typical hotel experience, this luxury apartment dwelling and its sensational experiential offers open the door on a new and exhilarating kind of tourism.

Stepping Inside Venice

With offers such as homemade breakfast prepared by a private chef, in-home cooking workshops, a wine-tasting class, custom city or design-minded tours and more, you certainly won’t be getting bored. Each special offer has been crafted to give visitors an in-depth experience of the uniqueness of Venice itself with its art, its canals, its cuisine, lagoons and hidden places. Expect to see the veil pulled back on the Venetian way of life and to witness firsthand the richness of this singular city.

Italian Through and Through

Down to the clever “CF” logo that evokes the old skeleton keys you’ll still find in use around most of Italy, every minor detail of Casa Flora is careful and considered. With more than 20 Italian designers and artisans involved in the build-out of the custom furniture and décor around the house, the apartment is a true representation of the best of what Italy has to offer design-wise. The apartment has 3 spacious bedrooms—all coined a different name and bedecked in various monochromatic, soothing colors—which each have their own private bathroom and lavish hammam. The social core of the house is naturally the kitchen (with an exquisite green marble island top), which leads to both the adjacent dining room on one end and the living room on the other. The airy lightness, minimal-but-intimate environment and the grandeur of both the architecture and accompanying views will have you ready to move in in a moment.

Take It All Home

Spot something you just have to have around the apartment? You’re in luck. Casa Flora conveniently has an online shop that sells (for custom order) several of the items around the house, like the gorgeous upholstered bed frame and headboard, the deluxe dining table or the coolest/most unusual sofa you’ve ever seen.

Photography by Beatrice Pilotto and Casa Flora

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