Finding a Winter Wonderland in Wyoming
The Venue Report team takes us on a photo journal adventure of a recent trip to Wyoming where we encountered wild animals, toured Amangani and got a BTS look at their culinary program. Through snow-blanketed winding roads...
by Adam Szafranski
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The Venue Report team takes us on a photo journal adventure of a recent trip to Wyoming where we encountered wild animals, toured Amangani and got a BTS look at their culinary program.

Through snow-blanketed winding roads and dancing snow flurries falling from the sky, a sense of harmony in Wyoming’s frozen wilderness comes over my girlfriend, Hannah, and myself as we make our trek 7,000 feet above sea level. High above the town of Jackson, Wyoming at the fork in the road sits a wood-carved sign reading "Amangani". 

Amangani (translated means "peaceful home") clings to the crest of East Gros Ventre Butte overlooking the tree lined valley of Jackson Hole with views of Teton Pass and the Snake River Range. We were welcomed by Amangani's Guest Experience Manager, Elizabeth, and instantly felt like we were in the home of a close friend. Inside, a sense of peace, serenity and warmth radiated throughout while the winds and snowfall picked up outside. Beyond enjoying the laidback luxury of the hotel, we found out we would also embark on Amangani's signature wildlife sighting experience that would prove to be one of the most memorable adventures our lives.


Designed by one of America's highest regarded architects, Ed Tuttle in 1998, Amangani is timeless yet contemporary. Featuring floor-to-ceiling columns of Oklahoma sandstone, ceilings and walls paneled in Pacific redwood and chairs of rattan and woven cowhide, Amangani embraces the spirit of the west. The view from the outdoor pool overlooks miles of mountain ranges while the snowfall only adds to the magnificent natural surroundings and sense of being one with nature.





The highlight of our trip to Wyoming: Amangani's Grand Teton National Park Tour

We prepare for our half-day trip to The Tetons with snow-shoes for four, and a picnic ready for snacking. Elizabeth joins us and introduces us to our new favorite tour guide, Jared. We listened to both of their local stories about life in Wyoming as we drove. Together, we explored the famous Elk Refuge, where a herd of about seventy-five big horned sheep ran among and around us. From the Elk Refuge, we headed toward the Antelope Flats near the southeast corner of Grand Teton National Park, passing hundreds of grazing elk and the occasional moose off in the distance. 

Our tour guide Jared was the most knowledgeable wildlife expert we've ever met. He gave us amazing history lessons about the land, from how every species in the park plays a vital role in the ecosystem environment, to the many western movies that were filmed against the picturesque backdrop of the Grand Teton mountain range. His eye for animal spotting was unbelievable – he could locate a family of three big horned sheep atop a rockface far away and spot an owl that was otherwise completely blended into its surroundings. Near sundown as we headed home, an American Bald Eagle flew directly over us as a final sign of the life that is deeply connected to this land.





Day 2: We explored the slopes at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with Elizabeth from at Amangani. Just 25 minutes from the lobby of Amangani, we arrive at Amangani's private Ski Lounge in Teton Village, from there we took the tram to the top of Rendezvous Peak. Here we found a rustic & cozy cabin serving made-to-order waffles & stunning views of the entire Jackson Valley. After a snowstorm day at the top of the Jackson Hole slopes, we headed back down the mountain to a fireside dinner with Chef Bradley Pryor as he prepared for us his favorite dishes. 


With dishes sourced from local farms, ranches and fisheries, dining at Amangani is sustainability at it’s finest. Chef Bradley started us off with wild mushrooms accompanied with pecorino, fried egg and herbs (our favorite dish). Second came the delicious paelladish with arborio saffron rice, caribou sausage, shrimp, diver scallop topped with Spanish chorizo. To finish it all off we had a stunning caramelized banana and assorted fruit – we were in heaven. 



After hours of great food, drinks and conversation with Elizabeth and chef Bradley Prior, we retire and say goodnight to our new, unforgettable friends at Amangani. It was the perfect ending to an amazing experience with Amangani and new friends that we hope to cross paths again with soon. 




Explore and book your winter adventure now at Amangani 

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