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Reporters on the Road : Beautiful Bora Bora Part II
A few months ago our reporters packed up their caftans and notepads bound for beautiful Bora Bora in sun-kissed French Polynesia. We said "adios big city" and "helloooo beautiful Four Seasons Bora Bora", - Part I here. We went swimming...
by Cortnie Fausner
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A few months ago our reporters packed up their caftans and notepads bound for beautiful Bora Bora in sun-kissed French Polynesia. We said "adios big city" and "helloooo beautiful Four Seasons Bora Bora", - Part Ihere. We went swimming with sharks, visited seaside venue spaces, oohed and ahhed over the waterfront chapeland hung out on a deserted island! So very Gilligan of us isn't it?!



Elopements at Four Seasons

The last full day on Bora Bora, we met up with this sweet couple, who were totally willing to let us snag them for a few hours, to showcase a real couple in this spectacular setting.  See how cute and happy they are?! They had just eloped here!

We knew that we couldn't pass up on the opportunity to snap photos of this recently married couple who had JUST exchanged their wedding vows on the sandy beaches of Four Seasons the prior day. I guess that comes with the territory when you travel with a  crazy crew of workaholics. When you get a previous event designer/current venue reporter (me), a stylist/blogger (Grey Likes Weddings ), a honeymoon expert (Ever After Honeymoons) and two world famous photographers - Jose Villa and Joel Serrato on a trip together.. It's quite certain that some kind of work will be thrown into the mix. There is no "what happens in Bora Bora, stays in Bora Bora" with this crew. Because we basically document the ENTIRE experience with photos, video and words! Soooo, we all agreed that we wanted to show what an elopement or honeymoonwould in fact look like in this piece of paradise.




Summer from Grey Likes Weddings and I have worked together on many styling projects before. This was the first one we did in a matter of a couple hours. Cute couple? Check. Wardrobe? Whoops, we didn't bring any, but luckily I had this pretty white collared dress in my suitcase and Summer had that fantastic striped hat! Mens wardrobe? Again, we didn't come prepared for this, but our willing groom had the actual dress shirt he had gotten married in the day before. Pair it with the white shorts he had on hand, roll up the hem a few times and we are good to go. Makeup artist? Nope, we didn't have a makeup genius frolicking around either. Summer and I grabbed our makeup bags and curling irons and became insta-makeup/hair artist wannabe's! Photographer and videographer? MAJOR check, check! Having Jose Villa and Joel Serrato in Bora Bora with us, meant we were pretty set in this department.




Picture Perfect

The couple was glowing and the lighting was perfect. The sun would peek around the clouds from time to time, but was a bit camera shy that day. Not to worry, that's the magic of Bora Bora.. When it's sunny you get photos full of the bright blue water, when it's overcast you get ethereal heaven-like images. You will not get bad photos of your elopement, wedding or celebration at Four Seasons Bora Bora.




Bora Bora Marriage Laws

As mentioned in Part I, the laws have recently changed in Bora Bora, making your wedding and elopement process easier than ever. Recap: Foreigners are permitted to marry in French Polynesia without having to apply for a visa and 30 day residency. Now that's something to celebrate!




The warm weather and sparkling sea = spontaneous smiling and dance moves.




Typically when our team collaborates on photo shoots, we love to have well designed decor. Tablescapes, flowers, props, you name it. Luckily for us, the backdrop of Four Seasons was gorgeous enough, so our impromptu photo shoot did not need much more than a darling loving couple and the natural surroundings. We did however have to throw in this pearly white kayak that Four Seasons uses to take couples to their little private island. We also added a few local flowers, we just cannot help ourselves sometimes.




Private Island Ceremony or Dinner Venue

This is not a fake set up for the purposes of getting magnificent photos. Four Seasons actually offers this experience. This little island is one of their venues! You can have your ceremony here OR host a dinner party for 2 - 10 of your nearest and dearest. The locals will row you and your loved ones to the island in this wood and white kayak.




What a perfect ending to this magical trip.




Want to honeymoon here? Contact Katie from Ever After Honeymoons.Want to book an event, wedding, corporate retreat, group gathering or celebration? Contact the event team. Or how about taking over the entire resort? Go ahead, book the island with this package that includes a seven night slice of Polynesian Paradise.

Photos: Jose Villa. To really bring this whole experience to life, view this mesmerizing and magical film crafted by Joel Serrato. Drumroll please....

The Your Own Private Island buyout package caters to groups longing for a private island escape. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora accommodations, amenities and maritime fleet, along with 250 other dedicated employees, are available to your group during a seven-night stay. The package covers it all, also including a stay in one of the 100 traditionally designed over-water bungalows or beachfront villas, meals, beverages, and airport and island transfers. - See more at:
Go ahead, buy an island. Now you can have a seven-night slice of Polynesia with this Bora Bora package. - See more at:
Go ahead, buy an island. Now you can have a seven-night slice of Polynesia with this Bora Bora package. - See more at:


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