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See Why Mystic Hot Springs is One of Utah’s Coolest Places To Go Before Winter Ends
Jake Kilroy
byJake Kilroy

Utah is secretly the best place on earth, says photographer Renata Stone. It’s not hard to see why if you’ve ever visited the Beehive State. It's a dramatic landscape that's as alien as it is western, and it’s either drenched in sunlight or starlight. In short, IT’S AMAZING.

So when Stone's friends came to visit, she had a good number of stunning spots to take them. Her ultimate choice was Mystic Hot Springs in “middle of nowhere Monroe.” Thanks to her beautiful photography skills, you can see her and her merry band soaking in outdoor tubs on what looks like another planet. It’s a good life when you have friends in the right places—and Utah’s definitely one of them.

Photography by Big Bear Photo Co


What prompted this group getaway? 

Our friends Rach and Kasia flew out for a New Years to SLC and wanted to show them some rad off the radar Utah spots...


How did you hear about Mystic Hot Springs? 

It's a well known locals spot - our friend Evan (who was also on this adventure) suggested it though since he hadn't been in awhile. 



What was your favorite part about staying here?

We actually made it a day trip from SLC - it's bout 2 hours away. BUT you can actually stay at the hot springs in these repurposed buses on the property- super weird and cool...lots and lots of character.



Those Hot Springs looked perfectly steamy nestled in Utah's winter blanket... Tell us about the experience! 

I've been to a ton of hot springs but this place is literally the most unique one of them all! You drive to the literal middle of nowhere in what honestly looks like a meth ghost enter the main house - which is the gift shop/admissions area that's   overstuffed with unique hippy goods - equally rad and creepy 

This is a family run situation and back in the day, the owners had put these claw foot tubs and piped hot springs water into them but over time the deposits began to engulf the tubs so they look like part of the landscape. Each of the tubs is a different temp so you can decide how hot or cold you want to be. 



You guys are the Utah experts! Any travel tips for advice for travelers venturing this way? Restaurants, Shops or sites to see nearby? 

To be honest, there's not a lot on the way there. I wish I could say otherwise but it's true. You kind of need to commit to mystic but it's well worth the effort!


Photography: Big Bear Photo Co


Renata & Jess
Renata & Jess
Big Bear Photo Co
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

We are from Encinitas, CA currently living in and loving Salt Lake City, UT. We are lucky enough to split time between both on a regular basis due to our day jobs. Cali-Utahnians. That's a thing now. - Website

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