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See Why the White Sparrow Barn Makes for the Most Gorgeous Winter Wedding
In Union Valley, a vintage white barn sits in an open field, sparkling in the wild Texas sun. Surrounded by oak trees and flower gardens, The White Sparrow is one heck of a peaceful retreat from the busy and bustling city life of Dallas....
by Jake Kilroy

In Union Valley, a vintage white barn sits in an open field, sparkling in the wild Texas sun. Surrounded by oak trees and flower gardens, The White Sparrow is one heck of a peaceful retreat from the busy and bustling city life of Dallas. The owners have even kept its natural wood floors and whitewashed walls for a comforting sense of old world elegance. In short, it’s perfect.

That’s why graphic designer Danielle and computer repair shop owner Trent decided to tie the knot there. Designed, built, and still maintained by the Huerta Family, The White Sparrow is a dream-come-true venue that welcomes both boots and heels. Beyond its rustic yet chic grounds, a breathtaking country landscape ensures that every photo taken is a keeper. Danielle and Trent took full advantage of such a dazzling space with a white wedding with touches of earth tones. The pair’s gorgeous wedding was shot by Danielle’s good friend and former wedding photographer teammate Allison Harp. Both Danielle and Allison had a lot of great things to say about the big day and the killer venue.

Words and photography by Allison Harp



Tell us how this wedding came about and how you became involved.

Allison: “This wedding was super special to me because Danielle was my full-time second shooter for my first full-time year in business. We became really dear friends, so being able to be her wedding photographer too was so meaningful for me.”




Why did the couple choose this White Sparrow? 

Allison: “[Danielle] said they chose the barn because they wanted a kick-ass venue, since their wedding was in the winter and didn't want to rely on being outside. She had seen White Sparrow and couldn't get it out of her head. She loved that it was beautiful on its own and it didn't need much decor, but since she still wanted to add her own touch to everything, it was also the perfect canvas to create a space that was exactly her style.”




What made each backdrop ideal for what the couple wanted to capture on film on such a special weekend?

Allison: “I love shooting at White Sparrow for the same reasons; it's beautiful and clean without being overbearing. It can still be so much about the couple and their love, style, and dreams and not just about a crazy epic venue—even though it is pretty epic.”


Is there anything special you incorporated from the surrounding area into the day?

Allison: “All the little touches Danielle added were so fun to work with. I loved the wreath that Oh Deery Floral created as their backdrop and all the geometry incorporated into the day.”



Tell us a little about how you to met...

Danielle: "Trent and I met at my work. He was coming in every day for something new for his business and he always wanted to talk to me. I wanted nothing to do with him until my computer crashed and I was desperate. He was able to fix it for me and restore all of my files, and it was then when I took a chance to get to know him. He betters me as a person because we are complete opposites. He makes me more confident in myself and helps me understand what real love is every day."




Any fun stories or moments that stand out from the day?

Danielle: "I loved how homey it felt at the wedding even though there were so many people! The bandana game was a blast and let people get to know us a bit better in a fun way. Our first dance, Trent was constantly worried that people were bored and he kept asking me, ‘Do you want me to spin you?’ Haha. I loved having coffee for our toasting drink and breakfast for dinner is always amazing.”


What was the most special part of the day for you? 

Danielle: “Although it was such a beautiful and chill day for me and Trent—and I have good memories with him—my favorite moment was just before I walked down the aisle. My dad pulled me aside with no cameras around and he gave me a book that he had had from the day I was born. He had been writing in it about different moments of my life, experiences we had together, things that I liked, what he thought about having a baby girl, et cetera. It was a super sweet moment as we both teared up. I ended up reading it the next day and was bawling like a baby."





Photography: Allison Harp | Venue: The White Sparrow | Hair + Makeup: Meagan Bechtel | Florals: Oh Deery Floral | Catering: Cafe Brazil



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I specialize in moments…the interactions of two people in love, the way an artist connects with their art—anything where I can feel a genuine connection to what I’m shooting. I started shooting weddings in 2009 when a friend of mine said, “You’re shooting my wedding,” and I said, “OKAY THEN.” I owe her everything. I honest-to-goodness LOVE my job. I love the couples I get to work with, and I love how hard dads can cry. I love the bustle and the busyness, and I love being given the opportunity to create for a living. I went full time after I graduated college, and I’ve never looked back. I photograph now because I need to. No other options for me. - Website

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