Stay At The Only Warrior Fortress To Ever Become A Luxury Resort
Relics of history, as fierce and formidable as they may have once been, can surely adapt to a new life—if lovingly restored. Such is the dramatic case of Alila Fort Bishangarh in the Bishangarh village of India’s Jaipur...
by Jake Kilroy

Relics of history, as fierce and formidable as they may have once been, can surely adapt to a new life—if lovingly restored. Such is the dramatic case of Alila Fort Bishangarh in the Bishangarh village of India’s Jaipur District. It’s an epic, stunning structure to say the least. Standing boldly atop a rocky hill—like a beacon of hope or power in some fantasy film—the fort is a unique example of Jaipur Gharana architecture, coming from both Mughal and British influence. It’s also ready to become your new favorite getaway.

This week’s #TrendingTopic is perhaps the only warrior fortress that’s been converted into a luxury resort. In the same structure that houses openings for firearms and turrets (known as burjs), you'll find multiple styles of royal suites and lavish public areas. It’s definitely one of a kind.



Officially opening in February, the 59-suite luxury escape has been built atop and outside the old fort. Aiming to recreate the courtly flavor of Shahpura’s royalty, the fort-turned-resort has undergone careful ecological restoration and residential reconstruction to deliver a wholly unrepeatable experience. It’s definitely paid off, because once you know a luxury fortress exists, how can you not want to stay there?


22 Layouts of Suites

Each suite has been custom designed to offer guests the most stunning views available from its large openable windows. No matter the room’s layout, the suites each come with modern conveniences, such as large day-beds and expansive bathrooms, which include footed/inbuilt bathtubs.


Eating and Drinking Supremely Well

Whether you’re relaxing on vacation or hosting an event, Alila Fort Bishangarh has you covered. For a superb dining experience, try Amarsar, the indoor speciality restaurant, or Nazara, the outdoor grill on the terrace, especially for sunset. Madhuveni is the cool hotel bar that inclues a cigar and cognac room, and Kachhawa Lounge prides itself in serving the four delicious Cs: champagne, coffee, chai, and cake. If you’re aiming to play host or hostess, you can have your run of things between the grand banquet hall (Darbar), the show kitchen and dining space (Daawat), and the conference room (Saheb).



More Than Enough to Explore

While the fort itself offers a library featuring magnificent old marble pillars and a spa located in the dungeon, there is much more to do in the surrounding area. Located just down the hill is the haveli, where guests come upon the arrival courtyard and tent. There, visitors are treated to exquisite banquet lawns, a fitness center, a bar and pantry, and the pool and its verandah and terrace. There’s also an organic garden and greenhouse, cushioned by a wonderful rural landscape with lounging areas.


Most notably, thanks to the Alila Leisure Concierge team, it’s a piece of cake to explore the nearby charming village and the beautiful territory beyond. The famed Alila Experience breaks down into five categories: Cultural Learning (for those who love history and artisanship), Conscious Living (for those passionate about wellness, community, and the environment), Active Spirits (for those who adore outdoor sports and activities), Culinary Arts (for those interested in cooking school and food trails), and Couple Celebration (for those after a very romantic trip).


The concierge team will happily craft the perfect itinerary for the most memorable trip imaginable at one of the most unique places you could ever stay. How could that sentence not already be on your bucket list?




Venue: Alila Fort Bishangarh



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