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The Perfect Private Island Off Tasmania’s Coast for a Sea-Inspired Fête
Julie Pointer-Adams
byJulie Pointer-Adams

If you’re looking for an exquisitely epic location to host a fire-cooked meal and, say, welcome a whole horde of friends and family (well, okay, just up to 8 guests), look no further than Satellite Island. This whale-shaped private island-off-an-island is located just below Hobart, Tasmania—which is itself located just south of the Australian mainland. Satellite Island is exclusively yours when you come to stay here, and with a Summer House, Boathouse and luxury bell tent at your disposal, you’ll have the perfect place to return to after delving into the island’s daytime delights.  

Sarah Glover, Tassie chef and author of gorgeously tactile WILD Adventure Cookbook (soon-to-be released in the United States!), recently hosted her own set of legendary meals on Satellite Island. With the help of Luisa Brimble behind the camera and the aid of the island’s culinary offerings, Sarah created a series of magical experiences and sea-life-inspired spreads to remember. We caught up with Sarah to hear a bit about her time on the island and what got her there in the first place.

Photography by Luisa Brimble

Can you share with us how this gathering came about and what your involvement in it was?

This gathering came about because I was working at Franklin Restaurant [in Hobart, Tasmania]. Kate, the owner of Satellite Island, started following me and my cooking adventures as I worked there in the kitchen. Franklin is a local Tasmanian restaurant based on cooking with fire. Kate loved what I did at the restaurant and invited Luisa and I to cook and shoot on the island.

Where is Satellite Island and what drew you to this particular location?

The island is based south of Hobart, Tasmania, just off Bruny Island. I really didn't know too much about this island—in fact, I grew up about thirty minutes from it and never really noticed this whale-shaped island off of another island. But as soon as I stepped onto the shores of Satellite Island I was obsessed. So many nooks and crannies to create and places to light fire.

What can you tell us about the beautiful accommodations on the island?

Oh, it’s like no other: you wake up on the sea, roll up the door and then you’re looking at the ocean. It’s my idea of heaven. You need a sense of imagination whilst exploring the land so you can enjoy picnics and other such adventures throughout the day. It is a perfect place to stop, rest and revive.

Can you tell us anything special about the meal and how it was prepared?

The island used to be a salmon farm; this was how the original owner who was an aspiring artist could provide his food and upkeep of the island… so I guess this meal was to honor his legacy. The salads and urchin butter were all made from using what we found on the island.


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Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Sarah is a chef and an adventurer and her food is a reflection of this. There is a dramatic romance to it all. Armed with a knife, she will dive down into the ocean to gather abalones and cook them straight away over a fire on the beach. She’ll throw whole pumpkins in the coals of a campfire and then, when the pumpkins are soft and sweet, she’ll smash them with a spade on a nearby log and scatter them with goats cheese, fresh herbs and olive oil. She smiles and tells you to eat with your hands. She is not constrained by tradition. She works with what she has in front of her, led by what feels good and what tastes great. - Website

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