The Ultimate Guide To Your Wedding Destination
The Ultimate Guide To Your Wedding Destination Choosing your wedding venue is all about finding the perfect place where you can come together and celebrate with everyone you love! More than just a location, it is a place you will...
by Cortnie Fausner

The Ultimate Guide To Your Wedding Destination

Choosing your wedding venue is all about finding the perfect place where you can come together and celebrate with everyone you love! More than just a location, it is a place you will remember for the rest of your life, where you will drink, dance and say your vows. Pretty important right? We think so, that is why we have put together this handy dandy guide to ease you through the process of finding your dream wedding venue.



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Where To Begin
First things first, sit down with your fiancé and discuss your overall budget. Create a list of everything you need and then decide how much you are willing to spend on the venue itself. It is important to lay these details out early on as to avoid any issues down the road. Next, try to come up with a close estimate of how many guests will be attending, this will be a big factor in selecting the right venue. Other details to lock in are the date as well as the overall style and vibe of the wedding.

The Search
While it is necessary to take into account practical details like venue size and capacity, the most important part about finding a wedding venue is that you are absolutely, one-hundred percent, in love with it. This may sound like a tall order but we truly believe there is something out there for everyone. Just come prepared with lots of questions, if you do not have a wedding planner then bring a feisty best friend who will ask all the tough questions. Be clear on what the venue package includes, is catering part of the rental or will you be coordinating this yourself? This can be both good and bad, when venues price everything out a la carte it gives you the opportunity to customize things exactly the way you want them.

Pro tip: Be sure and visit the venue during the time of day your wedding will take place to get a good idea of how it will look during the ceremony.


S T Y L E:  Rustic & Romantic  

rustic wedding venue


Handsome Hollow, located in NY, New York provides a beautiful escape from the city with over 4000 sq. ft. for guests to roam about. The restored 18th century farm house sits on 93 acres and gives off that shabby-chic vibe we all adore. Surrounded by nature this secluded venue is an inherently intimate setting that will make a 200+ person wedding feel like a gathering between a few close friends.

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Photos: jacob murphy of JBM weddings

Pro tip: The devil is in the details. This venue does not have a noise curfew, but many will, if you plan to keep the festivities going into the AM, as you should, be sure and ask.


S T Y L E : Tropical & Elegant 



Malliouhana, an Auberge Resort, located in the Caribbean is the ultimate destination wedding location. This venue combines the warmth of Antiguan style with modern luxury. You will find sparkling pools, swaying palms and striped cabanas that would make Kate Spade herself jealous. The benefit of having your ceremony at a resort is that guests are able to stay at the venue making the transition to the reception seamless. If you host a shindig at this breathtaking venue,  it will be easy to convince friends and family to turn the trip into a relaxing vacation.

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Pro Tip: Don't lug all of your decor across the pond to this beauty. Embrace the locale and utilize the many design elements that the property already has. Go shopping in the local markets for fun favors for your guests.


S T Y L E : Modern & Fun 



Lot 613, located in Los Angeles’ oh-so-hip Arts District gives you the freedom to let your creativity run wild with over 5000+ sq. ft. space including an outdoor patio where ceremonies are typically held. All of the fun little details you have been pinning, from flowers to table arrangements will pop against this blank canvas, allowing you to transform it into the venue of your dreams. Host a wedding chock full of polka bands, piñatas and popcorn, or go super simple with farm tables and gorgeous greenery. Really anything will be right at home in this simple space.

While the venue errs on the clean and contemporary side, it is easy to envision the multitude of design directions you could go with this perfect palette. Oh, and did we mention that it can fit up to 600 of your nearest and dearest? Sip, sip hooray!

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Photos: Candace Benjamin

Pro Tip: For raw spaces like this, lighting is very important. Ask the venue about the lighting they offer in-house to make sure you will not need to bring in extra.


S T Y L E : Desert Glam 



Moab Under Canvas is the dreamiest glamping (glamorous camping) experience we’ve ever seen. Combining the call of the wild with luxurious amenities this secluded venue sits on over 40 acres giving you and your guests plenty of room to star gaze. It’s minimalist and western vibe allows you to play with the space and make it your own. Accommodating up to 500 people, this venue is the perfect place to gather friends and family for night they will never forget!

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Photos:Studio Castillero  

Pro Tip: Season is very important for outdoor wedding venues, especially ones where guests will be glamping in tipis and safari tents. Make sure to host your soiree during the months where rain won't be a threat and the hot Summer sun won't melt you and your crew! Ask the venue what their weather back up plans are.


Before You Book

Sure, it was love at first sight, but before you sign on the dotted line and take that walk down the aisle side, consider the following:

How many weddings will be booked on the same day? Do rates vary for different days of the week? Are there strict noise restrictions? Is there a backup plan in case it rains?Another important thing to consider when browsing through photos online is the season in which your wedding will take place and how that will affect the scenery and vibe.

In the end, you can never ask too many questions when it comes to finding the place where you will create life-long memories with friends and family. Save yourself time and money by taking into account every detail from venue cleaning costs to chair rentals. There is no such thing as being over-prepared when you are planning one of the most important days of your life.

At The Venue Report we are dedicated to connecting venues, both large and small, new and old, with celebrators like yourself. With over 600 venues to choose from you can easily narrow down the search and discover the one-of-a-kind venue you have been looking for. Where will you celebrate?

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