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A Farm To Table Wedding Under The Baja California Sky
Jake Kilroy
byJake Kilroy

Welcome to the illustrious Huerta Los Tamarindos, a sprawling 17-acre estate lounging like a tired saint under a big, blue sky that stretches a relaxing yawn of clouds for what seems like forever. Here, in the colorful land of Baja California, with its good air and better eats, you’ll never feel stress or go hungry again.



Owned by chef Enrique Silva, the environment-friendly venue embraces its surrounding natural beauty, and its staff wants to share the glory and wonder with you. 



People, in general, will sometimes excitedly quip, "This is everything." This place actually might be. It's got a farm, a restaurant, a store, an organic market, a cooking school, and a garden event space.



The garden’s landscape design is as dazzling as it is practical, given that the environment maximizes the garden soil’s health, structure, and texture. Without synthetic commercial fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, the good earth gives up nothing but fertile land to grow the finest, healthiest, and tastiest ingredients to serve to valued guests.



Contemporary Mexican cuisine explodes like confetti across the restaurant’s menu, thanks to the infinite imagination of the artful on-site chefs. Delicious farm-to-table dishes are cooked up with genuine, local, and organic ingredients, but it doesn’t stop there. Huerta los Tamarindos exports fresh herbs and vegetables to the United States while also providing them for local restaurants like Tequila and Casa Natalia’s Mi Cocina.



Near San Jose's estuary and just shy of the Sea of Cortez, Huerta Los Tamarindos has taken dedicated care of the land since the 19th Century, when the newly renovated ranch house was built. The lifestyle of eating well and laughing often has long been a treasured tradition for local multigenerational families.



Stroll about and take in sweet breathes around the banana plantation or snap gorgeous shots of the strikingly huge palm trees and giant mango tree.



If you're feeling especially explorative and want a different color than green, take a bike ride to the beach and earn a balsamic or steely why upon your return.



Huerta los Tamarindos has become a go-to spot for weddings, bridal showers, anniversary dinners, and whatever else you want to celebrate with class, culture, and divine cuisine.



16 friends and relatives can share an intimate dinner of story-swapping and philosophy-jiving in the restaurant or take it loud, wild, and grand in the garden with 200 of the silliest, loveliest cats you know.



In the garden, beneath a welcoming sun or a romantic moon, you can chat, charm, and chuckle with every inch of you vibrating—fine wine, open land, and lovely close ones will do that. This timeless space will freshen up your skin, strengthen your bones, and work your muscles to feel loose and grand.



Cherish the moments with cracking sunsets and moonlight baths, with the sparkling gold of candes, with an endless night of dancing. Celebrate with wonder in your heart and eat and drink with passion, here at Huerta Los Tamarindos.




Venue: Huerta Los Tamarindos | Photography: Ana & Jerome Photography | Wedding planner: Jessica Renee Wolff 

Flowers: Cabo Flowers| Hair and Make-up: Desert Spa at Villa del Arco | DJ: Arturo Ortiz


Ana Romero
Ana Romero
Ana & Jerome Photography
Photographer / Owner

French- Mexican Photo duo in love with Baja and natural light photography , together we bring vast cultural perspectives that offer a unique vantage point of universally beautiful events such as weddings like yours - Website

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