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These Treehouses Are so High off the Ground You Can Only Access Them via Zipline
Alyssa Brown
byAlyssa Brown

In this edition of #birthdaybucketlist adventures, we’re heading to Laos for a treetop forest immersion like no other on earth. This incredible eco-conscious property is located inside a national forest and features towering treetop huts in some of the lushest terrain we’ve seen. If you’re into playing with tree-dwelling miniature apes, chasing waterfalls and ziplining through rainforests, we may have found your next b-day excursion at Gibbon Experience.



The Eco-Stay in the Treetops

Accessible only via zipline, the treetop dwellings at Gibbon Experience are architectural feats that tower over a hundred feet in the air, making them some of the highest known treehouses in the world. Know what that means? You’ll awake on your next birthday feeling on top of the world. These accommodations aren’t meant to be luxury, but instead are beautiful outlooks to the surrounding jungle. Every treetop structure has a slightly different design, each built by locals using traditional materials and methods.

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Touring the Lush Landscape

Located in the Nam Kan National Park, Gibbon Experience is upfront and center to some of the most amazingly lush Laos forestry, wildlife and (of course) lots of cute little gibbons (think tiny tree-dwelling apes). How’s that for a birthday treat! The way the experience works is that you’ll sign up for a one or two-night trek adventure through the forests, park and treetops, stopping along the way for meals and rest in the treehouses. Depending on the tour you choose, you might end up swimming under a waterfall or ziplining through trees full of wildlife.


Tourism Trend: Conservation Projects

Heading into your next ring around the sun with a clear head, a clear conscience and a focus on conservation is sure to bring you joy in the year to come. At Gibbon Experience, there’s a holistic approach to sustainability, eco-tourism and living on the land in a way that leaves as little impact on the environment as possible. That means a lot more than recycling old ziplines (though they do that too). You’ll find that these folks employ all locals to run the property, protect the forests against illegal logging, hunting, bomb fishing and land use, and contribute to various sustainable agriculture practices. And they truly practice what they preach, encouraging all guests to think about their long-term impact on their surroundings.

Though mindful tourism may be a trend that’s just getting started, we’re excited to track how these kinds of projects grow and impact their surrounding communities in years to come. Maybe the key is to turn this into an annual bucket list worthy b-day adventure after all.

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Photography: Laos Street Photography | wanderingwithg  | Josh Squire

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